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Injury update

…ok, so after another round of treatment, I am feeling a bit better and will go for a run this evening, and see how it holds up. I am very worried about the training I have missed out on, this problem began just as I was due to ramp up my long runs, but I will just have to rely on my bloody mindedness and determination to get me through this trail event. Last week I managed 3 runs before the pain struck again, so I am hoping that this time I will manage more, and hopefully not have a recurrence! All things being equal, and my leg holding up, I will do 21 km on Saturday morning and 10 in the afternoon. A good effort at a bit of tired leg running, and it will all be slow, I promise. And if it gets sore, I will stop! If I still have a sense of humour the next day, I might do something small on the beach on Sunday, but that will be an easy one.

Roll on the weekend is all I can say!

What I cooked this weekend

…so instead of bemoaning my fate and bitching about how busy I was at night this weekend on call, I thought I’d post some foodie news for you.

So on Saturday night we had our german friends over to watch the rugby and in the early hours of the morning, while waiting for a baby, I came across a divine looking recipe for fish tacos, which sounded at that crazy hour, absolutely divine! I’d also, earlier in the week spotted a recipe for an upside down pear cake on one of my favourite blogs, which I earmarked for the weekend. So Saturday afternoon, I got cooking, and look how delicious they both turned out…

IMG_1856Fish tacos with spicy slaw and marinated onions, with a side order of guacamole, creme fraiche and chilli. It was absolutely divine, the onions made it! you can find the recipe here –

IMG_1853Upside down pear and almond cake, which was light and delicious and fragrant. I think my almond extract may be a little old, and I think I could have put a little more in, but with baking I do tend to follow the recipe, rather than be creative. You can find the recipe here –

I do hope you all had good weekends! Sending positive vibes over the interwebs for the week!


…our heritage. My gorgeous girl and her bestie during our ‘traditional’ braai yesterday stretched and reached for dreams in the dripping mulberry tree. Now not many of my contemporaries won’t have memories of this. Our tree was at the bottom of our very big garden. Down 3 terraces to the fruit trees I used to run, and get stuck into the fruit. What wasn’t immediately eaten was saved in bowls, sugared and served with ice cream for a summer dessert. I can still taste those summer days in my mind. I really hope my little lady will carry those stained fingers and sweetened lips into her adult life with her, as a reminder of these hot uncomplicated days. The ones we overlook in prickly irritation as adults. 

Catching up

…ok, so where am I…

Work – crazy busy, hectic. It is looking extremely unlikely that the girl I thought may come and join our practice will, further investigation adds fuel to this feeling. I am distraught over it, because I am busier than I want to be, and it is not sustainable for me, particularly if I want some kind of life quality.

Running – has been on the backburner. My calf injury is not fully settled. I ran a 5km race on Friday night (in freezing cold and rain – brrr!) and felt fine for the first 3 km, and felt it towards the end. I was able to continue running though, which is different to before. The rest of the weekend it was tweaky, and I intended a run yesterday evening, but when I left work at 18h30, it was time to get home to my little family instead.

um… I’m sure there is more to tell you, but work is crowding my brain, and I can’t think of anything to share. (well, there is something, but I will have a big reveal at the end of this week… watch this space… )

When I say

…there aren’t enough hours in the day, I really mean it…

I’m sorry if blogging is a bit quieter and more boring at the moment, I am stretched to within an inch of my sanity at the moment; work is truly insane, worse than it has ever been, and there is nothing I can do to change that. I had a good weekend off, but I was left feeling desperate on Sunday, as I knew the week was coming, and no matter how I prepare for it, it’s going to be difficult.

oh well, no time to complain, no time to blog, must work.

slip sliding

…away…. the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip sliding away… (apologies to Simon and Garfunkel)

Just when I thought there was light on the horizon, just when I thought I might get a new associate, it appears that she is looking rather closely at the neighbouring town, having gone so far as to request rooms…

My vision of my future is slipping through my fingers, and as much as I try to grab on to it , I find I am empty handed with not much more I can do about it.


Babies, babies

…everywhere! So things just continued in their crazy vein yesterday. I delivered 4 more babas. That takes it to 10 in 3 days, which, if you’re in State practice may not sound a lot, but I promise, for one doctor in private practice, it’s a heap! December really was a busy baby making month! I was rather shattered last night, and could hardly string a sentence together.