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Ticking off

…to do’s and turning them into ta da’s!

So, the luncheon went off fairly smoothly, except for a mom sitting on the ‘wrong’ side of her daughter, thereby putting the whole seating arrangement at one table out, which riled some tempers, but anyway, eventually, everyone calmed down to a slow panic, had seats and meals, and enjoyed their lunch.

The decor looked good, and we have received many compliments. I never want to see another woollen tassel in my life!


..oh my goodness, have we had some nice rain! Jingoes, we have been so very dry, and finally we have had some really nice rain. 2 days and nights of steady soaking stuff, yesterday cleared up a bit and it was very humid initially, but cooled down again and today I think the rain is coming again. I really hope some of it gets to our inland farmers and offers some relief to them.

In other news, my cold is recovering, but I am tired, I think it’s just from the virus in my system, so hopefully after the weekend, I will all be fine again. The weekend is going to be busy – a school PTA/SGB function (that I just have to attend, not organise, thank heavens!), a half marathon, and a friend’s farewell party. (are you guys also seeing lots of migration happening? Our city is shrinking!) Thandi has her mock exams for tap and modern and is attending a swimming workshop, and has a birthday party to get to. We are going to play taxi cabs all weekend!

Tonight we continue working on the decor for the school luncheon, so I leave you with my llamas!

( he needs a yellow pompom, still in production)

And she is

…gone! Our thieving domestic worker, when confronted with the evidence of her rifling through my bags, helping herself to some things she wasn’t entitled to, elected to leave us for ‘greener’ pastures… I am so relieved. Now to up our security and make myself feel safe in my home again…

Weekend pending

…it’s been a busy week. Lots of meetings, but I have managed to carve out a bit of time for myself. Well, it might not have been all fluffy and pretty, but I have dedicated some time to myself to help myself – I’ve had 2 sessions with the biokineticist, a session with the chiropractor and a massage of my legs. I have also some managed some better runs this week – Tuesdays was very uncomfortable, but yesterday was better and today, despite some pain in my left sacroiliac joint (in the back of the pelvis), I surprised myself with some hill repeats and how I coped! So yay!

The weekend is pending – I have a trip to the neighbouring city planned tomorrow to attend a meeting; I hope to pop into the sports store while I am there to possibly get my shoes assessed, and see if these are still the right ones for me. I just want to maximise my chances of everything going well. I am ramping up the training, and will hopefully get to do a solid long run on Sunday.

We’re being entertained tonight; we’re entertaining on Sunday. It’s going to be busy, but good!