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….flying free. Today she flew free.

This thing called life is brutal.

Holiday update 

… it’s been busy! We’re having a grand old time, with the Scottish weather playing interference. The highlands stole my heart, as we’ve come south and the roads have gotten busier, the villages bigger and the people just more, so I have realized how much I loved the solitude up north. Never mind, it’s all good in differing doses. 

The ScottishAfrican clanA happy husband at the distillery on Skye! Eilean Donan Castlechecking out the fishermanand his fish! Checking out cousin Neil’s fire truck! Jump for joy! 

Winding up the weekend

…Can you feel it? Yoh, the seasonal blues are here! I am feeling shattered! (my persistent cold isn’t helping, I know!) I really need this holiday! The weekend was nice, but just not enough; I’m tired of living from crisis to drama and back again. Just some peace and quiet and exploring will, I think do my soul so much good. The best thing we did this weekend was head out to the beach house…

We built a castle, with a moat! 

And watched the waves… 



Official pictures

…are just stunning! Thanks to MJ for these beautiful moments of a legendary party for a special 6 and ecstatic 8 year old!

 She flies! Just like Wendy did. 

 Love how our little boy cousin stands apart here. 

 Pretty Tinkerbell!   The Tinkerbell biscuits!   Sugar crystals!  I am 6!  Love this girl! 

 ‘What was the best part of your party?’ ‘Riding the crocodile!’

 My little family.

 Pixie dust.

 The cake! 

 The Magnificent Captain Hook

 Birthday girls!  Celebrating family! 

Mission accomplished

…and now for the next one.

So this weekend I managed to get almost everything I planned to do done – 5 dress up aprons left to make, 19 almost completely done – I just need to trim loose threads and burn edges of the ribbons, I’m very pleased with what I got done!

The Rapunzel and Elsa aprons (with the cutest model!) I have also made Snow White and Belle. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sewing, but I have sat with tears streaming down my cheeks as I miss my mom.  You see, it was her machine, and she was a genius with things like this. There never is enough time, is there? I try desperately to hear her in the buzz of the machine as I zoom up and down seams, and all I can hear is to slow down, count to 10 and smile. But I wish I knew what to do with my Dad. He seems worse again since we got him back from my brother’s home. Oh mom…

I ran my 10km on Saturday – my legs laughed at me when I said we’re running up a hill, in fact my quads collapsed in a heap on the tar and would not listen to my brain at all! So I was slower than I hoped and I was totally bleak when I saw that my time was 60:07. 7 damn seconds!!!!! Oh well, I will use the excuse that I was still in recovery and trust that I get faster next time I do a 10. RM, I have no idea how you faced lacing up for 50km when I could barely do 10.

While in CT I bought a copy of Disney Monopoly for us, and yesterday we cracked it open, and started up a round, introducing  Thandi to a whole new world of Sunday afternoons. It was great fun; although Charlie was a bit of a grumpasaurus when he was the first to declare bankruptcy. Hehe! The Disney version is really sweet, and you buy different characters instead of streets, build cottages and castles; there are castles instead of stations; and instead of chance and community chest cards there are bippity boppity boo and bear necessities cards, but the principles are all the same; and there is still that damn jail. But on the whole, far more appealing to Thandi than the traditional format. I think it was a hit!


The Madness

…of Dictator GJZ. Oh my fuckity fuck fuck fuck. What just happened? Where are all the good men in our ruling party? Who will stand up and put an end to this craziness? My heart is sore, and I am so very angry that this dictatorship has been unopposed. What has happened to our integrity? Or did that evaporate when we sold our souls to China, Russia, India, the devil – whoever would have it? All to protect a horrible little sly bully. Really?

Anyway, enough of that. Last night I hosted book club – and it was really lovely. One of the girls is getting remarried, and we had an informal bridal shower for her – nothing big – but we celebrated well. I themed my evening hollywood vintage and the dress code was a little black number, red lips! My menu was a prawn ritz to start; fillet with a madagascan green peppercorn sauce, followed by a delightful cheesecake – Donna Hay’s recipe – totally simple and so delicious!



…the tank is empty. That is all…

(I could go on about my ‘feelings’, but frankly, even I am tired of them; you’ve heard it all before)

Tomorrow will be better.