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What a Weekend!

…I am officially shattered. The weekend was a go-go-go all the time, with barely a minute to be still!

Friday, DrHF arrived after I was done at work, then it was off to Charlotte’s 7th birthday party. TJ was super clever and organised an arty party with a planner (what a bloody good idea!) and they children had a blast! They made Tshirts – the planner got them to draw a picture with wax crayons on a piece of magic paper (actually fine grit sandpaper) which she then turned over and ironed onto white Tshirts, worked like a charm, so each little girl got a special personalised shirt to take home! So cool! IMG_5146 Check out the cake I made for Charlotte, cool, huh!

Then Saturday arrived. It was really going to be a big day! DrHF and I started early at woolies getting the last few things, then, it was home to do the final prep – we baked and iced a batch of cupcake, (To the shops out there, I am going to have a moan about the need to keep cupcake wrappers round, not squished! I had a total mare trying to force the papers to stay in the muffin tray, a mare trying to get the batter into them, and then some of it willed, some went skew, argh!!!!) made plenty of fruit skewers, and then the decor and set up was on. I’m still waiting for the professional pictures, but I’ll share one or 7 of ours…

IMG_1622 IMG_1640 IMG_1642 IMG_1683 IMG_1696 IMG_1697 IMG_1698 IMG_1701 IMG_1738 IMG_1753

(Cake, biscuits and all decorations made by me!)


…glory, how did this happen? Well, technically I know, but really, 41 years, I’m not ready to be that yet, I am still so busy doing stuff! I’m astounded that it has come to this!

My year in review has been interesting – far too much work, but somehow I can’t seem to change that at all; some running, probably not quite enough, but I have been plagued by the odd ache and pain; some incredible friends, and just not enough time with my wonderful little family. Somehow I think this is all pretty standard for a working person like me!

Anyway. today is looking to be a good one. The weather is glorious, I am at work for a few hours this morning. DrHF flies in at lunchtime, and it is young Charlotte’s birthday and party today (my twin – nice of me to deliver her on my birthday!), so we are off to that this afternoon/evening. My clever husband has spoilt me with a new Garmin running watch, one without that bloody chest strap that chafes me to death, yayayay! So even though I am on a strict no running instruction from my biokineticist and physio, I might have to head off for a little trot tomorrow. Watching the sunrise may just be what my soul needs! And a girl has to test her new gift!

Tomorrow brings the great party of 2016, Little Miss Sunshine is going to rock in at our house for the afternoon, and I know those giggling girls will all have so much fun. I just have one or 2 things to tweak – a few more layers to the pass the parcel; sticking the characters on the cake, doing 2 more party packs, cupcakes, fruit skewers and popcorn, hanging up all the decor and then we are ready to roll! Photos will follow – can’t wait to show you all!

Have glorious days, my beautiful blog peeps!


Tired Tursday

…yes, spelt wrong for the onomatopoeia! Shoowee! Baking a cake until 23h00, then getting called out at 01h50 for a caesar does not make for a very awake soul today. I still have so much to get through, and it’s book club tonight, I might fall asleep in my soup! Yawn! Looks like I will be aiming for toxic caffeine levels again today!


…and just like that, in a seemingly impossible contraction of the space-time continuum, my baby girl is 5!


My Baby girl – and yes, I know you’re not a baby, but you’re always mine.

You are 5, such an exciting time of your life. You are learning, and growing and exploring this gorgeous life that you have been given. I am astounded by you – you show determination and tenacity (living up to your in utero nickname) – ever so slightly impatient with yourself (I recognise myself there) but you delight in goals achieved and accomplished.

This year after leaving your preschool, you have started at Prep school, you love your teacher, Mrs Williams; you’ve made lots of new friends, and have established yourself as a leader and enthusiastic student. In terms of your physical development, you are the tallest girl in the class, are a good little swimmer and you are now riding your bike without fairy wheels! Emotionally you are also maturing, I’ve seen how hard you try to control the tears, which like mama’s come too easily when you are cross, frustrated and annoyed. I’m proud of you, my girly. Friend wise you are a sweet friend, you play well and especially love outdoor play on the jungle gym with your friends. Magiacl unicorns, fairy dust and monkey bars – all in a day’s play in your imagination.

Thandi, I know I’m often not at home, and sometimes miss out on things, but never doubt how much your mama loves you. You’re my favouritest girl, and I love you 1, 2, 3, 4 – ever.



…this was a mixed weekend of work (1 baby), running (15km), playing with stuff for T’s party, and dealing with my sore hip.

Sunday did herald the start of birthday week – it started with TJ’s, tomorrow is Thandi’s and friday is both mine and TJ’s daughter, Charlottes big days. I think I’m in for a week of rocking and rolling! Thank heavens most of the party stuff is all done – have 1 piece of sewing to finish, party packs to fill and then cakes to bake. Nearly there! And Dr HF is coming to visit for the weekend, so I’ll have a helping hand! (Little did she know she’s going to be working!)

Anyway, like I said, a little bit of a ‘meh’ weekend. And now it’s Monday, my last day as a mother of a 4 year old…


…I am the queen of FOMO. My buddy BC is running the Comrades – after I convinced her to enter. I am not. She’s been training up a storm, she’s running like a demon. I am hobbling, I am running like a slothful sloth, and then sometimes even slower. I am under few illusions about what would have happened to me if I had qualified and then attempted to get to this race. Yet, I am feeling incredibly disappointed in myself, very sad that I didn’t achieve that goal… Aitog!

Being a Type A is sometimes a huge bloody burden!


as always

…life seems to balance itself out. After teetering on the edge of an abyss last week, this week, although, not far from that edge, I am no longer teetering. A few good endorphin producing runs, some good creativity, and some sleep (and wine) and I am feeling a bit better.

The creativity has all been related to Tink’s birthday party planning. Our theme this year is Little Miss Sunshine (of the Mr Men and Little Miss series); and it has been so much fun to play with ideas. I’ve done 99% of all my painting work – having worked on a photo booth, a feed Little Miss Greedy station (and made 1 of the 3 felt donuts they will try to throw through her mouth), a pin the crown on Little Miss Princess station. The only thing to finish is the Little Miss Whoops piñata, which just needs filling and sealing. I’m putting bouncy balls into it, instead of sweets, looking forward to the chaos when they all go bouncing across the garden! Then over the weekend I worked on the fondant figurines for the cake. I know I could outsource all of these sort of things, but they’re actually super fun to do! For the first time I worked with Rice Krispie treats to make the main figurine – and that was pretty cool, especially since even TAFKAD, my baking guru and go to lady hadn’t done it before, so there was lots of pouring over tutorials on line to get the best ideas. It seems to have worked well, fingers crossed it’ll keep until next weekend! The rest of this week will be filled with sewing, (table clothes and bunting) so that this weekend can be dedicated to baking – biscuits, fudge, rice crispy treats (yes more!), smudge, so that next week my work load is reduced to just the cake! Phew! Actually it’s not sounding too onerous. Let’s just hope the weekend on call is reasonable and I get my baking done!

(I even roped Charlie in – he’s made a lemonade stand and a sign – welcoming everyone to Laughterland!)

In my next life I think I want to be a party planner!