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Friday Madness

Fridays truly are a mad day, patients decide that the niggle they have had since the beginning of the week must be attended to immediately before the weekend. Argh!!!! Needless to say I am having a bit of a busy one.

Also just having a bit of an emotional day, so much sadness around me at the moment, hmmmph…

Anyway, YAY, YAY, it’s the weekend, Baby! And I am not on call. Charlie and I are going to go on a date tonight! We try to keep this a regular thing in our relationship. It becomes so easy to slip into domesticity, and forget a bit of romance. So its off to the bistro which has just celebrated its birthday, sure we’ll be in for some yumminess! I think it’ll be the Diemersfontein Pinotage that we drink, pure ambrosia! This afternoon, I’m in for my regular pampering, facial and pedicure to keep things looking pretty (a girl has to try, even if it is a bit of Lockhorn moment), and a bit of therapy at the hands of PrettyM. tomorrow is the hairdresser, Thank heavens for male hairdressers, not sure if anyone else feels like this, but boys just have a better eye than girls over what will suit and what not. I’ll post with details tomorrow! Have fab fridays all round!

Delivered another healthy boy last night, to a wonderful couple who have waited an awfully long time for their son – congratulations to them!

Book review

So, I had the busy day yesterday! In the morning I was in theatre, 2 hysterectomies, 3 minor procedures and a delivery (a second girl for this patient, all well) filled my morning. Phew, the hands and fingers were sore after all the surgery. That said, surgery is probably one of my favourite activities, which is wierd, since I was one of the founders of the Non-standers Club as a med student. Starting out in theatre in my fourth year, I didn’t cope too well with blood and guts and gory sights/smells, but one soon acclimatises, and now I can’t believe I was such a queasy type back then. I love the quiet in theatre, and yesterday things went so well with the surgeries, that I left theatre on quite a high, nice feeling. On the decks in yesterday was some Madeline Peyroux, Goldfish and a mixed accoustics album, lovely. Then, it was into the rooms for consultations all afternoon, phew, the tongue was tired.

Tragically there was no time after work to sit quietly, it was off to my scrapbooking class, I go to class twice a month, and have been going for three years now. I’m still working on that album for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, hoping to finish most of it off this weekend!  There isn’t a whole lot of new stuff to learn as such, techniques occasionally change, but I go more for the female companionship there. My friend C also goes, so we get a chance to catch up too. Last night though I left early (its usually 3 hours long), it was time for the monthly meeting of  the Secret Seven (plus one) bookclub.

The secret seven ride again

The secret seven ride again

We’re a bunch of women thrown together, united by the need to spend some time with our girlfriends, talk lots of nonsense, drink some wine (last night it was KWV’s Cafe Culture), eat a tasty meal (tender fillet seved with a creamy mustard cheese sauce, and mixed salads of beetroot and butternut, avo and asparagus; dessert of mini-tarts – truely delicious, thanks CR) and eventually discuss some books. We rotate houses each month, its my turn in September, and I’m already trying to work on the menu… Got some good books last night, and I hear we’re having bad weather this weekend, so on the couch with a book sounds just the medicine to get over all of last weekend’s work.

Ive finally conceded and am reading James Frey’s A million little pieces, I’m probably one of the last people to get to it. Its the book where he wrote an apparently autobiographical account of his recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, and was later exposed as a fraud to having embellished the truth somewhat, and I decided that I wouldn’t read it, on some kinda principle, anyway, when I saw it at the second hand book store, I decided to finally give it a bash, and I have to confess, its gripping. I’m not finding it as rough as everyone said it was, but maybe its still to come (the harsh bit, that is) or maybe I’m just a hardened cynical soul?

Aching bones

Yip, that’s what running will do to one, aching legs; and another sleepless night with a delivery, aching head; and sheer exhaustion makes my soul ache today… on these days I am amazed by the stamina I find somewhere to endure another day of ringing telephones, crabby pregnant ladies, terrified first timers. Thank heavens for my angel of  nurse/secretary, B. Without her, I would go through way more in terms of stress, but she absorbs much, diverts some and takes care of me. We’ve had an interesting relationship, B and I, she and I used to work together before, and it wasn’t a ideal situation, we didn’t know each other well enough to read each other well. B left, and spent a year back at the hospital, and when her replacement was moving onto better pastures, she jumped at the chance to come back, and what an awesome relationship we have now, I guess I grew up a lot, and became a lot clearer about my expectations, which made things so much easier. I now don’t know what I would do without her!

Last night I did, as I mentioned get a run in, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, managed a 2,5km fairly comfortably, with Charlie on the bicycle cheering me along. It always feels good to get going again, and I really was pleasantly suprised by how comfortable it was, I was expecting the dead heavy legs and the burning chest thing, but not so much! I might try again today, otherwise those legs won’t want to work at all tomorrow.

Supper was the parmesan chicken, it such a good recipe, easy and seriously tasty. And I whipped up a quick bread and butter pudding for afters. I haven’t had one this winter, what with watching the carbs and all that nonsense, but its a travesty to not eat it more often, comfort food at its best! I don’t know yet what’s on the menu tonight, might be a simple one, like soup, cause I’m off to bible study later.

