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Balancing act

…this weekend was a bit of a balancing act. Between lots of different events, running and all, we managed to also just have some down time, which was really necessary.

Saturday started early, as we got Thandi up and ready for her first adventure race. Adventure racing is big in this neck of the woods, and every year one of the schools hosts an event. There are numerous categories, and Thandi was the girl in a team with 3 grade 3 boys. They were in the G1-3 group, and had to run 2km, mountain bike about 2-3km and then get through some challenges (minute to win it kind of stuff) and then a final run to the finish line. I was super impressed at how they all had to work together as a team, (they have to finish together) and how they encouraged and motivated each other. She had such fun, and is planning next year already. They managed to come in 17 out of 32 teams, for her first try, that was ok!

The rest of the day was spent at home, sewing, making dough and chilling. We made steamed buns for supper which I served with the left over chicken – they were a revelation! Yum!

Sunday dawned with me getting some running in before we headed off to the local paper’s annual fun run. At the same time as that run happens, another really special event takes place. An enabling run for the disabled. So people with prostheses, in wheelchairs, differently abled children all get the chance to run too – they are assisted, pushed, carried, encouraged by an able bodied person. We got to walk with a young boy, who is differently abled. What a privilege to get through the fun run, with cheering and laughter and happiness! And to count our blessings.

After a clean up, it was off to a slap up lunch at a local and rustic chippy don at the harbour. And how nice was that – fresh fish, tasty sides, good views… A great lunch to round out the weekend.


…can this treadmill please slow down! I am exhausted, and I can feel a cold brewing! Grrr!

The weekend was intense. Ballet shows went well, and we are all glad that it is now over. My patience wore very thin over the weekend, so by the time Saturday night came and we locked the dressing room for the final time, I was extremely grateful. The girls did dance beautifully, and really had a lovely time. I will always encourage my daughter to take part. It’s a worthwhile experience.

Running wise I have been hitting my mileage targets, and am impressed with my improving fitness. I had to get my long run in on Saturday, which was a challenge, I did it though, but I made an almost rookie error. I did not cover my hydration needs adequately. Running 24km, and only having about 200ml of water after about 15km was inadequate, and I was quite shaky afterwards, as I tried to recover. But, by the afternoon I was much better. Yesterday there was a marathon in our city, so I offered to second friends of mine. I enjoyed the task and had absolutely zero FOMO. In fact, watching them made me wonder why we do it to ourselves? Anyway. They all had awesome runs – 1 friend won after a long time off with illness and injury; 2 of the others ran their first marathon in 7 years, both recording good results, but it was a long cold morning…

Lunch with friends followed, and then I needed to get my run in. Suffice to say, after 2 or maybe 3 glasses of wine, I ran myself straight into a headache. Ugh. I felt awful. But, I did it. Day 62 was done.

And this week looms with all its busyness too… Time for my family is desperately required!


Well now

…that really wasn’t much fun. my call wasn’t great. I was up all night with a patient on Friday night/Saturday night, and then ended up having a huge fight with the hospital manager about something that impacts on patient care. (I’m not going to go into details, suffice to say, ┬áin the end, everything was ok, and baby and mom have been discharged well this morning, but it could all have gone totally pear shaped.) Ugh, but it left me fuming, so what few minutes were left of the night were not mine to sleep.

Thandi had had a little friend to sleep over on Friday night, and they woke up early too, and then I decided to treat them with flapjacks and berries for breakfast. Yum! I am on a bit of an eating plan, so no flapjacks for me, but flip, they looked nice!

Anyway, the rest of the weekend passed by in a blur of busyness. Between work, ballet, dinners and running… Not much in the way of excitement to report. We are just gearing up for this ballet show now, and its all hair gel and costumes and stockings… I am looking forward to seeing the show, I think it is going to be spectacular!



…on call. Yup, these weekends on call sure do seem to come around so quickly! Flip, I’m definitely not quite ready for it. Oh well, one must get some cash into the bank after paying provisional tax, so needs must.

The weekend is the last one before the ballet show begins, so it will be filled with rehearsals and tired dancers. Charlie and I made his box (for the Jack in the Box), and the teacher has now asked if I would help with some other boxes this weekend, so I expect to be quite busy then. Hopefully they go as quickly as the big one did. I really don’t see myself as much of an ‘artist’ when it comes to this sort of a thing, but slapping some paint on a few toy boxes should work out.

I need to get a long run in this weekend, the marathon is looming ahead of me now, 4 weeks to go. I hope I will have done enough to cope well with the distance, and that conditions are favourable on the day. Our planning for the entire trip is in full swing, we are really looking forward to it now. At this stage the plan is that we fly into Moscow via Rome, landing on Wednesday 18 September, we stay in Moscow, I run the marathon on the 22nd, and on the 23rd we take the high speed train to St Petersburg for 2 nights, before we return to Moscow to watch Swan Lake at the Bolshoi on the 25th, and then we will spend the rest of the time in Moscow with our friends, until we depart on the 30th. It is going to be amazing! I cannot wait!

Women’s day Weekend

…between Ballet rehearsals and running, not much else was done this weekend. But how awesome are these pictures. Each of my 3 runs this weekend took me across the same beach at more or less the same time.


Makes all the pain worthwhile. It was really beautiful.

Last night I made my first attempt at a buddha bowl for my family. I prepped some brown and wild rice, roasted some pumpkin, beetroot, peppers and tomatoes, steamed some broccoli, cooked off some chicken fillets with moroccan spice and chickpeas, and made a raita, and then topped it all off with some sesame seeds. Yum! I felt so virtuous and healthy too.


…and as the entire country shivered this weekend, I was fairly busy with work. 2 babies and a whole lot of work at the rooms, but it was otherwise good.

We all went to bed on Friday night as the cold front hit, it was wet and windy and freezing! So as my alarm went off early for my run, I made the decision that it would have to be a dreadmill run. And, once I had finished at the office, I headed to the gym and got my mileage in . It was quite something staring out of the window, watching the weather move in and out. Rain came and went; wind, clouds racing across the sky… And I ran and sweated in relative comfort.

The rest of the day was quiet, a friend and I sent the afternoon sewing, which was productive. I am now working on some quilts for a one day dream…

Sunday was a beautiful clear crisp day, my family went snow hunting in the mountains, and they did find some. I stayed here, and caught babies!

She takes my breath away.

After weekend

…comes the State Capture enquiry. Flip, am I the only one watching twitter, waiting for the news from our former prez’s testimony? For my international readers, our former Prez, one JG Zuma, he has been implicated in massive corruption deals over the last 10-15 years, from an arms deal, to allowing foreign (and malevolent) business men to make decisions to suit them, all for payments and kickbacks to himself and other officials. We, as a country, are trying to claw our way back from the lost years when he was in charge, that have all done so much damage to our economy, our self worth…

Anyway, enough of that.

The weekend was good! Dance rehearsals went well, I’m very proud of my 2 dancers. Charlie has a lovely role, and the children who watch the show are going to love him!

Running wise, I am still on track – we did the nite series on Friday night, which went well. I’ve realised one must have friends there to keep Thandi going; and then I got 2 other runs in. On Sunday I did my longest run since mid March! I am so chuffed! I also found there was another girl who was seriously struggling, who I helped through 3-4 tough kms, and that was good for me mentally, to be able to help someone along… So I am feeling positive and happier. My fitness is still building, and my strength os better, so progress!