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He is risen

…I wish you all a blessed Easter. In my part of the world, it’s raining, the wind is howling, the mist is up – perfect mountain weather. It means we haven’t gotten up to much aside from eating and drinking wine, but hey, isn’t that what holidays are for? Our soon-to-be land has had a visit and a small stomping about, love it!

Thandi is so enjoying her cousins and getting to know her uncle Cwaigy better, it’s ever so sweet. My in-laws are quite a musical a family, playing guitars and singing; Thandigirl was so desperate to be part of the action, she got stuck in on the harmonica yesterday – too too sweet! Missing my Dawny and Pops, they’re at home, Dawny isn’t doing great, she’s having lots of pain, and poor Pops is a frustrated carer – I wish I could have brought them with to these restorative mountains…

Well, enjoy those chocolate eggs, the pascal lamb and remembering our savior.

Looking forward

…I am so, so, so ready for this weekend off. As I think I mentioned, we are off to the mountains with my out-laws. We’re going to be a party of 10 (!) and its going to be awesome to be altogether again. My Sis-in0law and I have been planning menu’s and that sort of a thing, and I have been busy with treat making – rusks, iced biscuits, soup and I might even look at some cupcakes and chocolate! The weather prediction for the weekend is for rain and cold, so I am looking forward to some bracing stomps around the forests and an hour or 2 in front of a blazing fire. Yay… So what are you all up to this Easter weekend?


…between the damaged undersea cable, a public holiday and some very busy days it has been a while since I checked in.Apologies.

Wednesday was a crazy day – I did 4 deliveries and got home at 18h55 with dinner guests arriving at 19h30! It was insane, fortunately Charlie was a huge help and he helped to bear the load of dinner prep; so by 19h28 everything was ready to go, and I could even get changed! Dinner was lovely. We caught up with Sparky and his fiancée, which was nice. We haven’t seen them since the big engagement announcement, and Charlie is going to be their best man, so it was time to get to know this soon to be married couple that much better. I served them (in the spirit of a low carb, high protein diet) grilled halloumi on microgreens to start, Portuguese marinated kingklip with mushrooms and cheese in phyllo pastry for mains, with my Princess pea salad. For pudding , a chocolate fondant, which is remarkably low in carbohydrates actually. It was delish.

Thursday was another busy-ish work day with a delivery which took up much of the day. I was kept hopping, and was tired at the end of it. Friday the office kept me busy, as my associates were all on leave. And there were another 2 babies – this town is exploding! Poor Charlie started to feel sickies on Friday, and landed up with a really high temperature on Friday night which left him shivering away, with chattering teeth, while we watched Skyfall. Which was a great flick. Although, honestly, I have to say that Bros*nan was the best Bond. Saturday, and work was on the go in the morning, and Charlie still was feeling sickies… Anyway, we kept Miss Thandipants busy and in the evening headed off to friends for a casual braai and catch up. There were almost more kids than adults, and Thandi was in her element. She definitely has an admirer in Young Jack, we’ll have to keep an eye on him one day, I suspect!

Sunday was about recovery – me from busy days, Charlie from his disease and Thandi from a late night. I made some rusks and Easter biscuits (we’re off to the mountains for the weekend, with Charlie’s big brother) brewed some broccoli and Roquefort soup for lunch and roasted us some lamb for dinner! Yum!

So, a busy few days past, a busy few expected before the joy that is the weekend arrives! Have good ones everyone!


…Argh! Its so busy, I don’t even have time for apostrophes! 2 babies already, 1 in labour, and another on her way in, thinking she’s in labour, needing a Caesar! Chat later!

Fitness and diet kick

…so the time has come in Birdie’s nest for a relook at our diets and our fitness. Charlie has adopted the low carb, high fat approach, and I am sticking to a good carbs, moderate protein approach, which has worked well for me in the past. What this means is All Bran and yoghurt for breakfast, tuna salad with or without some fat free 2 minute noodles for lunch and a balanced dinner of veg/salad and a low fat protein of some sort. I’m hoping to shift some of this residual hormonal weight which is being stubborn. And I am back in the gym, I had a nice run yesterday, the first one in a while, which I really enjoyed, and went better than expected. Gusto always says that even if you feel bad, get through the first 7 minutes of a run and reevaluate how you feel, you can probably carry on for 20-30 minutes. And I have to say, it is a principle that works. So I might get a little boring here going on and on about exercise etc. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research, and there is lots of interesting stuff out there. I’ll share some of it with you guys along the way!

Weekend Snaps

There was a lot that happened this weekend – a cooking demo, a haircut, a tea party, dinner with friends, a day at the beach, and afternoon next to the pool, an evening at the hospital (Dawny slipped and hurt her back, she’s been discharged this morning, thankfully), a sleepless night with Thandi (a temperature and a sore throat)024 029 031 043 057 062 071 072 077 080 101 115.


…of being disappointed with people. Tired, tired, tired. I feel like I am the only person who expects others to do their work to the best of their ability. I am having an issue with one of the banks at the moment. They are NOT making my life simpler, better or faster. In fact they have complicated things, frustrated me, cost me money and slowed down the transfer of our property to their pace, not ours, which was actually a sedate uncomplicated pace. Bear in mind, these are not my bankers, who have been exceedingly helpful; but our partner’s bankers, and they are a nightmare. I will never ever recommend them, or ever do business with them again. Crikey!

Similarly, in the work environment, I depend on other people around me to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and I have been let down by them. Off the top of my head, there are 2 cases I am working on at the moment, where someone else – a nameless and therefore  virtually blameless (in the patient’s eyes) person has made a declaration which leaves me looking at a disappointed patient, and having to explain circumstances that I do not control, yet am held responsible for. Oy vey.

Ok, enough bitching. It’s friday, At 14h30 I hope to walk out of this office and then relax into a rather jam-packed weekend. I am overseeing a cooking demonstration this evening, tomorrow I am at the hairdresser, going to a tea in the afternoon, and having my surgeon friend over for a braai. Sunday is mercifully set aside for Charlie, Thandi and me time.