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After weekend

…comes the State Capture enquiry. Flip, am I the only one watching twitter, waiting for the news from our former prez’s testimony? For my international readers, our former Prez, one JG Zuma, he has been implicated in massive corruption deals over the last 10-15 years, from an arms deal, to allowing foreign (and malevolent) business men to make decisions to suit them, all for payments and kickbacks to himself and other officials. We, as a country, are trying to claw our way back from the lost years when he was in charge, that have all done so much damage to our economy, our self worth…

Anyway, enough of that.

The weekend was good! Dance rehearsals went well, I’m very proud of my 2 dancers. Charlie has a lovely role, and the children who watch the show are going to love him!

Running wise, I am still on track – we did the nite series on Friday night, which went well. I’ve realised one must have friends there to keep Thandi going; and then I got 2 other runs in. On Sunday I did my longest run since mid March! I am so chuffed! I also found there was another girl who was seriously struggling, who I helped through 3-4 tough kms, and that was good for me mentally, to be able to help someone along… So I am feeling positive and happier. My fitness is still building, and my strength os better, so progress!


…somehow this week has felt very long. It hasn’t been particularly busy, but I’ve had enough. (possibly time for a holiday, I suspect) but anyway, I am very bloody glad it is Friday!

The weekend plans involve some running and a lot of ballet rehearsals for Thandi and Charlie. Yes, you did read that correctly, Charlie is dancing in this year’s ballet. The ballet school is putting on The Tin Soldier; and Thandi is a harlequin doll and Charlie is the Jack in the Box. Such fun! The show runs at the end of August and I know it will be excellent! The costumes are astounding! This weekend the male lead is here from Cape Town, so there is a lot of rehearsing with him, next week we calm down a bit again. So I will be a ballet mom…

In other news Thandi played her first hockey matches yesterday – there was a little under 8 festival, so they played 3 games, won 1, lost 2. I realise I’m going to have to do a bit of practicing in the garden with her, teaching her some strategy. I realised as I marched up and down the sideline shouting (what I thought was ) encouragement to her that I really have turned into my mother. I remember her doing the same, and even the same moans – keep your stick on the ground, chase the ball, tackle, don’t just watch the game, play it! (I think I was a bit embarrassing, and I suspect T hopes I never get an afternoon off again to watch her play) But I did follow up with loads of positive talk about the things she did well, and how proud I was and how proud her Dawnie would have been. So, I am a hockey mom, officially.

In terms of running, my little streak is going well, and I will be tackling the nite series run tonight, and tomorrow, maybe the park run again, dance rehearsal dependent. Otherwise I may have to go a little earlier. But that’s ok too. As long as I keep ticking over…


…so we made a day of it, a trip to the National Arts Festivsl in Grahamstown. And it was pretty damn awesome.

So early Saturday morning we got up, got dressed in our running kit and headed north to Grahamstown. (We made it with plenty of time to spare before the parkrun and checked out the botanical gardens and got ready. It is a beautiful parkrun, one I would definitely recommend to anyone who happens past G’town, running through the botanical gardens which are huge, and giving beautiful views over the city. So worth it, although, rather chilly in winter! Anyway, the run warmed us up nicely, then it was off for a quick brekkie at the local wimpy, where we changed into our civvies for the day, after a quick wet wipe ‘wash’ in the bathrooms.

First up on our viewing was ‘Raiders’. This show has been running for over 30 years, every year is a little different, but it always involves a Raiders of the lost ark- like quest for a missing something in history. Its aimed at young and old alike, and it charmed us all. (I’d had an issue on the website, when booking, an accidentally double booked, but we took our neighbours with us – Neighbour dad was on call, so mom and the 2 daughters came along) Following that, we had a quick wonder around the village green and found a few nice goodies to buy.

Then it was off to our next show, ‘Death of a Donut’ – a slightly more adult show, where the host took the audience through a order mystery, using members of the audience as suspects, and the rest of us had to vote on our choice of whodunnit. That was super fun, but, as I said, more adult.(Charlie in a Yoda beanie, as one does at the fest!)

Stright from that show, we headed across town to our third and final viewing. This was an inspired choice for the kids. ‘The boy who cried ninja’. It is based on a children’s book, of the same name, written by friends of ours. (its a complicated relationship to describe, apologies J&P!) Well, it was a riot, the children loved it – lots of interaction with the audience, great use of set and props. The story is kinda a boy crying wolf, but in this case, he cries ninja, crocodile, astronaut, when things go wrong at home, and his parents don’t believe him, so in the end he just starts confessing to things he didn’t do, until he decides to host a party, invite all the naughty crocs, monkey’s, ninjas etc so that his parents can believe him! The children laughed until their sides hurt!

After another jaunt to the village green, a quite bite to eat, it was home time, and a collapse in bed. So many special new memories made!

The Chaos

…before you go on leave is astounding; and yes, that is why it gets a capital letter. I am almost through a jam-packed morning, and I actually have backache from all the scans I have done already! This afternoon things calm down, as I prepare for our departure to the Mother City tomorrow morning. I have packing to do, and then we are off!

