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more sleep! Whoop! Whoop!

But first to get through today, which I suspect is going to be brutal. I have already done a caesar for twins and have an induction on the go for a patient with hypertension, so lots of babies today!

We were so blessed this weekend. It rained and poured and rained and poured some more, and then it rained a little more. It was so good. Especially since Charlie had top dressed the lawn and beds last week, so the garden lapped it all up. I was on call, it was reasonable; just a few frustrating calls, but I got through that. Whenever it rains, I feel a baking day come on – Thandi and I made Strawberry Milkshake cupcakes.


It was my first attempt at a recipe from one of the The Hummingbird Bakery books – It was a nice easy recipe, the cupcake had a good crumb, and the flavour was entirely reminiscent of childhood. You use strawberry nesquick to get the flavour – the cake is subtle, the icing less so, but as I said, a childhood flavour that warmed my heart on a cold and rainy day!

Last night I also tried another first – a chicken and prawn curry from Peter Goffe-Woods’ book A Life Digested. It was subtly flavoured, so mild enough for Thandi to eat and enjoy, but flavoursome enough that we enjoyed it. I made 3 errors though – I bought par cooked (1) prawns with their shells on (2). The first bag I threw in as they were, with the water that accumulated as they defrosted (3), so I think I did dilute my sauce a little. I then shelled the second bag, and froze my fingers because they were still cold; I then decided I had to shell the ones I’d already thrown into the pot, which were hotter than if Satan had prepped them in hell; so then I burnt those finger tips. Flip! So I will definitely make it again, reduce my sauce a bit more before adding the protein; and get raw, shelled prawns next time, which I’ll drain before I throw them in!

Packing is coming along – Thandi is virtually done – I have even packed her activities backpack, but that is a surprise for her to enjoy on the plane. I might give her the camera tonight, just so I can see how excited she is about it – I can already hear it, “Oh my Gosh! That is so cool!” Tonight I sort out the last few things for me, and I am rocking and rolling!


…something I struggle with. I really wish I could emulate those people that get things done weeks in advance; minimise their stress. But right now I am struggling. Things seem to creep up on me and I am left stressed and floundering. Flip! The next 3 weeks before we depart for Scotland are going to be hectic! I still need to secure my Spanish Visa, but fortunately I am not too stressed about that. Our UK one arrived on Friday. Phew!

Thandi’s ballet show is this week, my princess is the cutest bunny ever! I am so impressed with her! She has coped well with her practices, and has even done a few practices at home. They are seriously cute! Their make up is being done by a face painter, and it is so super effective! As soon as I get the go ahead I will post a picture here.

My training is also ramping up in this month before the marathon. My running stats are not looking great, and I know I need a bit more time on my legs, so I am prioritising the running for now. I am tired though, so I can see a lot of caffeine in my future. I managed a 2 part  Kriel run yesterday (named for a friend who has this ability to get home, and then decide to head out again- crazy stuff!); so I ran 10 with a friend, then after breakfast, took Charlie and Thandi (on their bikes) and the dogs (on leashes with me) for a run down to the park – some play time, some fun, then it was the trek home. The Squiff dog was exhausted and almost had to be dragged. But on the whole a good experience for everyone! I was impressed with my endurance! Although this morning the legs were a bit tired and protested on the hills.

HBD Charlie!

…so this weekend we celebrated Charlie’s 45th birthday; or as I liked to tease him; half way to 90! And when you put it that way, its a bit scary. Chances are good we have already lived half our lives! Really? Really? I know the whole Business Women’s Association awards thing kinda made me reassess things, but once again I am reminded that it really does go by in a flash; and I think we must always be clear on where we are going in life, be clear about our goals, because before you’ve realised it, it’s too late! Thanks for that reality check, my love!

The weekend felt jam packed! On Friday night Charlie, Thandi and I had a quiet dinner out to celebrate the birthday boy. That was nice and it was good to relax with a glass of wine after a really busy week. Saturday started with a fabulous run – pain free, I felt like I could run forever! Then it was onto the first birthday of a friend’s little girl, for whom I made that cake – so much fun to see such cute little people playing and having fun! Saturday afternoon I pottered in the kitchen – baking a cake for Charlie’s birthday celebration and prepped some gourmet boerie rolls for supper while watching the Springbok game.

Sunday started with another run. The polar opposite to Saturday’s run – the pace was fast, probably a little too fast for me, my legs were tired and after about 5 km the calves started to cramp up again – I struggled through 15km, but had tears along the way. I was soooo frustrated! I guess I will have to get some more dry needling done again! Aitog! Anyway, I dusted myself off and then prepared for Charlie’s lunch – a roast leg of lamb and all the trimmings – totally divine and indulgent! Followed by a cheese board and then a scrumptious apple and pear cake with a salted caramel drizzle. Yumyumyum!

And now it’s monday, and the diet must start again – just once I have had this slice of cake with my tea…

Monday Morning

….HYPERTENSION! Flip! I really hope karma is a nasty traffic officer! I am so tired of people feeling entitled to break the law, turn left from a right turning lane! There is this one intersection on my way to work; and drivers really behave like complete and utter douches there. Turning from the wrong lane, they clog up the traffic even more; and then give me strange looks when I try to stick to the law and drive as the traffic laws dictate. As though their time is so much more important than mine and the 3 seconds they may save by performing an illegal turn are crucial to their day. Oy! A rather annoying start to my Monday!

