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Running on empty

…and just like that, I have switched back into survival mode, where my only aim is to make it through my day in one piece. It’s not a cool place to be, because it means that all my promises to myself that I would take better care of myself fall by the wayside. I am tired, I am frustrated and can’t seem to catch a break. I didn’t run this morning, I was just too weary when that alarm went off, and maybe that has given me some of these glumps. I don’t know. The next few weeks are go, go, go – so I have no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. There is a call coming up and my WWOTR fundraiser. Yes, I am running that again this year – it is a wonderful life restorative weekend. It’s just the getting there that is the issue…

Ok, time to focus and breath. Tomorrow will be better!

Big Brothers

…are big for a reason! This particular one is 13 years older than me, which means he has always been big to me! He’s not the smallest guy in the world at 6foot4; and is an uber athlete. And yesterday he tackled the Ironman 70.3 triathlon here in our home town. And he did it! I am so proud of him, so chuffed at his dedication and his determination. He challenged himself and rose to that challenge – achieving a really incredible finish.

Well done, Big brother! You have a super proud little sisi!


…it seems I am at the age where I am starting to face matters mortal. A paediatrician I used to work with, recently retired and is now dealing with a terminal diagnosis; a OBGYN colleague had a near miss cardiac event recently. And so we stare down our fates and wonder what lies ahead. Which is why, I guess, every year for me turns into the year of the body (I think we are on version 27.0). And I wonder when I will get things right; when will I turn that mystical corner and food won’t be my celebrant, comforter and company; when I will get to the point (and I once was there) when the thought of what eating the ‘wrong’ things was going to do to my body made me say no thank you? I wonder if I will ever be able to manage my stress more effectively to minimise the risks to my long term health. And yes, I know all about mindfulness, I know all about saying no, I really do, but I struggle to implement these things…

At least I run.


…just when I was doing so well, 2 extremely busy days at work, a slightly late night, and suddenly I feel like I am sliding back into the disaster zone…

Weekend pending

…it’s been a busy week. Lots of meetings, but I have managed to carve out a bit of time for myself. Well, it might not have been all fluffy and pretty, but I have dedicated some time to myself to help myself – I’ve had 2 sessions with the biokineticist, a session with the chiropractor and a massage of my legs. I have also some managed some better runs this week – Tuesdays was very uncomfortable, but yesterday was better and today, despite some pain in my left sacroiliac joint (in the back of the pelvis), I surprised myself with some hill repeats and how I coped! So yay!

The weekend is pending – I have a trip to the neighbouring city planned tomorrow to attend a meeting; I hope to pop into the sports store while I am there to possibly get my shoes assessed, and see if these are still the right ones for me. I just want to maximise my chances of everything going well. I am ramping up the training, and will hopefully get to do a solid long run on Sunday.

We’re being entertained tonight; we’re entertaining on Sunday. It’s going to be busy, but good!


RC vitamins

…so I’m a vitamin and supplement kinda girl. I’m not convinced that these days we get all the necessary vitamins we need from our over processed food and diets. For years I’ve taken a handful of supplements – if you shake me, I may just rattle! On a daily basis I use staminogro, probiotics and digestive enzymes. If I don’t, I’m tired and grumpy with irritated guts.

And now I have discovered this…

The Myers Cocktail. It’s a vitamin infusion containing a combination of B vitamins, vitamin C and a few other things. Every time I have given myself one, I feel fantastic. Maybe it’s all in my head, and maybe it’s just a placebo effect, but it can’t harm, so here we go. Here’s to some awesome colored urine!

RC update

…so, after all of those investigations, I came to the conclusion that I was probably suffering from a touch of burn out (understatement of the day!); despite it being a call weekend, I decided to try to take it as easy as I could. And I did. I slept a lot; and given that I feel like an afternoon nap would do me well around now, I could do with some more. Isn’t it funny how we push ourselves so far, until we literally break!

I ran that race on Friday night; and while it was far from both my PB and my PW; I was just so relieved to run it; and complete it; and feel better that I thought I would. Phew! So now that I have had some rest, it is time to hit the tar again, group and do some decent training. I am also trying hard to settle my eating down; and have managed to drop some of the excess I gained while I overate in December. I am at least this morning, feeling a little stronger and “ek sien weer kans” (Afrikaans for “I can see a way forward” sort of. For my international readers, Afrikaans is this delightfully expressive language – a direct translation of that is “I see a chance again”, but that doesn’t really translate well)

Anyway, the week has begun. I am trying to carve out that me time every day – even if it is just watering the plants in my garden, deadheading the roses – small steps for a habitual giver.