I am going to line up on Saturday and I believe I can do this ultra marathon. My training has been solid, except for the last month subsequent to the marathon I ran; so I am hoping that everything I have done is going to carry me through. My injuries seem better, I am due for a last tweak with the chiropractor this afternoon, hopefully I will be pain free! I am quite excited to see the Cape again through my runner’s eyes. The 2 Oceans is a gorgeous marathon. Wish me luck!

I am really looking forward to seeing my family and friends again. It will be, albeit too short a time, a great chance to catch up, and hopefully make some plans for the coming year. I really want to try to incorporate some travel with friends this year. I am also looking forward to a bloggy meet up with RM and Deblet! Yay for internet buddies!

I wish you all a great weekend! I will share my experiences here, with you all! Oh, and Happy Easter!

Fun Times

…the weekend was quite a full one, well, except for yesterday, when I had a bout if gastro, but the less said about that the better.

Friday night saw friends of ours bring us supper – what a treat, to be able to kick back, make sure wine glasses were filled and eat a delicious curry prepared for us. I think this may become my go to gift for friends in the future. A treat of note. I was tired, so I was really appreciative of the spoil. Shortly after they left I had to shoot back to work to do a delivery. Yes, I wasn’t on call, but this patient was labouring before the end of the day, so I had to head back in and see her labor through… A sweet little girl was born around 10pm!

Saturday was one of those chokka block days – but it was all so good! It started with me doing my regular run, with Thandi on her bike with me – she is really starting to enjoy this cycling thing with me while I run, and I am loving it too. We didn’t this week, but we finish our run/ride, dabble our toes in the sea, and then get a cappuccino/milkshake at the local beach cafe. So nice to spend some good time with my girl. This week we didn’t stick around, because we were heading off to a friend’s farm – we arrived around 9, indulged in coffee and rusks, then headed out to the lands to feed their prize bulls, and admire them – they are really gorgeous, although grumpy, Brahmans. Thandi had so much fun with her buddies – after a cool down swim, it was off for a quick lunchtime picnic, before we headed back into town for Thandi to attend a birthday party. (I did say it was busy!) As that ended, the wether started to turn, and we headed home and all collapsed in a heap!  All our energy all used up! A great day

My trouble started here with a dodgy tummy – ugh, it did put paid to my planned long run on Sunday, and left me rather grumpy and miserable. By last night, my body was super sore, which made me think this was a little tummy virus. I’m feeling better this morning, long may it last!

The week ahead is also going to be busy – school starts again tomorrow, and I am now 3 short weeks away from 2 Oceans – eek! (I am seriously tempted to find someone to run the relay they’re launching this year with me, but as a friend mentioned, we’d kick ourselves for not trying anyway!)

Whiling away

…the weekend. I really embraced the chance to have some downtime this weekend. Despite it being school holidays and having been invite away this weekend, we ended up just having a very relaxed one.

Friday night was chilled and relaxed after a busy day. The 3 of us had a bite to eat at our favourite little Italian spot. Chilled, relaxed and played some word games with Thandi – we love those. Early to bed, because it was early to rise for my regular Saturday run. Yoh! I was sore, probably still recovering after the long run on Thursday (I forget I often have bad Tuesday runs after Sunday’s long runs) so I hobbled along very slowly, feeling my confidence sap away. Oh well, it is always beautiful to run along the coastline; and it was really special to have Thandi cycling along with me!

Saturday evening we had a lekka South African braai with a cousin of mine and his family. It was really lovely to catch up with them – it feels like we hadn’t seen them for an age. Their boys and T swam up a storm in the dark (isn’t there always something magical about swimming in the dark?) and we had a feast! It turned into rather a late night, so I collapsed in a heap and slept like the dead. When my alarm went off at 5 am and my descent of the stairs produced so much hip pain, I elected to retreat to the dark of my bedroom, and have an extra day of rest for my weary body. And it was thankful!

We had a very lazy day – after our regular breakfast, we visited a local market and then retreated from the heat – it was very very hot and humid, and lounged at home, reading, building lego, watching TV, snoozing… all good things. A day I relished being quiet.

Have awesome Mondays and great weeks all!

Weekend winding

…down. please, dear heavens let it wind down! Today started with a bang! After a lovely bookclub last night (more on that later), I had a slightly later night than I’d intended (I’d been upon most of Wednesday night with a delivery!) and when the alarm went off this morning, I was reluctant, but committed. So up I got, kit on, shoes laced and off I went. I ended up having a nice run, I must say, to my suprise. Then, as I got home, took a sip of my tea, my phone rang, a. patient had arrived and was ready to deliver, so off I went, sticky, sweaty, uncomfortable, did the delivery with an apology, and then I had to race home, now catching the school traffic, shower, get dressed, get to my bio for some strapping and then hit the rooms running. Phew, I hope it settles down!

Bookclub was last night at JB’s, it was a good evening out, I was just quite flat after my week and tired after my Wednesday night, but the food was really good(a gorgeous Thai green curry followed by brownies, with pistachio ice cream!), company lovely and the evening left me smiling. Yay!

This weekend is going to be good. I have 2 runs scheduled, the last stretch before the marathon. A friend of Thandi is staying with us while her parents are away, and I have entered all of us into the Ladies Night race in our town tomorrow evening – I know it will be 5km of sprint, walk, whinge, cry, moan, sit down and repeat… but they will love it! And afterwards we’ll take them out for a slap up supper! Fun and games!