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Mixed pleasures

…it was a mixed weekend. A bit of work, a bit of running, a bit of family time, a bit of social time.

Work was reasonable, only 1 baby who weighed an enormous 4.6kg (!) and a few minor problems. I ran another night trail run, didn’t place this time though, and then ran a training run yesterday, which didn’t go as well as planned, flip, my tummy woes are being restrictive at the moment!

On Saturday we celebrated an anniversary with the couple from Stuttgart, their 12th; but how cool is this, it was also both their parents’ 40th wedding anniversaries on the same day! So 92 years of wedded bliss was celebrated over a gorgeous meal. They organised a dinner at a local cooking school, the chef provided the kitchen, the ingredients and the recipes, and then under his guidance we created a gorgeous meal! We started with a salad of roasted sweet potatoes, char grilled red peppers served with a creamed lemon ricotta. Good Lord, that was divine! Mains was a gorgeous and spicy chicken curry, served with perfect basmati rice (and I have to say, that in itself is an amazing achievement!). Dessert, well, that was just ridiculous, a white chocolate and apricot bread and butter pudding.

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If only

…I had time to do a proper post today, but I don’t, sorry. What I do want to do, is send you to read my beautiful friend’s post over on her blog, she writes incredibly…

Light blue Thursday

…I am so annoyed! Thursday is often my favourite day, and I was super chuffed that today I would start at the local state hospital for my monthly clinic there, all started well, but by the end of my clinic I had a raging headache. I finished early, so got to do a quick trawl of the antique and second hand stores of our town, but didn’t enjoy it as much as usual. And that’s not even looking at how they have all pushed their prices up hideously in the last little while! Anyway, back the office now, ready to tackle the waiting room of patients, or not, as the case may be, and a sneaky appointment with the local chiropractor to manipulate my gynaecologist’s neck back into submission, and hopefully ease this headache…

Regular happy thoughts will resume tomorrow!

Faking it

…’til I make it. I’m tired, but I am determined to keep this smile on my face, and let the good mood filter into my being. I’m not sure why I feel tired, although I do have quite a bit of stress going on at the moment and I maybe went to bed a bit later than I should have yesterday, but when there is work to be done, emails to be answered, tv to be watched ( is anyone else loving Madame Secretary and State of Affairs as much as I am?), games to be played, books to be read to be reviewed, needs must and sleep is sacrificed!

So in the food and exercise routine, 10km run yesterday morning and then a good day’s eating, followed by a dinner of Courgetti Bolognaise, (using my new (quite tricky) spiraliser, but which did make quite long, almost slurpable courgette noodles). Yum! This evening I will run the local 5km time trial, weather dependant, and it does look a bit ominous sadly.


…Ah, the weekend was just incredible! From the little road trip, to the massage, to the lodge, the rhinos, the beauty, the food and my company! I love my Charlie!

330Mamma Rhino and her 9 month old calf.

334 Daddy Rhino

335Close up on Dad Rhino, who has been dehorned (in January 2015)

363 Big brother Rhino

427 Walking the Dunes!

459 An isolated wintery beach, my best!

In an aside, after a bad week of really crappy motivation, terrible eating, too much wine, the time has come! I laced up my tackies this morning and hit the road for a good run this morning, I’m feeling strong and motivated! Lets do this, and let’s drop the weight too! Hoohaa!

Fhew, it’s

…Friday! Flappy dance of foolishness! Flip, it’s been a freakishly long flipping week! (did my English geek friends pick up on the onomatopoeia there, huh? I frock!)

Anyway, enough frivolity, for this weekend I am whisking Charlie away for a night at a exclusive little lodge/boutique hotel magafta thing, which looks amazing! So while the peasants are revolting, we will be sipping a delicious alcohol containing beverage, having a massage, a game drive and a bit of an all round pamper! And some all important grown up time! We haven’t had some one on one time for quite a while now, and I am really looking forward to reconnecting with him. Isn’t it crazy how just some precious time begins to feel indulgent, when really it’s a necessity? Thanditinks is going to have a visit with her Dawny and Pops, an afternoon with Aunty HN and a sleep over at besty Charlotte’s. And then before we have rubbed the sleep out of our eyes, we will be back for an awesome Sunday afternoon! (Nyamazela, I still haven’t made your Guatemalan delight, I might just prep that for Sunday evening’s feast! Yum!)

Anyway, I need to settle down and focus now, so have great weekends, my peeps!

My HT Ode

… 2 weeks ago I was confirmed to be menopausal, so 9 days ago I slapped on a hormone patch and waited. the first night I saw no real difference, the second was a little better, and by the third night I was so much better and happier! My night sweats are almost completely resolved (except when I drink a bit too much wine) and I can sleep again! If you have never had a night sweat or a hot flush you will never understand what I am talking about, but oh my word, I had no idea how awful it could be until it happened to me! I also had no idea how bad it really was, and how poor my sleep really was until I got the magic muti and am now feeling so much more normal! I’m also feeling a bit happier and a bit more energetic (not that you could tell from the lack of running) at last! Given all the hype and all the drama about hormone therapy and the ‘risks’, I can tell you, I’ll take them, the improvement in my life quality is indescribably good!