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Busy weekend

…yoh, 3 babies, and 2 of those born in the early hours of the morning – 1 01h30 on Saturday, the other 03h00 on Sunday. Fortunately Sunday day was pretty chilled – a few hiccups along the way with phone calls, but not too much in the way of drama. I got to rest, work on my puzzle – a very cool highland cow – celebrated fathers day with my dad and Charlie and had a nice dinner out in the evening.

With such a hectic schedule – running went out the window, so I am very pleased I got my long run in during the week. In effect I missed one run this last week, so hopefully that does not derail my training. I got an email from the Rhodes crew this morning, reading the final instructions to the runners has made me seriously nervous. I was all excited about it initially, then I got nervous when I realised how much I would have to catch up training wise, then I felt ok again, once I realised that things were under control; now I am just scared – those photos of runners in the snow, the watering point tables blanketed in snow, the route profile, cut offs, compulsory equipment – what have I let myself in for? Eeek!

ANyway, Monday is looming on a very busy week! Let me work!

Weekend watching

…so as predicted the weekend was a lovely mass of unplanned events, except for my date with the couch on Sunday.

Friday night we had a heap of fun at the local Rotary chapter’s wine auction – Charlie has recently been inducted as a member – I like the idea of service organisation doing good stuff around our community.  (he does lower the average age by about 20 years!) The night was good fun, with one the members being the dry-joke-telling-MC, one of the Annes being the energetic auctioneer, and our table getting rather hysterical!

Saturday started with a stunning run through the burbs and across the beach – loved that too. A quick coffee, some shopping while Thandi was at a party and supper with friends rounded out the day.

Sunday was all about that little run in KZN. I don’t think I have ever spent the entire day in front of the TV quite like that. I didn’t sleep well, so kept waking up, at 5h15, I decided I may as well get up and watch the start, which I did, then I earnestly dot watched and shouted at the TV. My golden friend collapsed and landed up in hospital, so no glory for her this year – we (all her friends) are all so worried about her and trust she is going to recover well and come back stronger. A friend reminded us all that last year Ann Ashworth dropped out after 1km and came back to win the women’s run; so we will watch  and wait and see what SS does. Some friends achieved great glory with PB’s, others were cut off, others bailed – I think you are all amazing for having the courage to tackle the preparation and training for this kind of an event.

My training is ticking along – do we ever do enough? probably not. Let’s see what this week holds.

Another year

…another party! And it looks like it was a success! I hope I am making awesome memories for my daughter; I am certainly having fun, completely exhausting myself all the way to martyrdom!

 The children arrived

 We played some games!

 We went on an adventure walk and a scavenger hunt.

 We won some prizes.

 We partied with friends, family and cake!

 And went home with dirty feet and sweetie jars!

Party prep

…ok, so I am exhausted, but we are nearly there – party prep is in full swing, 2:30 tomorrow and it will all be on the way, and by 4:30 done!

  • Cake – is made and dirty iced. The fondant and figures will be added today.
  • Sugar crystals – all grown and must just be dried tonight.
  • Macarons – yes, I have that child who asks for macarons for her party, seriously! Made and must just be sandwiched together tonight (I use nutella for these ones, so super easy)
  • Biscuits – made and iced and good to go.
  • Fudge and Smudge – done
  • Chicken and Ham rolls – to be done in the morning tomorrow.
  • Pin the tail on the fox – done
  • Hedgehog ring toss – done, including the rings
  • Scavenger hunt bags – to be printed
  • Necklaces – to be used as prizes for the scavenger hunt – done.
  • Sweetie jars – to take home, done
  • Decor – done – except for the moss and some pine cones.
  • Thandi’s dress – done.

I can’t wait to share the photos with you guys!

Sunday’s mothering

…so, I guess I should share some of my thoughts and experiences around that day of mothers. Hmmm…

God, I miss her so much. A physical ache in my heart. I still had so much to learn from her; and prepping for Thandi’s party, I have a small weep every night, because I know how much she would have loved to be involved, how she would have helped me, how much her granddaughter would have loved the interaction. I’ll always remember the first fondant icing cake I made myself, my Dawny day at my kitchen counter helping me every step of the way, rubbing that cake until it was smooth and gleaming. Oh Mommy, I wish this was different.

My day was lovely. Thandi has made me a beautiful tea tray towel, Charlie got me all misty eyed with a sentimental card; and then laughing hysterically with a crazy gift… I present to you…

A can of doom! You see, the long running joke is that Charlie, and now Thandi are trying to drive me mad, using flies, which only I can hear, notice and see; so they’re allowing me to fight back against the craziness! Champs!

I love my precious family, and miss my Dawny always.

In the quiet

…after an event like WWOTR, I find the world seems fairly quiet; as though everybody gave a sigh and no one has struck up the conversation again yet. And while my heart is full and happy, it’s aching, because reality bites. Very soon I will forget quite how it sang – my heart that is. How do I bottle this feeling, so I can keep it close by?

The weekend was fair to mild – I was on call, there was a children’s party -we are getting to the drop off and go phase (3 cheers for that!), an adults only party and a family braai. I had a run – my body complained, but my heart felt good. I am full steam into planning Thandi’s birthday party, so there are lots of lists, lots of instructions, all good!

WWOTR 2018

…has come, changed lives and gone. I’m always astounded at how those 3-4 days are indeed life changing. I’m so glad I had the chance to run again, so pleased with my performance. My body came alive again!

Day 1 saw us running from Kob Inn to The Haven. 38 or 39 or 40 or 50km depending on who you spoke to of beautiful beaches, firm sands, refreshing rivers – magic!

Day 2 saw us leave The Haven (which if you can stomach the atrocious roads is an amazing community owned resort, we love it!) for Bull’s Inn at Mpame. Some climbing began. The beaches were good. The swimming amazing!

Day 3 and we departed Bull’s Inn (if you ever get there, make sure you request the mussel soup!) and headed to our final destination – Anchorage at Mthatha River mouth. A lot more climbing, a spectacular swim at hole in the wall, some incredible views!

All in all another priceless and awesome experience. I found my mojo somewhere on that Wild Coast, and have rediscovered my love for running. I am so blessed to have a body that works, eyes to see, and a brain to store some great memories in the bank. It is sweet!

(Charlie was once again the chief bag and bolly boy; and this year Thandi came along as our mascot, so awesome to share this with them! Thank you my little family! I love you!)