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You know it’s been a good weekend when…

I ran away from my brain, looked for escape in a glass of wine, and regretted it in a funk of tiredness and myprodol. However, surprising moments rescued my broken heart. A dinner with friends, a day on the farm.

I know I’m a survivor, I know this will pass and somehow I will get through it. Doesn’t mean I want to though.


…while my weekend was really busy, I have been blessed with some really positive events that helped refuel my tank. There was some running, there was some winning, there was some real joy!

On Friday night we celebrated my father’s birthday – a few of his friends were able to join us and I think that Pops has a good night. He’s 80 on Wednesday, quite an achievement! Unfortunately, my brother was due to be there too, but someone left booking his flight too late, so he couldn’t get down in time for Friday, but arrived on Saturday, which was great. My dad, despite knowing that he was coming down, had forgotten (really!) and was super surprised and, I think, really loved seeing him.

Saturday I had to drive down to the neighboring city – there was an obgyn meeting, and I was presenting a topic, which I did actually enjoy. I love doing a literature review, putting a presentation together and learning!

While I was in the other city, Thandi attended her ballet prize giving ceremony – to her (and my) delight; she passed her ballet exam with distinction and thus was awarded a ballet badge to wear on her uniform next year; and then won the picture prize for musicality! Her little friend pointed out to me repeatedly that it was ‘the biggest picture of them all!’ She was beaming. Roll around Sunday and the tap and modern prize giving where she won a trophy, for the most promising pre-grade dancer! so chuffed with herself! I know all parents do think their kids are special and the best, but it was nice to see that someone else validated my opinion! 😉

On Sunday we also had the huge pleasure of participating in a very special fun run – our local newspaper hosted their annual fun run, and an initiative was launched by the disability organizations, that #wecanrun, and we were involved in pushing wheelchairs, guiding the disabled, piggybacking, and allowing to participate. It was so humbling and inspiring. I think it felt better than finishing 2 Oceans this year, helping the team finish and seeing the joy and pleasure on everyone’s faces. Loved it!

Computer woes

…ARGH!!! I cannot express the level of frustration I have when technology fails me; and because my experience and understanding in matters mac or pc are poor I cannot fix it! Last night saw me ready to almost throw my computer at the wall. Thankfully I didn’t, because today a very nice man fixed it up and cleared up the issues I was having. Allelujah!

The day is now late, and I will have to post about my weekend later, a few snippets – it was good fun, with lots of laughter. My kid is a trooper, but I am not looking forward to teenage years. There are 3 more sleeps to this damn cast coming off. Her school concert starts this evening!

And this is only Monday, folks!

Building up

… the busy.

Crickey, this time of the year is certainly starting to see a ramp up in action! School concerts, weekends away, end of year functions, chaos!

Oh well, before I know it, it’ll be January and the drama of the silly season will be over And term 1 of Grade 1 will be commencing.

Last night was the BWA’s end of year function. A Caribbean Beach Party theme on a cold and rainy night in November was a bit of a mismatch, but there you gave it! That’s me in the middle – some silliness! I wasn’t feeling the funniest, but put on a brave face and had some fun anyway!

Today we are off on our annual book club/wine club/stokvel weekend away. Should be fun! An hour from town, in another world!

Next week is Thandi’s biannual school concert. Her class are the fish – they sing of Cyril the Squid, Willy the Whale and Someone the Octopus. We haven’t seen their costumes – I’m sure they are super cute!


…. wow! What a weekend we had! It was one of those rare weekends when the weather was perfect! Really, really perfect. Clear skies, no wind, warm; not hot. Just perfect. 

Thandi woke up really early on Saturday morning. I had 2 runs I could have potentially joined; so at 5:45, we decided to go for a walk on the beach – I threw my running shoes into the car with every intention of joining one of the runs. However, with the most perfect morning unfolding, having the nicest time strolling with my family, splashing through the shallows, I decided to make memories instead. 

