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Home again,

home again, jiggety jog!

I’m back, and what a treat the weekend was.

Thursday was such a hectic day, my trip to the neighbouring city was good, with the surgery on my patient taking 4 and a half hours (!) but leaving her in a way better condition than she has been in a long time. It was a pleasure and privilege to watch Dr DB operate once again, his hands are genius! After getting out of theatre at 20h30 that evening, it was off to my B&B, a quick snack, and then to bed, for it was early to rise on friday morning. I was on the road at 04h30, and made it home in good time, to pack up, and prep for or trip to the transkei. Ans by 12h30 we were there, alleluia! Lunch, a nap, and look at what awaited us…

and that was just the view from the bar at sunset… Dolphins danced through the waves, whales lolled in the water, splashing occasionally, the birds wheeled above and the sardines ran, truly spectacular, I have never seen the seas so alive!

We were seriously spoilt with the weather, and had glorious sunshine, with a light breeze during the day, which cooled down to cuddle worthy temperatures in the evenings. And the food, just great, with awesome home made breads with every meal, not very scale friendly, but soul satisfying! The only damper on the time was that dear Angel’s dad fell ill while we were away, and they had to return home suddenly when he was admitted to ICU, fortunately he’s rallying, and while still critically ill is certainly improving, keep fighting Mr K, we’re rooting for you!

And today it was certainly back to earth with a bump. Work was chaotic, lots of patients, with a power failure thrown in for good measure – damn! And I have a shadow! Yes I know I always had one, but I now have a grade 11 school girl following my every move, as she tries to learn more about medicine in general, and OBGYN more specifically. It’s an interesting experience, I must say, and she seems ultra enthusiastic, which helps.

On the fertility front, day 21 bloods confirmed ovulation, and testing day (yes, pregnancy testing) is on friday… I had a good chat with my FS on thursday, and I told him that while I try to remain optimistic, I am very cautious, and realise our chances are still small. His take was to just persevere, and keep trying, even if our initial attempts fail, so I think my attitude remains a good one. Cautious.

to sign off, some more Transkei pictures….

The Qora river mouth

the requisite cows on the beach, now you know I really was in the transkei!

 spot the dolphins!

and on a really final note, didn’t Bafana just make us all so proud tonight, I though my heart was going to beat out of my chest, I was so very proud to be a South African today. I’m sad they are not going through, but man, what a fight they fought today. God bless this, our beloved nation!


… we was robbed! We caught the game at MJ’s last night, and were devastated! I’m sad we lost, but old Gareth Cliff this morning said something that made a lot of sense. We went into this tournamentas the lowest ranked team, yes, we scored the first goal of the tournament (and it was spectacular) but we are still lowly ranked SA and noone expects much of us. To just be playing, is enough. Still, I think the neutral swiss ref wasn’t quite so neutral; and the uraguans put up some big performances; the academy should be knocking on their door soon, they’re looking for new actors!

Enough depressing news, today I am off to the neighbouring city, going to get involved with some cool surgery, and then I’m back tomorrow, and we’re off to the wild coast, Yay! I’m back in town on monday, so mini break report on tuesday, see you then, keep warm in the meantime!

Rainy days

Wow, it seems that winter has arrived in SA, last night a mean storm blew into town, wind and rain, and in the mountainous areas, snow, awesome! Watching the footie last night, the rain in CT looked terrible, I did feel sorry for the players, but the spirit of the spectators was still fabulous! Driving to work today, it was all of 7 deg, which for or coastal city is kinda the coldest it gets. Soup for supper tonight!

I ended up having a great day yesterday, I arbed about for the morning, then met Charlie for lnch, which was great, and then after a quick nap, I started supper, oxtail, which was just magnificent 4 hours later, and then I headed off for a hot stone therapy massage, which was delicious. Lots of relaxing aromathrapy oils, the hot stones, and some clever hands – heaven. I haven’t had a massage in a while, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy them. Last night though I was sore, this ovary of mine has moved it up a notch, I thought that it was just ovulation, now I’m not so convinced, damn sore!

Tomorrow is youth day, when we remember what the young generation can achieve, if they put their minds to it. Lets hope that spirit carries to our boys in gold tomorrow, when we don our Bafana shirts and blow our vuvuzelas (or guguzela’s in the words of SammyJ), as they take on Uraguay! Make us proud!

Feel it!

It is here! I am feeling so proud to be a South African today, the World Cup begins, and we are amazing!

So what is everyone getting up to today to celebrate? We having a last minute get together, with (hopefully) divine meatballs and pasta (soccer balls and shoelaces) for supps. I’m in my bright yellow Bafana jersey, and definitely getting infected with the gees! Yay!

I am also feeling these ovaries springing into action here, they’re definitely starting to creek, lets hope they don’t shriek! We’re all set for another shot tonight, and then off to the FS on sunday. Yay!