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2012 in review

How cool is this! Check it out!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Of failing air conditioners

…ok, I concede I am a spoilt brat. I have an air con in my office, car and house; and I cannot cope without them. I also concede that I do not live in the hottest place in the world, but the humidity and heat can be quite special here in my part of the world. I am used to m world be a cool calm 20-22 degrees celsius. And now, there has been trouble in my cool paradise. The office aircon has been causing all sorts of trouble (albeit cool), and the advice was to turn it off overnight and over weekends, now, everyone else’s office has cooled down, but mine… At home, the units seem to be aging, and are coughing and spluttering and only managing a tepid 24-25 degrees cooling. It’s hot, and I am getting bothered… Ok, winge over…

So the weekend has been kind! A facial on friday, time with my family, a celebration of my nephew’s 18th birthday, time with Aunty Donty and a friends’ goodbye to 2012 party. Fabulous time all round! now for some photies of my gorgeous girl, the nephew”s milk stout cpcakes, and the canapes for the party last night!005

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I even managed a long chat to DrHF last night, and we spoke about our resolutions. I’m going to endeavour to run more, eat less and look gorgeous! What is on your lists?


…is what I am going to be trying not to do today… Phew, busy long day yesterday, ending with a third baby at about 21h30 last night, a unsettled Thandi screeching through the night and a new busy day starting with a very early caesar this morning! I’m bettling to think straight, so poor Charlie who was up with the monster through the night must be taking even more strain – sorry, love, I’ll be ‘on call’ this weekend…

Anyway, the weekend is almost upon us, I intend to see friends and family and just celebrate the peace. My nephew turns 18 tomorrow (I can’t believe that I have an 18 year old nephew, it’s as alarminmg as my 50 year old brother!) so there is sure to be a celebration for him. Sunday evening the bookclub girls are having a farewell to the year what was, prizes will go to the survivors of the roughest year… but there are sure to be laughs and fun memories…

twas 2 days after christmas

…and labour ward is cooking! Crikey! After a long haul of 6 nights covering the practice, I thought it would all be ok, instead, all hell has broken loose! Argh! Oh well… what can I do, but put my head down and get through it?

Christmas was lovely! I told Charles to keep reminding me to drop the martyr act, and leave some of the stuff to my family to do, and I did, and it was great. We relaxed, laughed and reminisced. It was good to be surrounded by family and for Thandi to experience all that love and interaction. The food was good, presents indulgent, and cheer spontaneous. Just what a christmas should be!

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’twas the night before Christmas

…and the world has gone crazy! The shops are so busy, everybody is so stressed and seemingly unhappy, and it is hot, damn hot (or as Thandigirl says, derry hot!)

Nevertheless, I have managed to achieve some Christmas cheer, and am quite looking forward to the day. Tonight we celebrate with Charlie’s family, tomorrow mine. There’ll be cooking and eating and presents and laughter and love! I wish the same for you and yours! And somewhere in the midst of that, I will still believe in miracles and wonder…

Bah humbug

… I feel like I am walking through pea soup fog today. I’m weary and slightly disconnected from the rest of the world’s mania… It’s partly hormonal, and its partly the time of the year. And no, it’s not from our anniversary celebrations last night – I got called to the damn hospital. I really hope I cheer up before Christmas! I’m sure I will. Saying that I have a lot to do before the day arrives – last minute shopping (grr!), some baking and a dessert to make. It’s so damn hot though, I ain’t looking forward to spending time in the kitchen! Oh well, must be done! I wish you all frenzy-free Fridays!

4 years

…ago, I said I will, and I still do… Love you, my Charlie. Loving you for 6 and a half years has been easy, being married to you, a privilege. To infinity and beyond!

So my neices arrived on Tuesday evening, and have we been having some fun! Thandi is loving her cousins, as she keeps calling them, and we are thrilled that Thandi gets to play with them, and that the 2 of them get to know our little girl. The girls are 11 and 14, and such a pleasure. Yesterday morning, after I got back from work (2 baby boys!), we went for tea with Dawny and Pops, and then the girls and I shopped up a storm while Thandi napped, then it was off to their first manicre and pedicure pamper session for the 2 girls, followed by a stroll around a christmas market, and then we all collapsed into bed early – all that fun was exhausting! Today I am back full swing at the office, so it’ll be a bit quieter for the girls, and this evening, maybe some adventure golf? Or maybe a quick visit to the beach house, to my other brother and his family, who arrived late yesterday. My family cup runneth over! Yay! Hope you all relaxing and having fun!