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…of travel and holidays… The last little while a yearning to travel has grown in me. I never had those itchy feet as a young adult. Backpacking and minimal budgets didn’t appeal to me, and I guess I was just a bit scared to fly with my somewhat caged wings. Now though, the desire is there. On this holiday we met a couple who prior to their wedding traversed Africa, coming from London down to Egypt and via the East Coast of Africa. It took them 8 months, all they had as a deadline was their wedding date in Cape Town, and off they went. Ah, their stories were awesome. An old secretary of mine did the same, but came down the middle as opposed to the East, and they also had an awesome 9 month trip. What an indulgence, what a privilege… I know a long holiday like that is currently out of my reach, hell, even taking 2 weeks feels nearly impossible, but I dream of a time when I can… When Charlie and I get to show Thandi the world! And share in her delight in it. DrHF is in Paris at the moment, and I am so envious, her pictures of cheese, fruit, foie gras, breads, sights and memories of sounds are almost tortuous to me! I’ve been to Paris once, it wasn’t a great experience (circumstances prevailed, as did the extremely cold weather!), but I’m aching to go again, with Charlie and soak up the Parisian experience.

Ah, we can dream and plan… On my bucket list; France (with my little family), Italy, Spain, Namibia, Serengeti… Dream…

Damn these germs

…”Have you got germs in your throat Mommy? Why you coughing?” asks my girl last night. And my word, I do! Whatever afflicted her and Charlie has caught me, and I feel terrible… ugh…

Holiday recovery

…I love going on holiday, I love being away from the office, seeing new things, experiencing new things, but I really don’t enjoy coming back. The earth shuddering thud of reality hitting is awful. And our wake up began as we were preparing to leave Umngazi, with Thandi developing a really high temperature, refusing medicine and being decidedly not herself. We arrived home with our unhappy little lady who took herself to bed(!) in the middle of the afternoon after sleeping most of the 3½ hour drive home. And that temperature would not come down, and she would not take her meds (I spit it out mommy). Eventually with me in tears, Thandi in tears in a tepid bath (again), Charlie put out an emergency distress call to Dr Angel, who swooped in, and reassured us that whatever it was, despite the high temperature, wasn’t anything too dire, offered encouragement and alternative drugs, and finally, she slept, and cooled down.

Yesterday, along with a busy day, I’ve had a still feverish lady on my hands, and a sickening Charlie. And I’m coughing like an annoying barking dog in the night. Damnit!

The poor girl woke up at 02h20 this morning, declared it playtime, and took a lot of convincing that it was sleepytime, and just when I thought she had fallen asleep, had her following me out of her room at 03h15… She looks a little better this morning, fortunately; Charlie not so much. Looks like this will be fun and games for a few more days. I will just add that I am grateful this happened on the last day of holidays, not the first…

The week in pictures

20131027-200550.jpgUmngazi is a special place, we made some spectacular memories…

20131027-201139.jpg 20131027-201251.jpg Early Morning walks on the beach, jumping for joy!

20131027-201324.jpg Paddling through the mangrove swamps at umgazana.

20131027-201620.jpg Watching Fish Eagles catch their dinner.

20131027-201220.jpg 20131027-200511.jpg Chilling at the poolside.

20131027-201836.jpgMaking new friends.

20131027-201115.jpgWalking into the dusk.

20131027-201720.jpg And watching the sun set on a glorious holiday…

We’re all going on…

…spring holiday! Yay! It has been fantastic thus far. The weather isn’t really playing along, but we’re so grateful for the rain, we aren’t complaining. Today has been magnificent, a run on the beach, a swim, a paddle up the river, and I am currently feet up, next to the pool.

Tomorrow there’s a massage planned, after a walk and a paddle to the nearby mangrove swamps. And there’ll be more food! Oh my hat, the food!

I could get used to this! As could Thandi!

There are not

…enough hours in my day. Argh! I am so tired of feeling so stretched all the time! This week has been insane, I think an extra 6 hours a day might have made it bearable. Then I might have had some sleep. Waking up this morning my eyes looked so baggy, ugh, no eye cream was going to help! Oh well.

Tonight I fly to JHB for a conference. It’s a chance to see my brother and his family and my brother-in-law and his tribe, most mostly it’ll be the chance to miss my Charlie and Thandi. They’re staying at home, and then next week we are taking some time off for a bit of a holiday! I cannot wait! We are off to the Wild Coast, and despite dire rain predictions for the week, I am beyond desperate for some time out with my little family! Beyond!

Anyway, I am overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to get through before I leave, so forgive me, I will blog from my conference tomorrow again!

Breaking records

…today I did something I have never done before. I ran uninterrupted (by a walk that is) for 31 minutes. I could’ve carried on, but that was my programme for the day. I am pleased and relieved. I was beginning to doubt I ever would; it’s been a huge psychological barrier for me. So there we go, precedent set. Record broken. Onwards and upwards I say.