Survivor’s monday

Monday after a weekend on call is never the easiest, and as murphy would have it, I had a fairly sleepless night last night to round off a moderately busy weekend. Saturday, I had a reasonable day, lots of phonecalls from patients and their family members; a delivery at 03h00 on sunday morning, after phonecalls at midnight and 01h30; a busy early morning with ward rounds and admissions, another delivery at 16h00 on sunday; and rounding the weekend off, a delivery at 01hoo this morning. So, some seriously interupted sleep, and a growing city! Fortunately for me, all the girls did amazingly well, all were normal deliveries, which is always nice, and the babes were all healthy! But, as I said, it doesn’t make for the easiest monday, and that’s not exactly being quiet.

Despite being quite busy, I did get some R&R in this weekend, had a bite to eat with my parents on saturday evening at the local pizza joint, and lunch with friends, R&W yesterday, so I was out of the kitchen this weekend. R&W had prepared a lovely lamb curry, and an amazing gem squash pie; for pud, an apple tart and cream. Yummy! It was good to catch up with them, they have 2 little boys, L&D, who are growing so quickly, before we know it, it’ll be big school for them! I must say, I am vaguely missing the kitchen, not sure what to cook tonight, maybe just a quick spag bol, but we’ll see what appeals later, or maybe some parmesan chicken, hmm.. yes, I think that’s it.

Fortunately the cold that reared her ugly head late last week has been a bit of a non starter, so I think tonight we might even try to hit the pavements in a run. I used to run quite enthusiastically (albeit very slowly), but winter hit, I got too busy, and exercise went out the window, its time to bring it back, I think. Charlie is such a darling; when I run, he cycles with me, but I am so slow, he rides circles around me! I’ve also realised that the gym contract I thought had expired hasn’t, so it might well be time to get back into the smelly zone, and do a bit of cardio, maybe a spinning class or just a bit of weight training, we’ll see though, I’m not kidding when I say its smelly, very sweaty, very hot, and super stinky.

Bring it on

The weekend, that is. I’m on call this weekend, and I’m not scared! Actually, I’m a tad stressed, but that’s pretty much par for the course. So being on call means that I am available to all our practice’s patients, with whatever emergency they may have, and for their deliveries. Which would be fine if that’s all that happened, but you get people wanting appointments, wanting to cancel appointments, ( no I don’t walk around with my appointment diary on my person)  wanting their results and all sorts of arbitrary queries. My favourite is when the husband calls, tells me his wife has a problem and can I see her, when I ask what the problem is, he has no idea, and isn’t with her, so can’t tell me. Is it just me or is that strange behaviour?  My other memorable event was when I was called to see a woman who wasn’t a patient of our practice, because (her words) ‘you’re on call anyway, I didn’t want to bother my doctor.’ Again, just a little out of line, especially when her doctor was available to her. But, I guess, I just don’t understand, not being the patient and all, how could I get it?

Aside from work, I am hoping for a little R&R this weekend too. It was Charlie’s sister’s birthday last week, so we are going to try to catch up, and C (movie going friend) and I want to do some scrapbooking. I’m working on a couple of projects, an album of our wedding and honeymoon and a collection of wishes to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary from friends and family.  I really do enjoy the scrapping, when I started, I thought it was a little sad, but once I saw the end products, I thought it was a fabulous idea for storing memories.

I welcomed another baby girl to the world today, clever thing decided to arrive on her mom’s birthday, so double celebrations in their house today!

Movie Report

How horrendous, a cold is developing… In those early phases, where I have the headache, scratchy throat… I hate being ill, but then again, that is the joy of being a doctor and getting exposed to the sick patients. Ugh…

My cooperative patients all managed to deliver yesterday before 4 pm,  (a girl and a boy, all healthy and very clever mommies!) so Charlie and I made it to the Harry Potter movie. Its interesting how differntly we all view these things, I found the book very dark, as is the movie, but definitely had the feeling that it was a transition book, finalising some stories, setting the stage for the dramatic last book. I was never that moved by it. Now, my friend C thinks the movie was very disappointing, feeling that it missed out on so much of the action, and really didn’t do the book justice. I don’t know, still enjoyed it…

I’m starting to get the glarey eye from my nurse, I think she wants me to do some work, oh well, its off to the salt mine I go.. Soup for supper tonight, on account of the disease and the suddenly very cold weather! and then maybe some port to put me to sleep:-)

Nice Slicing

So I have spent the morning in theatre today, 3 babies born and a couple of other gynaecological procedures done. I really enjoy being in surgery. In our city we have the advantage of fantastic anaesthetists, well run theatres (even if the hospital gets a little chaotic) and I play good music in theatre. In fact, I know those anaesthetists argue over who comes to theatre with me, to see what’s on the playlist at the moment. Today is was some Diana Krall, Madelaine Peyroux and Amy Winehouse. I really do enjoy those jazzy girls, imagine myself in a smoky jazz club, as opposed to at work!

I’m back in my rooms at the moment, waiting for the afternoon to really get underway. I also have 2 patients currently labouring, and am really hoping that they deliver this afternoon. Charlie and I are going to attempt movies tonight, we’re keen to see the new Harry Potter, with our friends C&A. They have an almost 3 month old baby, so have organised the babysitters, so here’s hoping I actually get to go! I do love my life, I just sometimes wish babies kept office hours, but hey, where would the fun be then, I wouldn’t have war stories to tell! So since we’re planning a night out, I’m not cooking, we’re off to our local for a steak, or something like that, after the flick.