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Prediction bookie

So I have collated all your bets in one place here, check them out. Remember, yuppiechef vouchers are up for grabs! They are in no particular order…

Donzil                   boy     4.1kg        27/5

L                             girl      3.3kg        3/6

em’s mommy     girl     3.75kg      22/5     revised now to 26/5

JB                            boy    3.91kg     25/5

MJ                           boy     3.5kg       1/6

countess               boy     3.75kg     31/5

caroline                 girl      3.85kg    31/5

leigh                         boy     3.8kg      27/5

Litchi                       boy     3.8kg      10/6

Angel                       boy      3.4kg      28/5

RT                              boy      3.9kg     29/5

DrHF                         girl      3.7kg      13/06    

Once dates are passed I will highlight them, so we can see who is still in the rnning, and there will be 3 prizes. The date (or nearest), the weight (or nearest) and the sex will be a lucky draw for those that got it right. Good luck peeps!

So, the bookie has closed, and the reslults are in! Congrats to MJ who wins with a weight prediction of 3.5kg; JB who takes nearest to the date at 25/5, and the hotly contested sex poll (wouldn’t your husbands all just love that!) is DrHF. Yay to you guys! Yuppiechef vouchers are on their way to you soon! (PS those who predicted girl were put into a lucky draw, adjudicated and overseen by me, chosen from the hat by Charlie) Thanks for playing along!


  d & w wrote @

girl 3.95kg 6 / 6

  drhf wrote @

Woo Hoo!! Just got mine! Long time since I won a contest or even had my name pulled out of a hat. Good excuse to buy something for my new kitchen!!

Thanks Birdie and Charlie (since he was the name puller) Hope you’ve had a smashing day!

  MJ wrote @

Dont know if you got my thank you – but thank you for the voucher for my spot on weight prediction. xxx Very cool idea.

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