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Grammar Geek

…in the making. Yesterday Thandi’s school team won the Fun with Words competition. It’s a city wide competition, 15 teams comprising of 6 members, 2 from grade 1,2 and 3; pit against each other I. Some fun word and spelling games. Last year the team came second, this year they won!

(Super proud and relieved mom. We spent many hours playing word games over the last year. It has all paid off! And I just love these sort of puzzles, I’m glad she does too!)

10 + 22

…10 years and 22 days of blogging. Guys! I am blown away! Last night Charlie asked me when my blogging anniversary was, and wasn’t it about 10 year now, so I checked, my first post was 10 years and 3 weeks and a day ago. That’s a lot of talking, and writing. This blog really started as a Dear Diary for a newly wed, busy food and craft loving doctor, morphed into an infertility journey, and I got my happy ever after, and am now doctoring, running, parenting, wifing. Lots has happened in the years. I tried to get pregnant, got pregnant, had a daughter, lost a father-in-law and my Dawny, opened a business, closed a business, won an award, ran my first marathon, ran an ultramarathon, ran my 6th marathon, made some friends, lost some friends and as always, I have remained Charlie’s Bird.

Heres to the next 10 years, 3 weeks and a day, may we still be meeting here in this corner of the interwebs.

Too soon

…I spoke too bloody soon. This morning’s run was horrible. My legs were just tired and my energy was, as Donald would say, very low. Damnit. It didn’t help that it was 24 degrees with a hot berg wind blowing that made me feel so dehydrated. Ugh. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.


…is a monster. It eats away at happiness, sucks the life out of a soul. A friend of ours is going through some pretty revolting stress at the moment; and we are watching him turn into a dry husk, a shadow of himself. I once again am reminded of what it is doing to me.


…sands, horizons, rainbows…



….flying free. Today she flew free.

This thing called life is brutal.

Holiday update 

… it’s been busy! We’re having a grand old time, with the Scottish weather playing interference. The highlands stole my heart, as we’ve come south and the roads have gotten busier, the villages bigger and the people just more, so I have realized how much I loved the solitude up north. Never mind, it’s all good in differing doses. 

The ScottishAfrican clanA happy husband at the distillery on Skye! Eilean Donan Castlechecking out the fishermanand his fish! Checking out cousin Neil’s fire truck! Jump for joy!