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…the brain, and my expectations. So, as I alluded to yesterday, my cycle is off. We are stumped, my doctor and I, once again, I have not responded as I should have, and the hormone levels are higher than they should be. We are out of answers or explanations. My gut feel is this ol’ bod of mine is trying to say something, (what exactly, I’m not sure) but whatever it is, this is not the time for our next cycle. My doctor agrees, something is off, so we will now wait for a withdrawl bleed, check the hormones, and see where I find myself. He’s got all sorts of fanciful ideas about changing the recipe, which I guess I have to consider, but, this recipe worked with Thandi, so I kinda want to stick with it. Oh well, if I can’t get the oven to the right temperature, I guess I do have to consider my options. It’s hard though, to let go of a plan, which I’d figured out in brain, planning around weekends on call and time off… It’s hard too, to see a dream start to slip through my fingers…

Happy Birthday

…to my mom! 75 years old today! Only half way to 150! It is only now that I am a mother that I can appreciate the love a mother has for her children, thank you mom, for all of that and more… I love you more and more, and love that my baby girl loves her Dawny so much!

The weekend was busy, starting with take away sushi on friday night, to allow me to begin the preparation for saturday night’s feast. Then the cooking and baking began. Chocolate cannoli’s got made, a chocolate and vanilla mousse dessert, and some loved up jellies. I learnt a few lessons, don’t make cannoli’s the night before (they went soggy) and make sure your jelly is really, really set before you work with it, otherwise your really pretty jellies look a bit of a mess, and cut jelly with a metal cut out, not a plastic one. I then made my menu and place names, and then finally hit the bed, after midnight.

Saturday started early, after a very restless night for me, Thandi awoke at 05h15, and that was it for her sleep, and mom’s. After a few chores, it was off to a playdate with Thandi, to visit Scott, his mom is a doctor too, and we had a lovely morning, and the 2 littlies played simulataneously quite well! Aftyer playtime, I had to get into that kitchen, roasting crayfish, preparing sauces, tempering more chocolate… then setting tables, all the while keeping an eye on my very active babe. Fortunately my mom came and gave us a hand, so we could shower and change and prepare.  So it all went well, we started with Champagne and Oysters (which MJ and MJ ahd collected fresh off the rocks for us – divine!!!!), then we had an asparagus tart with avocado ice cream – yummy! Mains was a crayfish pasta, which really was special, and dessert, as I chatted about was a chocolate fest. I loved it, the weather was balmy, champagne flowed, the company was good, with lots of laughter and banter, the food (I thought) good and it was just lovely to celebrate our loves and lives.

In other news, our cycle is still a non starter – not sure when it might get going, but I leave it in the hands of my doctor and the heavens above…

Friday searches

… it’s time for another search engine terms round up. People really do discover my blog with the wierdest searches…

charlie bird what he doing now? Well, I am a she, so I am doing fine, sitting at work, like I do, most days, I’m not sure what he is doing though.

foodie training Now, that I might be able to help with, start to try different foods and tastes, experiment in the kitchen and enjoy food!

culinary mojo you either have it or not…

cricket match birthday cake You need to get hold of the Aunty formerly known as Donz about that. I warn you though, she’s not cheap!

basmati rice thandi’s recipe Sorry, Thandi doesn’t cook yet, and she’s only just started tasting things like rice, try again in about 4 years and we might have something for you.

lets talk with anty thandi again, she isn’t an anty (whatever that might be?) and she doesn’t talk yet, well, in English or sentences that is…

www.dr.thandi fetility Wow, my girl developes fast, not that fast, she isn’t a doctor/OBGYN/fertility (yes, that’s how you spell it) specialist yet. Sorry, try again in 30 years, maybe?

how much is 86.1kg a fair amount.

what is 17% of 85.7kg 14.569kg, you need a calculator, not google for that.

bird that chirps pretty girl well, I do say that to Thandi a fair number of times a day, along with ‘beautiful girl’, ‘naughty sausage’, mommom’s girl’ etc, and I am a bird, so I guess that means I chirp?

