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Day 24.4

…and on symptom watch today – nil to report.

So I mentioned yesterday that I got an award!





I have never received a blogging award before, so it was a bit of an  ‘Aw shucks, me? Thanks!’ moment. As I said too, yesterday, it came via Pop over and see what this cool chick has to say about her life in rural SA!

So the award came with some rules, (most of which I will probably ignore), so here goes – 7 random things about myself.

1. My father was the mayor of both my birthcity and my current city, once upon a time.

2. I was born on the eve of Transkei’s independence from South Africa in the Transkei, and have now lived through South Africa’s democracy.

3. I like to sleep on my right side.

4. I wish I had more shoes.

5. I hate that my nearest and dearest family and friends are scattered across the countryside.

6. While I watch medical dramas on TV, they irritate me beyond recognition – grr! Anyone watch ‘A Gifted Man’ last night? Doing external chest compressions once the chest is cracked is next to useless!

7. Cheese is possibly my best food!

Now for the part of the rules I am going to ignore, despite me blogging for ages, most of my regular followers do not blog, and I am not an active commentator on the blogs I do read regularly, so I feel a bit sheepish nominating people for this award. So, sorry Countess, but I am not passing this on – probably terrible blog etiquette, but there you go, and another random fact – I break the rules sometime!

Day 23.4

…WooHoo! Big ups to Cameron van den Berg!!!!! Making us proud last night, let’s hope this is the start of many more medals for Team South Africa.

In other news, I am still incubating, felt awful all day yesterday, not sure what to make of that, but here I am back in the office of gloom today. We had a marvellous Christmas in July dinner on saturday night, we started with a delicious chicken soup, followed by the whole roast dinner (a real treat), and then dessert followed , I made an interesting platter , consisting of Strawberry Dream (like an ice cream), a strawberry coulis, a chocolate truffle torte, a mince pie and a christmas pudding truffle. It received somewhat mixed reviews… hmm… slightly disappointing, considering how much effort went into it, oh well…

The meal ended with cheese and chocolates. The whole night was great fun; MJ had decorated her house and her table beautifully. She had even made christmas crackers, which we had great fun pulling and laughing over the corny jokes she’d found! All round an evening of great success!

And in even more news, I have received an award from, which I will talk about tomorrow, ah, shucks, me, an award, thanks Countess!

Day 19.4

…and here I lie, in the cool, quiet clinic (with the chirping of the alarm in the roof, which sounds vaguely like a bird trapped in the ceiling) with my embabies snuggling into my endometrium. They are home, 2 little 6 celled embryos, a grade 1 and 2, Calvin and Hobbes, let’s hope they think this is a cool playground, find the transmogrifier, and become our squirming babies, adventuring in the land of Ute.

We dream, we love, we care, we believe…

Day 18.4

…and our embryos are doing well, so transfer is tomorrow at 12h00, so spare a thought for me, if you can! We’ll travel back to the neighbors tomorrow morning, both Charlie and I have a few chores to run while we are there, so we’ll get our business done, get pregnant and come home!

My mom is home, they are still not quite sure what has happened, but anyway, she is one antibiotics for a few more days at home, and we’ll take it from there. The tragedy of this admission is that she has now been off her feet for 2 days, which has put back her rehabilitation of the hip and foot by about a month, so, here we go again, cheerleaders united! Anyway, I’m just thrilled she is out of the ward, and back on home ground.

On the cooking front, things have gone well, I have 2 components of my Christmas dessert platter arranged, 3 more to go, and really enjoying having the time to indulge my creativity in the kitchen. Photos will follow after the big event. Today I plan to work on some Christmas mince pies -ala birdie!

Day 17.4

…and we have 3 fertilized eggs – woohoo! Very chuffed to hear that, so we are aiming for a day 3 transfer. Grow embabies, grow! I’m feeling much less uncomfortable this morning, granted I haven’t gotten out of bed yet, but there you have it. Lots to do today – Christmas in July party coming up, and I’m on dessert duty!

In other news, my mother seems ok, her doctor isn’t sure about what is going on, but her white cell count is slightly elevated, do they are treating her for a mystery infection, I’m sure this morning she will look 100% better.

Have beautiful Tuesday’s peeps!

Day 16.4

… And we have 4 eggs!! Woohoo! My biggest haul since Thandi’s cycle, now we wait for a maturity report, and fertilization. Thanks for all the love, support and cheer leading! Thanks to Charlie for getting me here, doing his thing and taking care of that terrorist called Thandi. I can’t quite believe it. We are blessed!

Late addition, I have arrived home to find my mother in hospital, with what appears to be an anxiety attack – what a freak show!

Day 14.4

…ok, so the fabulous Dr DB is happy with my follicles, there are 3 big ones, 3 small ones, and he intends to chase all of them. So tonight, I trigger, egg retrieval is on Monday. Here’s wishing on a star…