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Misty morning

…. a run and a ‘boot camp’ session on the beach this morning was quite other worldly. It was misty and quiet; although quite a few people were out and about being active. In the midst of agonizing dune climbs and planks, I got thinking. (It’s often quite dangerous when I am left alone with brain for any periods, this morning not so dangerous) 

Time is fleeting; this year is flying by. The season has changed. It is summer. Hope you are all holding onto your teeth and we screech towards year end. 

And remember to dip into the water occasionally – it’s refreshing! 

She grows 

… and grows. And my heart explodes with joy; and shatters at the same time; with an aching nostalgia that burns in my throat and in the corners of my eyes. 

So the second of her two front (top) teeth fell out. She is beside herself with excitement at her obvious ‘growing up’. The tooth mouse, a consistent fellow (thankfully) remembered (at about 4h00 this morning) to gift her with the princely sum of R25! She was ecstatic! 

She cannot wait to grow up, and I am already mourning missed opportunities. 


…with the girls. So last night was book club. It was a good catch up; one of our members, Justice is moving to PTA at the end of the year, so it was one of our lasts. We laughed up a storm; planned a weekend away together and drank some bubbles, and I crafted my first batch of macarons after my course. 

Chocolate macarons with a hazelnut praline filling and a chocolate fruit macaron with a caramel cheesecake filling. Yum! They came out well, they tasted good; awesome wow factor! Yay!

Chasing up

…so last night my running friends and I hit the local Mexican spot. It felt so sneaky being out in a Monday night, the best part was that the restaurant was quiet! I love it when things are easy. 

The meal was good – I had a chorizo, prawn and black bean quesadilla, which was good! The spice was just right, not too hot, not bland. With a touch of extra gaucomole, yum! The frozen margaritas were also flipping delicious. I was a bit conservative and had a traditional one, but my friends got experimental – kiwi and cucumber (so good) ; mango and chili (interesting; almost savory!). 

The naughty feeling hasn’t left me; and now I feel like I did at varsity most Tuesday mornings – ready to go back to bed! I’m yawning my head off! 


…. wow! What a weekend we had! It was one of those rare weekends when the weather was perfect! Really, really perfect. Clear skies, no wind, warm; not hot. Just perfect. 

Thandi woke up really early on Saturday morning. I had 2 runs I could have potentially joined; so at 5:45, we decided to go for a walk on the beach – I threw my running shoes into the car with every intention of joining one of the runs. However, with the most perfect morning unfolding, having the nicest time strolling with my family, splashing through the shallows, I decided to make memories instead. 

That evening Charlie and I had the pleasure of attending our local Alliance Francais ‘s So Chef event – a French trained chef prepares a dinner – which was out of this world! Amazing! I would say the meal was as good as what I have eaten at the Test Kitchen, and that says a lot! So, if you ever get the chance to eat a meal prepared by Chef Wandile Mabaso, do! He is a local boy, trained in Miami, New York and Paris (under Alain Ducasse), who is now back bringing modern French cuisine to South Africa. 

Sunday dawned a repeat of the glorious Saturday weather wise. It is truly remarkable to have one day like that; but 2, consecutively; and one not a Monday! Wow! 

I had a great run with friends; and spent the day relaxing at home until a late afternoon snoek braai with friends and Pops. Divine! Thandi and I baked an impressive cake – lemon syrup soaked sponge with berry filling and cream cheese icing. Wow! Even I was impressed (must have been the inspiration from Chef Wandile) 

So, a good weekend; here’s to a great week! 

Settling back down

…time to get back into the rhythms and routines of everyday life. Although is an OBGYN’s life ever routine? This week I have had 2 early morning deliveries, one was while I was still sweaty and stinky after a run, today I at least managed to sprint through the shower before getting to the hospital to catch that one. Phew!

I am trying to get the running routine established again; my running confidence isn’t great, but I am plodding forward and starting to maybe feel a few positives. I have gone back to my weekly dancing class and had a good session with my personal trainer at the gym. I really need to just keep the stretching, core and proprioception work going now. I am realising that neglecting that side has done my running NO favours! Diet still needs to settle down – it seems my quest for the perfect tick toffee pudding in Scotland has left me with a well activated sweet tooth again; but I can feel already, my body is starting to want me to eat better, with the increase in the running.

Thandi has settled back down well at school. She has lost her first front tooth to much excitement. She is preparing for her dancing exams – ballet, tap and modern – poor kid! There is also a school concert coming up, so they are learning their songs for that. She is reading so well! On holiday we read Harry Potter aloud to her, but she read a Roald dahl on her own, and read The Wickedest witch herself. Amazing!

Charlie is settling back down to business; and is also starting to think about running – we have signed up to do the RB Africa Wild Coast Challenge together in February next year; and considering its 110km over 3 days, we need to get fit!

From next week I hope to get my blogging back to scheduled writings! Lots on the cards, lots to talk and think about. 2017 is almost done, let’s make the most of it!

The final installment

…so back to Edinburgh we went. I will just say at this point that navigating the city with a car is not easy! The roads are complicated narrow and not fun. Buses and trams are far more fun. Anyway…

Edinburgh Castle, walking the Royal Mile, finding Thandi’s kilt, walking up to Arthur’s seat, eating at the Scran and Scallie, seeing Charles’s old haunts when he left bed in Edinburgh all made for a great last few days. 

An amazing city that we really enjoyed. 

Then it was time to come home; and that is when our nightmares began… arrived in good time at the Edinburgh airport, did a last bit of shopping; flew Edinburgh to London; arrived, went through to the transfer desk to be referred to the BA desk to the news that our flight had been cancelled. A truck had driven into the cargo door in San Diego and the plane was damaged and could not fly. They stuck us into an average hotel near Heathrow, sans baggage to survive the night until our new flight in the morning… this meant that we missed our connecting flight home, it was going to be too late to fly, so we needed to find a hotel for the night before we could catch the red eye in the morning. And I had patients booked who needed to be rescheduled, we were now arriving home 18 hours later than anticipated. 

Argh! Talk about a kick in the pants at the last minute! Round it off by an eager Heathrow security man confiscating the honey I had bought in Edinburgh because the people there did not seal the purchase; and then our seats being jumbled up on the plane. I had a weep as we were preparing to board; I was DONE! 

Anyway, all was well, we made it home, I love my bed, I missed my Home. And now life is back to normal.