Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Fhew, it’s

…Friday! Flappy dance of foolishness! Flip, it’s been a freakishly long flipping week! (did my English geek friends pick up on the onomatopoeia there, huh? I frock!)

Anyway, enough frivolity, for this weekend I am whisking Charlie away for a night at a exclusive little lodge/boutique hotel magafta thing, which looks amazing! So while the peasants are revolting, we will be sipping a delicious alcohol containing beverage, having a massage, a game drive and a bit of an all round pamper! And some all important grown up time! We haven’t had some one on one time for quite a while now, and I am really looking forward to reconnecting with him. Isn’t it crazy how just some precious time begins to feel indulgent, when really it’s a necessity? Thanditinks is going to have a visit with her Dawny and Pops, an afternoon with Aunty HN and a sleep over at besty Charlotte’s. And then before we have rubbed the sleep out of our eyes, we will be back for an awesome Sunday afternoon! (Nyamazela, I still haven’t made your Guatemalan delight, I might just prep that for Sunday evening’s feast! Yum!)

Anyway, I need to settle down and focus now, so have great weekends, my peeps!

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  Alexandra wrote @

Sounds too divine. Hope you have a most awesome time.

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