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Greedy girl

…is my Thandi girl! Wow! Obviously she’s trying to up the supply and she’s had a LOT to drink today, anybody hear the moo-ing, or is it just me? Anyway, anything for my princess. I’ll deal with the sore nipples and smile. Her cord fell off yesterday, so now we’re hoping that she developes a nice innie!

Tomorrow it’ll be Thandi’s first visit to the baby clinic, and we’ll see if I have full cream or fat free milk, and later we’re having our first modeling session for MJ , here’s hoping she doesn’t have the grumps! Anyway, I see that thenext few weeks are going to be all about Thandi…

Alive and kicking

…and we are now parents of a 6 day old, and we’re surviving. My nipples shrieked this weekend, and feeding filled me with fear, and tears, but it seems to be a little better today. Expressing is still a challenge, but I’m hoping I will develop the knack. Caesar painwise is improving, although I’ve had to drop the pain killers, I started to get some side effects… I miss them…

Thandi is a complete joy to behold. She has the most expressive face, something I fear she got from me, and aside from windy times (which, as I type even, are improving) is a very contented little girl. Charlie has shown his true daddy colors, and is a hero! Last night he dealt with an explosive nappy, which even required changing clothes, leaving me asleep. Thanks my love! I have the best husband and baby daddy!

So a quick question – how long does it take for the cord to fall off, and does one have to do anything, or will it just happen spontaneously?

Happy Birthday.2.36

….and today I get to celebrate my first birthday as a mommy, can’t quite believe it, still. Although, the pain in my nipples certainly helps to remind me! Our first night at home, and we made it, we’re feeding enthusiastically, winds have her flummoxed, and nappies just make her cross, but the sun has risen, and it’ll be a sweet day! My sweetest husband got up with me last night for support and burp assistance, he is a champion! This after I got a beautiful eternity ring from him, saying thank you for being Thandi’s incubator – bestest husband in the known universe! Love that man!

Now, don’t forget to check put the prediction bookie to see who took the prizes, congrats to them and enjoy the yuppiechef shopping, I always do.

Thanks for all the messages, calls and facebookings that have already arrived, my heart is so blessed by the outpouring of love and wishes, not only today, but this whole week- I have great peeps!


‘I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home, let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday, I know my kingdom awaits…’

These words echoed through my brain as we climbed in the car this morning, bringing our chick home. Her kingdom does indeed await… and Charlie and I are her loyal servants… and we are more in love than I dreamed possible… Take a look at her gloriousness.

Newly Hatched

Ten perfect toes

That’s my girl!

in all her glory!

Happy birthday!

…and in a bit of a rush, Thandi Robyn arrived at 15h39 on 24 May 2011. I had a caesar, at my check up, my blood pressure had gone up, and my OBGYN wasn’t taking any chances, so here we are, parents of a cutester little girl! Thank you for all the support and cheering along the sidelines, we are blessed!

Day 268

…and time vacillates between flying and dawdling… I can’t believe that there are 12 more days to go, and yet, 12 seems awfully long with the current discomfort index. Anyway, I’m keeping busy, between reading and scrapbooking, I have now added another crafty project. Yesterday my mom came over and we cut out and pinned a future duvet for tenacious, made from old jeans of mine. Granny-to-be has wanted to make one of these for ages, and finally now we’ve got the chance. I started sewing it up this morning, crikey, it’s going to be a lot of work, and it’s heavy! It’ll look great I am sure, I’ll post a picture when it is finished.When I was digging in my crafty cupboard, I also discovered a little baby hat that I knitted during our first IVF attempt, so this is a seriously spoilt babe!

I didn’t leave the house yesterday, so I haven’t got much news to share today, later we’re of to the doctor for a bit of a check up, and I hope to run a chore or 2 then. Hope your Tuesdays are not taxing!

Day 267

…and here we are, in the final 2 weeks! I can’t believe it is here. I know I’ve been a bit moany in these last few days, but I have really enjoyed being pregnant, and am going to miss those little bumps, kicks and hijinks Tenacious gets up to. I won’t miss the hip/pelvic pain and the difficulty in moving about which has struck me in the last week.

The weekend has been kind to me. Friday afternoon I had 2 friends pop over for tea, I was very sore, but it was so good to see them and catch up, hearing news of the last little while, when I had just had my head down and was biding my time until I finished work. Saturday I had some stuff framed for T’s room, we decided T needed to see how happy we have been with him/her inside my tummy, so one of our photo shoot from monday, and our talented friend Pat had painted a picture for T, so off the framer I went. I can’t wait to see the finished products. Then Charlie and I ran a few chores until my hip said no more, and I spent the rest of the afternoon in blissful scrapbooking escape. In the evening, we had dinner at one of the local Chinese spots with C&A, which was lovely. I had crispy duck, which was a bit uncrispy in fact, the boys both had sweet and sour pork, and C had sushi – looked mighty fine to me! Soon, soon, I’ll be able to try some again! Sunday was another chilled one, a trip to the nursery for some winter annuals for the garden, and a few groceries, and I was back scrapbooking at my desk. A nap, and a visit to a friend who was recently accidentally shot (in the hand – fortunately no major damage) rounded out or day.

And so a new week begins, I have some activities planned, a facial and pedicure, book club, coffee with friends, a birthday… lets hope Tenacious respects this time, although, should he choose to come now, I won’t mind too much.

I have added another page  – look to the next column on the right, Prediction bookie, where I am keeping tabs on the bets, check it out, and make sure I got it right!