That evening Charlie and I had the pleasure of attending our local Alliance Francais ‘s So Chef event – a French trained chef prepares a dinner – which was out of this world! Amazing! I would say the meal was as good as what I have eaten at the Test Kitchen, and that says a lot! So, if you ever get the chance to eat a meal prepared by Chef Wandile Mabaso, do! He is a local boy, trained in Miami, New York and Paris (under Alain Ducasse), who is now back bringing modern French cuisine to South Africa. 

Sunday dawned a repeat of the glorious Saturday weather wise. It is truly remarkable to have one day like that; but 2, consecutively; and one not a Monday! Wow! 

I had a great run with friends; and spent the day relaxing at home until a late afternoon snoek braai with friends and Pops. Divine! Thandi and I baked an impressive cake – lemon syrup soaked sponge with berry filling and cream cheese icing. Wow! Even I was impressed (must have been the inspiration from Chef Wandile) 

So, a good weekend; here’s to a great week! 


more sleep! Whoop! Whoop!

But first to get through today, which I suspect is going to be brutal. I have already done a caesar for twins and have an induction on the go for a patient with hypertension, so lots of babies today!

We were so blessed this weekend. It rained and poured and rained and poured some more, and then it rained a little more. It was so good. Especially since Charlie had top dressed the lawn and beds last week, so the garden lapped it all up. I was on call, it was reasonable; just a few frustrating calls, but I got through that. Whenever it rains, I feel a baking day come on – Thandi and I made Strawberry Milkshake cupcakes.


It was my first attempt at a recipe from one of the The Hummingbird Bakery books – It was a nice easy recipe, the cupcake had a good crumb, and the flavour was entirely reminiscent of childhood. You use strawberry nesquick to get the flavour – the cake is subtle, the icing less so, but as I said, a childhood flavour that warmed my heart on a cold and rainy day!

Last night I also tried another first – a chicken and prawn curry from Peter Goffe-Woods’ book A Life Digested. It was subtly flavoured, so mild enough for Thandi to eat and enjoy, but flavoursome enough that we enjoyed it. I made 3 errors though – I bought par cooked (1) prawns with their shells on (2). The first bag I threw in as they were, with the water that accumulated as they defrosted (3), so I think I did dilute my sauce a little. I then shelled the second bag, and froze my fingers because they were still cold; I then decided I had to shell the ones I’d already thrown into the pot, which were hotter than if Satan had prepped them in hell; so then I burnt those finger tips. Flip! So I will definitely make it again, reduce my sauce a bit more before adding the protein; and get raw, shelled prawns next time, which I’ll drain before I throw them in!

Packing is coming along – Thandi is virtually done – I have even packed her activities backpack, but that is a surprise for her to enjoy on the plane. I might give her the camera tonight, just so I can see how excited she is about it – I can already hear it, “Oh my Gosh! That is so cool!” Tonight I sort out the last few things for me, and I am rocking and rolling!


…something I struggle with. I really wish I could emulate those people that get things done weeks in advance; minimise their stress. But right now I am struggling. Things seem to creep up on me and I am left stressed and floundering. Flip! The next 3 weeks before we depart for Scotland are going to be hectic! I still need to secure my Spanish Visa, but fortunately I am not too stressed about that. Our UK one arrived on Friday. Phew!

Thandi’s ballet show is this week, my princess is the cutest bunny ever! I am so impressed with her! She has coped well with her practices, and has even done a few practices at home. They are seriously cute! Their make up is being done by a face painter, and it is so super effective! As soon as I get the go ahead I will post a picture here.

My training is also ramping up in this month before the marathon. My running stats are not looking great, and I know I need a bit more time on my legs, so I am prioritising the running for now. I am tired though, so I can see a lot of caffeine in my future. I managed a 2 part  Kriel run yesterday (named for a friend who has this ability to get home, and then decide to head out again- crazy stuff!); so I ran 10 with a friend, then after breakfast, took Charlie and Thandi (on their bikes) and the dogs (on leashes with me) for a run down to the park – some play time, some fun, then it was the trek home. The Squiff dog was exhausted and almost had to be dragged. But on the whole a good experience for everyone! I was impressed with my endurance! Although this morning the legs were a bit tired and protested on the hills.