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…and I’m not talking about fish! Flip, guys, I am really feeling a bit battered and bruised. It has been so very busy! I’m actually freaking out a bit, and am struggling to maintain my sense of humour here. So far this morning I have already had 2 walk in emergencies and it is only 10h30! I have a patient in labour, I’ve done a gynae case in theatre and still have a hoard of patients to see. Last night I only got home at 18h00, was at a meeting of The Compassionate Friends from 19h00 – they asked me to give a talk – and only got home from that after 21h00. I had to tweak Thandi’s hat for their 100 days of grade 1 celebration, and only climbed into bed around 23h30, fell asleep and woke up an hour and a half later, and I struggled to sleep again.

Time for caffeine and big girl panties!

My not great day

…so in a puddle of tiredness and diet and hormone induced irritation, my day yesterday did not end well.

The office was super busy – I am on my own on a Thursday morning – one of the partners is operating, the other does a session at the local state hospital, so I am on my own, which means that all the emergencies must be accommodated by me, which is fine, but when you are fully booked (in fact already double booked) and 5 emergencies are added in before 10h00, it means I am in trouble. When the social drama surrounding some of my patients threatens to overwhelm me, I am in trouble. [Quoting one patient here, “Well, in 2 months time I must get this thing out of me.”referring to her baby. And then just after her, seeing (for the first time), a patient due today who lost her 30-odd year husband 2 months ago, who has tears welling up and making her eyes all shiny]

When after a difficult financial time I realise that things were never as difficult as the bookkeeper had me believe, and I decide to indulge myself with a new hob for my stove, only to discover that the beautiful one I want that is on sale won’t fit in the (too big ) hole in my granite counter top, I am in tears. When I head off to art, and hate my painting so much I paint over most of it, to start again another day, I am broken.

When I get home after said art class and there is load shedding and the only bit of supper that was ready before that happened is some lukewarm cauli cheese, I am done.

Here’s hoping today may be a little easier, please, don’t let those gods be laughing at me today.

Skill challenges!

…sometimes I take on projects that really challenge my skill set – Photoshop will drive me to drink! I think I may actually have to just ask for help on this one! Argh! (I am trying to create a gift for my partner who is retiring)

In other news it is flipping cold in the morning, running in the cold is not fun….


…wind. Aka a bergwind, ugh. Turning children into grumpasauruses and adults into minitrumps since time immemorial, completely revolting! Yes, a berg wind is sweeping through our town today, the only consolation is that there will surely be cooler weather to follow. My hair is a mess, my family and patients are miserable. Oh dear!


Woe is me

…I hate to be a downer, but I am feeling sorry for myself. This last 9 months has been really tough, healthwise, and I am really hoping, that kind of like one of my pregnant patients, I am going to emerge after this time, to reclaim something of myself. So I think I mentioned that I was diagnosed with whooping cough – just as my whoops were lessening, I came down with a cold – on the day of 2 Oceans in fact. So just as the one cough started to abate, so the next one began. I am so tired of coughing!

Then about 6/12 ago, before we visited Scotland I was having some dental woes – one root canal and one extraction later, Inwas bruised and battered, but feeling better. So finally, last week Friday I headed to the maxfax surgeon for the start of the implant he was going to site, to allow the crown to be fitted in another 4 months time. He x-rayed the site, was happy, inserted it, (lots of drilling and awful noises!) and off I went. Happy, until yesterday, when I had so much pain, that within 8 hours I had had 3 doses of myprodol, celebrex and I was still in agony. I made it through the afternoon, barely, and then headed off, back to the maxfax guy, who could see no apparent cause for the pain, so it was a case of vasbyting, but not biting! I had a torrid time last night, I was nauseous, I was fainty (hot and cold sweats, blood rushing in my ears), I was sore. and I had taken way too many painkillers!

Somehow I made it through the night, despite having to go and do a caesar at 02hoo. and loaded up on meds again this morning, somehow I have made it to lunchtime feeling ok. I hope that is the worst behind me.

But guys, seriously, I am so tired of being ill – hypertension and all the issues I’ve had there with treatment, whooping cough, colds, dental issues. ENOUGH! I just don’t know how to make myself strong again – I take vitamins, I eat good wholesome food – too much, I acknowledge, I don’t overdo the alcohol, I exercise, but I don’t sleep well, but none of this is different. Can I get a trade-in for this broken body of mine?


…I have whooping cough! Seriously!

Considering I had it as a kid I thought i would never get it again, but there you have it – I ran 110km with whooping cough. No wonder I feel gross. No wonder I am so tired of coughing. Another 2-3 weeks to go. I am allergic to the antibiotic of choice, so will try a different one and see if it helps.

But really, I can’t quite believe it; maybe next week, I will have galloping consumption?


…guys, I am weary, I am trying so hard to be a shiny happy person, but it’s hard. That may be why I’ve blogged a little less of late, I am tired of feeling a bit like a stuck record, saying the same thing over and over again. My cough which has really plagued me seems to be improving finally, but sadly, that which usually makes me feel better – running – has made me feel atrocious. I had to bail out during a run over the weekend, because I just couldn’t breathe and I seriously struggled for the rest of that day. Anyway, the last 2 nights have been a bit better in that I haven’t woken myself up choking and unable to breathe, so I hope this disease is now moving along. In 2 weeks time I am on the wild coast, supposed to be running with my husbuddy, and I want to enjoy it! I am really hoping too that this time will allow me to regroup, catch up properly with Charlieboy.