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…it’s been a full week. Work has been fairly busy, and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed in terms of patient expectations of me. I have a couple who really really want a boy, to the point that the wife wants to consider IVF with pre implantation genetic diagnosis, and the husband just wants a ‘natural’ way to make it happen, and wants guarantees that the informal methods will work, which I can’t give him, for obvious reasons. And then there was the rumour on Facebook that I have retired; which was then amended to say I hadn’t retired, but wasn’t doing deliveries. Really now, I am 44, have an 8 year old I need to educate, so retirement is tragically not on the cards;  and I am in fact our hospital’s lead obstetrician (kind of like the head girl of the obstetricians)! Throw in an extremely busy gynaecologist clinic at our local state hospital this week where I was expected to train about 30 rural doctors, which is fine and I enjoy, but in the confines of a room about 3m x 2m! And they were all breathing down my neck watching me work! (I did feel rather sorry for the patients I was treating, having to be exposed to all these trainees, but I did manage a light hearted moment with one of them who said she’d never felt more famous, and that she hoped she was in line for the Oscar for her centre stage production!)

Pops is still having a hard time adjusting to his new reality, but slowly the carer seems to be winning him over. He’s being a little less antagonistic to her, and they watched cricket together the other day drinking tea. So maybe he will start forgetting to fight…

Anyway, I must work, I am exhausted and the weekend on call looms…


…quietly, I have little to add to the last few posts. Pops is stable. His brain, however, is a huge hurdle. He is stubborn, resistant and hurting those of us who love him. And I am all out of ideas. Anyway, maybe in the morning I will feel stronger.

I have had a cold – it’s made me grumpy! After my whooping cough last year, my chest is very reactive and I am coughing and wheezing and spluttering. Grrr… Between the cold and Pops I haven’t been able to exercise which is making me even grumpier, I am going to hit a gym class of some sort tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will update you on my beautiful daughter, her school concert and report card. Tomorrow I will be less blue.


…the old man is resilient. (and that’s a really nice way of saying stubborn, and fricking difficult) So, cardiac wise, they are happy, and he is stable. He could go home. But, he has developed a severe delirium on top of his early dementia. So yesterday he was angry, aggressive and nasty. This morning he was funny, but edging closer to being scary again. And this afternoon – wham – scary again. Anyway.

I am using this opportunity to get the psychiatrist in to assess him too, so at least I am throwing stones at some of the other birds. He’s seen him, they’re doing a CT scan, and then we will see. Obviously we need to get on top of the delirium really quickly, and once that is settled, we can get him home again. And then the next set of fights begin.

I am too scared to go and see him again today. I can’t do it…

What shall I do

…with a drunken sailor? No, not really, but a broken tooth. On Sunday morning, munching on a sweetie, I felt a crack in my mouth, had a look see and discovered that I’d lost about a third of a filling in one of my molars. Now ordinarily there wouldn’t be an issue – call the dentist, he’ll make a plan and accommodate me. However, his mum passed away last week, so he is not back at work. Try another dentist you say? Why, yes, that would be logical, the next one ‘on my list’ is away currently, not back for 10 days. And then I get nervous of trying other ones… And my mouth is starting to get sore now…

Wit’s end

…I am close to that point! One of my associates is away and I am finding dealing with his patients extremely trying. My wits are close to ending, my patience has been tried and found wanting, and now I am just desperate for him to be back so he can take over these challenging patients. I am all for complicated work and challenging diagnoses, but when I get called rude because I can’t make an appointment for a patient after hours, when I get phones hung up on me because I am not that associate (and its happened more than once in the last week), when common sense becomes decidedly uncommon, I despair. Oh, let this week end, please!

Public Service Announcement

…people of the inter webs; consider yourself warned. Check the expiry date of your driver’s licence and passport! Otherwise you will be like Charlie and me – he’s applying for a new passport, so that we can plan our next trip abroad; while my licence expires tomorrow, so I will be going to that interminable queue shortly. I am blessed to have a PA who is currently in the queue for me. I will join her as she approaches the front…

Chasing time

…I am always chasing time. Wishing I had more hours in a day, more time on weekends, more time to train, more time for me.

I promised myself at the beginning the year that I would carve time out of my day for me every day; but that hasn’t really worked, unless you count driving in the car to work and back. But I don’t count that, it’s not time focussed on me and rejuvenating my brain. It’s time spent dodging errant drivers and staying safe. Running used to be that time (sort of), now it has become an exercise in pain management.

This hamster wheel is spinning way too fast, and I fear I am about to be flung off…

Good thing it is my art class tonight…