In saying that – the weekend was insane. I was super super busy on Friday night and Saturday (work wise) and then, poor Thandipants started throwing up on Saturday night; so all in all – just revolting! She was ok the rest of yesterday, but threw up again at 4:30 this morning – poor chicken, and all she wanted to do was not vomit so she could go to school. I’ve let her go in, but she was looking a bit pale and washed out. Let’s hope she’s over the worst of it!

Ok, time to get this week going!

Weekend spin!

…showee! It was hectic!

My weekend started early on Friday morning, when we hit the road to our neighbouring city to sort out our visas for our Scotland trip. It’s quite a palava (no, autocorrect, not a pavlova)- I had a huge file of documents that had to be submitted. The system wasn’t too awful; but there was a bit of a delay that almost drove me crazy – when you are the only people in the facilitation centre and they make you wait and wait and wait for 40 minutes to take your photo and take your fingerprints! (This after they made me remove all the staples from my paperwork – about 37000 of them – ok, so that’s an exaggeration but it was a lot, because there was a lot of evidence they wanted!) Anyway, once that was done we had a yummy lunch with a friend of mine and then it was back home.

Home to the launch of our Wild Women calendar! We had a fun evening, and the calendar is totally awesome! Very tastefully done, very discrete, and some gorgeous photos. I forgot to bring the disc with me to work, so I’ll post a few pictures, and if anyone wants a calendar – let me know – and I’ll see if I can get it posted to you! They’re R150 each and ALL of that goes to our charities, because everyone donated their time and resources.

I managed to get 2 runs in this weekend. Neither of them were pretty – I am struggling at the moment – my calves feel super tight and my hip flexor on the left is niggling. I think an appointment with my chiro and some dry needling are in order. But glad with my mileage – 11km on Saturday and 24 yesterday. Although yesterday was interspersed with tears and lots of stretching. Character building I tell you. Character building.

In other TAFKAD is in town – yay! She’s here for a family wedding and our school reunion – 25 years <insert appropriately horrified emoji her> so nice to see her and catch up!



…on a Sunday… so in the aftermath of my win and a late night, we headed off to a day of wine bottling! 

Patients who have become friends were preparing to bottle their latest vintage; every year they get grapes brought down to our neck of the woods, do the whole destemming, pressing and fermentation. Just enough for 1 barrel. And then it was time to bottle it. 

So there we were – bottle washing, filling bottles, corking, sealing, labeling. And a huge Greek souvla slap up lunch to follow. It was really fun – they roped in all their buddies, had a jumping castle for the kids, do a whale of a time was had by all! And the wine was flipping delicious! 

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but doing the sums, figuring out the costs, it’s an expensive hobby being a garagiste, so something that is off of our current agenda. 

Me with the little lady for whom the wine is named.

I’m a 

…winner! Whoop! Whoop! I won the Regional Business Women’s achiever award in the professional category! What a night!

Saturday was amazing! It started early, the evening. Hair at 12; make up at 3; dressed;  fetch a co-finalist; dropped off at local car dealership; photos, champagne, snacks; chauffeured into the Hotel; VIP room for mingling with the schlebs; grand entrance! Phew! The actual function was amazing! I felt like a princess all night – seeing myself on the big screen, hearing my name was just the cherry on top of an incredible evening.

I am so relieved (for want of a better description) that my work has been validated. I’ve been noticed, I do some good things and other people agree! Wow! It’s so nice given how challenging and tough this year has been.

Here’s my acceptance speech

“Wow! Thank you!

Thanks to the BWA for this incredible award, I am honored to have been recognized for all I have achieved. Thank you for the opportunity to assess my achievements, review my goals, and I can now honestly say – watch this space, there is more to come.

I cannot accept this award without acknowledging the team I work with that makes what I do happen. To the hospital staff, from the clerk to the cleaner, management to midwives, nursing sisters to colleagues, I cannot thank these unsung heros enough. Without you guys I cannot serve this community and my beautiful patients. Together we make the difference.

To every patient that has walked through my door – thank you for your confidence in me and for allowing me the privilege of taking care of you.

To my fellow finalists in this category – thanks for being such great contenders – Jaclyn, Annelize – I can see some collaboration coming our way.

My friends all over there at table 10, you guys are the best cheerleaders ever; a few of you couldn’t be there – missing you Tanja and Donne. Bonnie – I call her my chief whip for many reasons – thanks for your belief in me!

My family – Charles, my love, I couldn’t do it half as well without you , Errol my Dad – it’s all coming together now, finally you children are getting things right!

There are 2 special ladies I have to mention tonight – neither could be here – 1 is 6 years old and this is way past her bedtime; Thandi – my motivation and inspiration – may you know that there are no limits. The other would have been 80, but is hopefully getting this on the interstellar web – mom, love you, miss you and thank you!”

With some fellow Wild Women, both involved in the evening, as BWA executive members. The other finalists in my category (I think we were the prettiest!) my beautiful family (T and Charlie came along for a quick photo at the car dealership) making my acceptance speech

What a night! What a moment! My feet are still aching from my killer heels, but my heart is happy!