Gotta love it! Have fab fridays all!


Just Thursday

…and its been ok so far, just finished my session at the local state hospital, and now I am doing some ‘admin’ before my patients start to arrive, and then into theatre this afternoon, yay! Then gym and an academic meeting tonight, so a busy thursday. The weekend draws near, and that means the dinner draws near… Ice cream has been made already, and that’s chilling (or freezing rather) in the freezer. Last night I was tempering chocolate and making ganache and moulding and filling up a storm! It’s great therapy, but when you start the job at 20h30, you’re in for a late night, I am feeling the effects this morning – bring on the coffee!  I will do a reveal of everything I have made and (hopefully) served next week, no spoilers to my guests!

Ash Wednesday

…when we begin this lenten time. It’s an interesting Lent for me, I really do feel like I am being called to do some self inspection, looking at where I am, where I am going, and what I dream of. I guess, almost a consolidation of plans and dreams, and seeing how to realise them.

On the baby making front, I’m still slightly in limbo, but I am trying to just get on with things, not obsess too much. Next week I will see what my body has been getting up to, and then we can get this show on the road (maybe). Saying that I feel fine, and although the weight has been a bit static, I am still exercising and eating well.

Workwise, things are very busy (one baby already today, another on the way), which is a good thing when I have bills to pay, not so good when I want to spend time cuddling Thandi and being with my husband. I am still hoping we will find a new associate in a little while, and then life can really settle down well. My patients have on the whole been great, I’ve really enjoyed them, with the exception of a few nasties, but I guess it takes the exceptions to proove the rule, I have nice patients!

My poor mom isn’t doing great at the mo’, she’s ok, just very frail, and after a bout of gastro, her gout (brought on by her heart medicines) has flared, and my poor little mommy feels terrible for it…I wish I could spend more time with her, but such is my runaway life. We’re spending a weekend away with them next weekend (mom turns 75!) and I’m definitely looking forward to that.

So these are the things I am mindful of at the moment…not forgetting my Charlie and my Thandi – my favourite people! I wish I had every minute of every day with them – but that’s life! I love them dearly, and hope they know it.

Shrove Tuesday

..has arrived, which means Lent is upon us! No, I’m not Catholic, but I appreciate the symbolism of 40 days of sacrifice, culminating in Easter’s extravagance. That said, I’m not sure what I am quitting this year? Brussel Sprouts? Cabbage? I’ll probably quit chocolate (like I usually do, but I might have to make a few exceptions) Anyway, there is still time to decide. Tonight we are off to the pancake evening at church, with my bible study. The tradition behind pancakes on Shrove Tuesday comes from households using up all the ‘nice’ ingredients in their pantry before the fast began, not quite sure why that amounted to pancakes, but hey, I am useless at making them, so I will gladly eat them when someone else has made them! A dusting of cinnamon sugar and a squeeze of lemon, and we’re on our way!

Good morning!

…and that’s the positive atitude I hope to maintain this week. After last week, I was so tired of my brain and the misery circulating in it, I am determined to be happier this week.

The weekend was good. Friday night saw us on a sushi date, I have to concede, the only respectable sushi spot in our town is decidedly average, but we got our wasabi hit, with a glass of delicious Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc. Saturday was a busy day, some light shopping – groceries, gifts and the like, then it was off to a Abigail’s second birthday party with Thandi, who despite not being able to tuck into the sweets, had a great time, chewing on a cucmber stick (gee, thanks, mom) and watching the other children. Then after a quick supper (for Thandi) and a bath, it was off to friends for a delicious supper; talking, laughing, sharing. Good times! Sunday was a very relaxed day, after breakfast with my parents we chilled at home, with Thandi using me as a human jungle gym most of the morning, then it was afternoon naps all round. An afternoon walk rounded out our day and then we couch potato’ed for the evening.

This week looks good, work will be busy I am sure, but that’s ok. Some work related ‘social’ stuff, some gymming, and prepping for the weekend’s dinner plans all await me this week. So let’s get this show on the road!