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This experience of training for the Knysna half marathon has been such an, for want of a better word, educational experience. For one, I never had a clue before about what I was doing, I throw on the tackies, head out without a clue about pace or speed, and when I was tired I’d walk, and then I’d go home. And I had no idea how far I’d run or what time I could predict to finish a prescribed run in.

Now, thanks to my coach and my Garmin I have a clue. I have a far more structured plan, I run at specific paces, for specified times and distances. I rest accordingly and am able to track my performance. Now yesterday I ran my last big run before Knysna (in 2 weeks time) I ran just over 18km in 2 hours on my own. In years gone by, that, as a training run, was unimaginable! It was long, it was without any company except the noisy voices in my brain, but it didn’t feel like 2 hours. I really couldn’t believe it! I can’t honestly say I had a smile on my face at the end, but my brain was singing!

Sitting at the table later eating breakfast, I had to shake my head to bring it home. I’d done it. I can honestly say this is so far, the best preparation I have ever put in for a half, and I’m starting to get a teeny bit excited! I think there will always be a huge amount of anxiety for me, given some previous running disasters, but I might actually run with a wry smile and not the grim gritting of my teeth.

An Award?

..why, thank you cousin! Totally unexpected!


So the rules are relatively simple, you need to thank and tag the person who nominated you,  give seven facts about you and then nominate 15 other deserving bloggers. Now, I’m not sure I can get up to 15! But hey..


  1. I dream of being a stay-at-home Mom…
  2. and a kept woman.
  3. I once had a poem published in a collection.
  4. I also translated a children’s book (which a friend of mine wrote and the art class at school illustrated) into Afrikaans.
  5. I love being in the kitchen, and make unholy messes! My Noxy dreads coming in in the morning after I have been fiddling around in the kitchen
  6. I love entertaining, but also find it a very stressful thing sometimes, so I battle to relax at a dinner party I am hosting.
  7. I am a passionate writer of letters to the Editor…in my head, whilst in the shower, about all manner of outrageous things!

Now 15 blogs is going to be a tall order…

  1., (if nothing else it’ll hopefully get her blogging again, Kaz, I miss you!)
  2., I love that she challenges beliefs!
  3., an inspirational running mom
  4., because I love the way she parents

And I’m sorry but that’s what I got! Spread the love, my friends!

And dolphins!

… we were so blessed to see many dolphins over the weekend. Playing , jumping and surfing in the waves. 229 290 291 292 296 297 298 299 300 How incredible are these?

Trail running

So, eat your hearts out, here are my pictures from the runs I did this weekend in the Transkei

084The starting point of a jeep track down to the camp.

086The view from the top of the hill, just before the camp

088My running companions, J, her dog, Cupcake and an ambivalent neighbourhood cow.

089 Some more of the herd.

092Cresting the hill near the river.

094Our drink spot, next to the river…

141And the end of another run, contemplating our almost skinny dip to cool down!

How lucky was I? It was so awesome to run in such perfect conditions, surrounded by the peace of the forest, the crash of the waves on the beach, the local animals perfuming the air and the quiet of the sunset on that river. Incredible!


..from a spectacular time in the Transkei!

I will be staggering the photo’s this week, not to bomb you all with too many all at once!

Suffice to say, it was an absolutely surreal time. In midwinter, I found myself swimming in the sea, because I was hot, not because of a dare, we strolled on the beach in costumes, soaked up the sun, and switched off from day-to-day life a little. It was awesome!

Starting the photo album with some pictures from our sun downer spot on the little river nearby…

099 102 107 113

Just gorgeous, sipping a big bottle of water after a run watching the sun set and the moon rise…


…like today make me want to seriously reconsider my career options. I’ve had a rough time on call – after the long weekend, I’ve had very busy days at the office, and I had a horrendous call last night, with a middle of the night Caesar, when I was already exhausted. I could hardly keep my eyes open on the drive to and from the hospital! Anyway, the baby was healthy, the mom was a baby herself – having her 3rd baby in 4 years, and she is only 18 years old! What is the world coming to? How is it we are failing our girl children so badly? And what hope in hell does her baby have? I don’t know.

It’s times like this when my inability to have another pregnancy really bites…

The tough calls

…of medicine… When you loose a patient; when a patient with a miraculous pregnancy has a dire complication at 24 weeks; when a patient goes into labour very prematurely. And all of these things happened this weekend. I am tired, stressed and drained.

For those of you who know me, you can all vouch that I am a big softy. Part of the very reason I went into OBGYN was that I did not cope well with loosing patients. While OBGYN has its fair share of sad events, by and large, my patients are healthy and happy, and I am privileged to be a part of this exciting time of their lives, and I enjoy that. This weekend challenged me on so many levels. The patient who passed away had an inoperable tumour – probably not in the lady department, but this was where she landed up, and this where she was operated on. When my associate handed her over to me on Friday (she was his patient), I realised we were in for a rough ride; when I saw her on Saturday, I was reassured, but when I saw her on Saturday afternoon, I was concerned and grateful that her family had all flown in to see her, and I was justified in my concern, for a mere 6 hours later she was gone, with nothing I was able to do, but watch things unfold. A very, very difficult situation indeed. And the phone call to the family that evening was just awful… I really don’t cope well…

Anyway, obstetric emergencies kept me busy for the rest of the weekend, more agonizing situations which leave me wanting to run away and bury my head in the sand, much like the toddler who puts their hands over their ears, shouting, when they don’t want to listen to the adults. Some days it is tough being a grown up; this weekend was one of those times, when the weight of responsibility weighed heavily on my shoulders. And continues to…