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Another Monday

…wish it were Sunday, that’s my funday, just another manic Monday… Although I suspect my Tuesday may be even more manic… Oh well.

The weekend was good. Quiet, restful, restorative. Just what I needed. I sewed – scrubs for my partners and I, I need to finish up those asap, but have run out of steam today. I baked bread – 6 loaves of sourdough, which we gifted to friends on Saturday afternoon, and I ran. On Saturday night Charlie and I caught a Nik Rabinowitz show. I’m loving what the local comedians are doing to keep their careers ticking over, webinars at a nominal cost. He is very funny, and with a glass of wine, we had a fun evening! Mothers Day was a quiet celebration, it’s always a little bitter sweet now, because it makes me think of Dawny, and then I miss her all over again. But Thandi was sweet and I got spoiled with the gift of time to do what I wanted to do. Which meant I got in a nice 10km run (was good to find friends along the way, and run with them, catching up), a delicious breakfast, some sewing, a spoil of Hainanese Chicken for lunch, and an afternoon nap… Thandi even said she had a great chilled day – she hadn’t remembered a day like that since a post Nippers afternoon, so, success all round.

And today was just a very Mondayish Monday. Lets see what tomorrow brings, with 2 zoom meetings, a sick patient in hospital and an induction… ah well, life is sweet!



…that was a good weekend! Thandi and I had lots on, and we kept ourselves busy, which always makes things easier.

Friday saw us have some slightly miserable weather, well, that meant that child con carne was on the menu – yum! With some guacamole and nachos, we had a feast. This is one dish I let Thandi help me with, and she loves it! I’m guaranteed that she’ll eat it to then. I really am struggling to get her to eat properly at the moment, with Charlie away, she seems to be on a sweets only diet! Flip!

Saturday dawned a beautiful day, and we headed off to the parkrun. After the drama of the last few runs we have done together (tears from her, and moans of not being able to breathe etc..), I put absolutely no pressure on her and just sucked up a walk… Frustrating for me, but she ended the day smiling and saying she was super keen to go back and do it again next week – mission accomplished! After a quick clean up, we had a coffee date with a friend and then T and I went off to spend some of her pocket money – 2 books later and someone was smiling! I have also realised that London is probably going to be colder than I expected, so I need to review our wardrobes – especially madam’s since she is growing like a weed! So new boots and undies were bought for her too, but not with her pocket money, rather moms… The evening saw us hit a local chain for a burger with friends – a noisy, messy evening, but I was ever so grateful for adult company!

Sunday was, as usual a Nippers training day, and Thandi had a great session., While she was training I went off for a run, with the aim of watching some of my friends doing the Buffs marathon. I found a friend who I have spent many hours training alongside, and she was aiming for a PB on the day – I ended up running 4km with her, I never intended to get to the end with her, but it was too exciting to not get through to the finish line with her, as she made her goal! I was so pleased for her. Us back of the pack runners have to stick together! The rest of the day was a super lazy one, as we caught up on Masterchef and just chilled!

And now Monday is almost done, and we are 16 sleeps away from leaving on our first trip to Charlie!!!! More on that in the week!


My amazing girl

… 2 silvers and a bronze at the Eastern Cape Nippers Champs. Flip, she is just a little champion! I am a super proud mom!

in the other events where she didn’t podium, she tried her best and I was proud of her sportsmanship and efforts Nippers is a great sport, what makes it super tough is the conditions are constantly changing. From sunshine to howling wind and stinging sand to freezing rain – all in a day! But we love Nippers and are so proud of our girl!

Heads up!

…the weekend awaits, and I’m busy shaking my head, wondering what I have let myself in for? Tonight we have a Wild Women fundraiser dinner – at least this one I am not going to be whipping up a gourmet meal, and the local Round Table are hosting a steak evening on our behalf, so I will be flitting around, smiling and mingling, making sure everyone is happy. Although that in itself isn’t the easiest when one does not feel that sociable. Oh well. It’s all for a good cause, so I’ll slap on some lipstick and a smile and I’ll fake it until I make it!

