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A night at the Oscars…

Dinner was fabulous! I loved it! The food, even if I say so myself was delicious, the company was great and the wine brilliant.

Black tie crackers (smoked cheese on a charcoal cracker with an olive bow tie and balsamic button)

Starter – rice paper rolls filled with creamy feta, avo, cucumber, beetroot and carrot, served with balsamic glaze, black sesame seeds and micro rocket.

Main – zebra pasta with a creamy asparagus, artichoke and lemon sauce, served with Parmesan.

Dessert – caramelized white chocolate ice cream in a chocolate biscuit film reel, white chocolate and lemon popcorn and free zen grapes. (Who knew those grapes are that nice?)

And the Oscar goes to…

Weekend round up

…so what did I do this weekend that fulfilled those goals I typed out last week ?

  • did a 15km run with Charlie on Saturday. It was a slow run, I coughed quite a bit, but managed to finish. I am really hoping that slow steady progress will win my race.
  • I was on call, and did some work (welcome Baby Jody and Baby Austin), so I worked on the bank balance.
  • I did some sewing – I managed to make myself a very simple shirt, and I cut out some cute masks for Thandi’s birthday party (yes, I know, I am 4 months early, but I’m being prepared!) which I will glue together tonight.

I am ok after the weekend, wish there was more time every day, but 24 hours is all we get. I did intend to get another run in, but I was foiled by the work on Sunday, and it got seriously hot yesterday, there was no way I could have run on the afternoon without melting into a messy puddle on the pavement. So there we go. Project Save this Birdie is underway.

What will Johnny do next?

…a belated anniversary celebration saw Charlie and I travel to the neighboring city to see Johnny Clegg in his ABF public show in South Africa. And, guys, it was amazing. I cheered, I laughed, I cried. He really is a national treasure.

For those of you who have missed it, it was a moving journey through his life, starting with his rebellious start at 14/15 years of age, through the Jaluka/Sevuka years to where he is now, a 64 year old man who is recovering from a malignant diagnosis. He brought out his son, Jesse; his musical partner from the Jaluka days, Sipho and in his encore played Asimbonanga with the video rolling in the background of when Mandela surprised him on stage in France. Inspiring and indulgently nostalgic…

I spent much of the second half of the show mentally composing a letter to him, thanking him for giving me an incredible soundtrack to my life thus far. I may still write it, watch this space.

Charlie, my love, 9 years strong. Let us celebrate whenever we get the chance, and dance like teenagers in the corner of a room somewhere!

the family that plays together

…gets hot and sweaty together!

Yay for us, this weekend I coaxed my little family out the front door. Charlie and I ran 10km on Saturday (his furtherest voluntary run ever) and 8,5km on Sunday. Thandi accompanied us on her bike, and I was super impressed that she managed to keep up. We managed to teach her quite a lot about gearing up and down, so hoping she starts to get that spontaneously now. She was a little legend; and Charlie was a big legend. Battling cramps calves on Sunday, he pushed through, despite me keeping routes and distances a secret from him. And didn’t moan excessively last night; although did wince every time he had to stand and walk anywhere.

(and therein the joy of becoming by married to a doctor, anti inflammatories and some arnica will sort him out easy easy!)

Made it

… through the first week of the year. It’s been busy work wise, I’ve done a few deliveries, been challenged with a few interesting procedures and felt quite good about it.

Throw in a mom and daughter date (to watch Ferdinand – super sweet) and 2 big family dinners, one of which Charlie and I hosted, and it’s no wonder that tonight has been a quiet night at home. I whipped up a quick chilli con carne, with some nachos on the side – delicious, and accompanied by a fine red, yum!

It may be 7pm now, but I suspect Charlie and I are both going to crash early tonight. I’m exhausted! Have fabulous weekends!


… to get that Christmas spirit going here, guys! Thandi and I had fun this weekend. We baked up a storm – biscuits, fudge, coconut ice, a gingerbread house. (I really appreciate how you can see the difference in her arms here – a permanent reminder of what she has endured this holiday in her splint – that left arm is pale, (look at her hands esp) and skinnier than the other)

We decorated our tree, we embellished the house, it’s been good to sort out, throw out where necessary and clean up. Getting things in order pleases me. The fact that there is a lot of mess first distresses me, but thereafter I am destressed.

(In my decluttering, tonight I tackle the spare room!)


You know it’s been a good weekend when…

I ran away from my brain, looked for escape in a glass of wine, and regretted it in a funk of tiredness and myprodol. However, surprising moments rescued my broken heart. A dinner with friends, a day on the farm.

I know I’m a survivor, I know this will pass and somehow I will get through it. Doesn’t mean I want to though.