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Making life a little easier

…so in the last few days I had a revelation – I needed to make my life easier. I am even busier than before, something I never thought possible; and my stress levels are climbing; so I made the decision to hire an assistant. It was a liberating decision, one I am so relieved I have made.

So yesterday, my Girl Wonder began. She has already made me an appointment for a sports massage, bought me lunch and tidied through the clutter that was my drawers. She is currently now working on my bookshelf, sorting through 100’s (and I mean 100’s literally) of medical journals. I cannot wait for my things to be streamlined and efficient again. Things have piled up around me, literally, until I was almost drowning in paperwork and rubbish! I did explain to Girl Wonder that I need a clone, a clone who can keep me under control, without having to do any OBGYN work. She smiled and said she was excited. I am so damn relieved! I am so happy. Long live GW!


…so before you jump to any conclusions, I did not and never will run the thing, and my experience on Saturday confirmed that for me; seconding my friend SL on that race showed me the extremes that the human body can experience. And it’s not pretty…

I joined the run with about 100-110 km in. The run started at 5pm on Friday night, and after I’d completed a dramatic c/s on Saturday morning, I joined the seconding team. Conditions had been brutal. They had started in freezing cold conditions, high winds and a rainstorm to really confound things. The first 35km were on a loop, and supporters/seconders were not officially allowed on that section, so when the team found our runner again, he was in good spirits. Weather settled and things improved, and the eclipse was viewed.

From about 70-80km our legend started to struggle – aches and pains and generalized discomfort. Not unsurprising one might think. When I found them, SL was walking and we managed to get him moving along at a fair clip. I did about 15km, took a break and then rejoined for another 5km slot. At this point one of the other seconds and I had done some sums. We knew he could make it home, but knew he needed to push a little, so we had an in-case-of-a-crisis window. So we got home trotting for 30 second stints, which helped.

In his glory, SL elevated himself to legend status and finished in 24:56:43. Unbelievable!

(Seeing all the hobbling wounded athletes at the prize giving on Sunday confirmed that they are all totally and certifiably insane to do that to themselves!)

Weekend plans

…so an old friend of mine is tackling this crazy race tomorrow….

And I, because I have an overdeveloped volunteer muscle, am going to be part of his seconding crew. I’ve positioned myself well – I am starting to run on Saturday morning, and since LH reckons he’ll be done somewhere between 1pm and 3pm, so at least I’m not getting the full 26 hour experience. Between me and the other seconders, I reckon I’ll get in 20-30km of running. Phew!

Despite being anxious about my stamina, I’m reassured by the fact that I’m not running 160km!

Scratching itches

… yoh, guys, meeting that big guy, Kingsley certainly has got me some itches that need scratching! The plotting and planning going on in my head!

And then there’s the other side of me who craves just being at home. In peace and quiet to create away to my heart’s content – art, craft, food, my home. Work and it’s inherent demands are currently stealing some of ‘my’ time (and I put that in inverted commas, because once you’re a doctor, it’s never really your time), and I’m feeling neglected. I just can’t get to the things I want to do!

And then, today, I just want to fly away…

I really need a PA…

Meeting giants

…so yesterday, stop a cliff near Morgan Bay, I met Kingsley Holgate.

I was definitely a little star struck, because he lives a life I dream about – trekking across continents and doing so much good.

He is currently on an expedition – Cape to Kathmandu – they are educating people about malaria, poaching and early learning initiatives. They distribute mosquito nets to mothers, reading glasses, life straws, and education. Quite amazing listening to his tales and stories – he is truly a modern day explorer – down to his bushy beard, and khaki clothes, run ins with Somali pirates and Al Quaeda operatives, kings and presidents, villagers and children.

I really was reminded again how much more there is for me to be doing. While I am bound by the constraints of my bank balance I am in a much better position than so many others, and I know there are projects calling my name… I even enquired with this if they had place for a jaded OBGYN, to be met with an absolutely!

So maybe it’s time for me, as the great man suggested, to start talking about Birdie’s Great Adventure – and I may just find myself doing more than I ever dreamed possible. So watch this space, I think the stars are aligning…

9 years

Guys, I have been blogging for 9 years! 9 years!!!

Those of you who have been here from the beginning have listened to me waffle for 9 years! That’s a lot of words, many ideas, plenty of whinges, ¬†and hopefully a little enjoyment along the way! Many miles of running, hundreds of babies delivered, 2 dogs, 1 child, 1 husband. Thanks for sharing the ride with me. Let’s see what I can come up with over the next 9 years.

The button tin

Starting a craft project this weekend, I realized I needed some of my Dawny’s sewing supplies. I haven’t walked into her craft room for an age, the smell – a mixture of baby powder, new material and Dawny – brought an instant eye watering lump to my throat. I took a deep breath and gathered the things I wanted – importantly her button tin.

I took my treasure home and as I spread those buttons over my work station, looking for just the right ones I needed for my project, I was swamped by memories. The tinkling of those buttons against each other as Dawny and I looked through them. There was the one she sewed onto a cardigan for me; another from my brother’s blazer; and another that came with a story about my grandparents… and my heart sang, but oh it ached.

Thandi wandered over and she ran her fingers through those buttons too – they feel smooth and cool, and are tinkly and shiny, which for a magpie, like her, is irresistible. I will concede to being a magpie as a child – stealing a certain Christmas bauble off the tree and hiding it in my cupboard because I couldn’t bear to pack it away it’s sparkles for 50 weeks again. I could see her curious mind wondering as she explored that tin – I love that she will one day hold it in her hands too – and maybe be share with her daughter, and so our generational button tin will outlive me, as it outlived Dawny, but it will forever tether us together…

God, I miss my Dawny.