Then the rest of the weekend will involve the Nippers Eastern Cape champs. Phew! It’s going to be full on! Being the host club, all the parents are expected to be involved. So, early start on Saturday and Sunday; and busy busy on the beach all day! Note to self – don’t forget the sunscreen!


This kid

…man, she fills my heart with so much joy. It’s been a big week for her. First up were the swimming trails. So they are usually held over 2 days, a Tuesday and a Thursday, but because she was going to compete in the spelling bee on Thursday, she could not swim those trials. Now the problem was that this was the trial for her best stroke – butterfly – and she HAD to swim that, so we made arrangements that she swam the 2 other strokes on Tuesday as well, after the whole thing was done. And, she swam beautifully. A first in her freestyle heat, a second in her backstroke heat; obviously her other 2 were not in heats, but she swam very well, and whipped the u/9 boy who was also catching up his strokes.

Then, yesterday she was part of the school team for said spelling bee. Aside from getting the spelling of affectionate wrong, they did so well! (The teacher marking them also did not know that ‘tine’ is a word, or that jewellery/jewelry/jewellry has many ways to be spelt.) They came third overall, I was super proud of our beautiful girls! (even though T was a bit disappointed.)

(I had a really unpleasant experience though, and a mom from a different school who was sitting next to me, started accusing our team of cheating, and saying that the moderator who watches them was helping them. She was planning to lay a complaint, and even started taking photos of the team with the moderator. I was flabbergasted, and didn’t really know what to do, I just tried to point out that guidance and cheating are 2 different things. I did not want to make a scene either, because our team was sitting right in front of the parent spectators, and I didn’t want the kids to know what was going on. In the end her kids team came second, so I think she moved on, but as a parent watching this, I really was distressed by this mom’s behaviour. It has really left a sour taste in my mouth.)

And today is Valentine’s Day – after a quick trip to the dentist, Thandi’s school is off to visit their brother school! Some fun and games! Charlie and I conspired to get her a Valentine’s Day gift from him to her, which she found this morning… so sweet.

Monday Morning Blues

…starting Monday with a headache is never a great start to the week. I think the stress of the last few weeks is catching up and I have had a niggling headache for a few days now… Oh well. lots of water today and hopefully it settles down.

The weekend was busy. I was on call, but fortunately it was the social side and not the work side of things that kept me busy. We started with a 50th birthday party on Friday night, a night that I fell expected to be an early one, which turned into a not so early one, and then on Saturday night, a 5pm braai ended at 11pm! But they were fun events anyway! Social events are tough, when everyone has a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on, I can’t help have a little sadness in my heart. I am blessed, knowing he is coming home eventually.

Thandi has a busy week ahead of her – Top 8 swimming trials – this is to determine the top 8 swimmers of our region – on Tuesday afternoon – trials this week, finals in 2 weeks time; the SACEE (South African council for English education) ┬áSpelling Bee on Thursday and a dentist appointment early on Friday morning. Along with all her other usual activities. And all her mother’s activities too…

So, wish me luck for this busy week that I need to oversee!

Not a minute to waste

…with my new and improved life schedule being a working single mom, I am down to minute by minute planning. And at the end of every day I find that I do not have a minute to spare. And that has been bothering me, a lot. I realise now how being part of the Charlie and Birdie team was actually quite indulgent. I could run almost whenever I wanted to; could work and not worry how long I was stuck at the office; could pop into the shops for a 45 minute wander and grocery grab after work without much worry. Now I can’t do this things, I am wearing multiple hats and I don’t have a back up, so it’s all on me. (yes, I know I have lots of friends who can and will help at the drop of a hat, but I don’t like to be a pest) ((oh god, reading that sentence again makes me remember and acknowledge I am indeed my parents’ child))Anyway, that is not the point of this tale.

In an effort to be positive and look on the bright side of life, (do doo, do do do do dooooo)I am going to focus not on the fact that I don’t have enough time, but rather on the fact that I have minutes that I cannot waste! They must all count. And if I focus on that instead of not having enough minutes, I think I’ll do better mentally.