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weekend winding

… friday is here, although, I must say I am finding little miss rather a lot of work at the moment, that the weekend is not a haven of relaxation for me anymore. It’s nice to not be at the office, but I do find the madam quite tiring! (she did fight us for an hour on the sleep front last night, and she was exhausted!) Anyway, not to moan, coz she is a cutester!

So this weekend, a birthday party for Thandigirl to go to, a family lunch with some extended family out on their farm, and nothing else planned – yay! I need to do some Christmas planning and thinking, so hopefully I can work on that this weekend, and maybe, just maybe I can sleep! And you all? Whatya up to?

Sitting down

… woowee, for the first time in the last 3 days I am sitting still, at my desk! Crikey its been a busy few days!

Anyway, so the weekend report, friday we drove through to the neighbouring city, Thandi is not the friendly traveller she used to be. Make no mistake, she’s still not bad, but I was extremely grateful for Shaun the Sheep and Postman Pat on the car DVD player, which kept her bsy when she woke up. Anyway, we arrived, checked in at Che Adip, and settled ourselves. Then we headed in for our chat with Dr DB, that man works way too hard, he saw us at 19h15, and we left him at 20h00. Fortunately we were the last patients, but that’s crazy! No real answers from him regarding our situation, just decisions I need to make about my future health, which aren’t going to be easy. I knew that… Then after a fabulous dinner of sushi and lovely red wine, we collapsed into bed.

Next mornming we awoke to a fabulous slap up breakfast by the Adips, which hit so many spots, it was ridiculous! Thanks Adips, we had a fabulous evening and morning with you! Then, it was back on the road to Knysna for us – we arrived in intermittent rain, and checked into our accomodation. DrHF and mystery man arrived soon after us, and once we had all unpacked and settled, it was off to 34°South for oysters, wine and beer – yum and some unwinding! After a bit of excursioning, we made our way back to the flat, put up our feet and relaxed, more oysters and bubbley followed, with a little steak on the braai for dinner… we were spoilt! We drank a heap of red wine (does wine come in heaps, I wonder?) and everyone relaxed. It was great to catch up with DrHF, reminisce and get to know MM, she does remember some scary stories, that I had forgotten, I know I must have blushed something silly, remembering how silly and young I once was! We headed to bed, and those 2 headed to town – looking for some life and action – which was sadly apparently lacking in Knysna (understandable given it was after 00h00!)

Sunday morning we headed to the legandary Il de pain for breakfast – oh my good heavens – do yourself a favour, make sure you eat here if you are ever in Knysna (except not on a monday, they’re closed!) their food is just sublime – I had french toast (done with brioche) served with marscapone and berry compote – it was insane! I almost had a genuine ‘When Harry met Sally’ kinda moment. We stocked up on breads and pastries, and then just did some Garden routing – the heads, Plett, old Nick… lovely day spent pottering about. That evening we headed out to The Drydock at the Knysna Waterfront for dinner, which was ok, not as good as previous visits, I had some average sushi… And then an early night for everyone followed. We were all exhausted!

Monday morning, we packed up, had brekkie at the east Head Cafe – which was delightful! And then we parted ways, heading back to our respective homes.  The trip home seemed much longer than I remembered, but anyway, we made it, and I was very pleased to see my own house, and Thandi was pleased to see all her toys and familiar things! DrHF, it was great! We must make this at least an annual excursion! Well done on some good organising!

Anyway, we have fast returned to reality, hitting the ground running, oy! It has been really bsy, with some really complicated things going on in my patients, so I have been vaguely challenged on all levels since being back. Socially, last night I hosted book club last night, which seemed to go down well. I made gazpacho (mixed reviews from the girls – I love it!), fillet with caramalised onions and goats cheese, served with a waldorf salad, and another salad and pdding was a strawberry and ginger ricotta cheesecake, which was nice. It was good to hear the news of all the girlfriends, I am feeling hopelessly out of the loop at the moment, so the catch up was nice. And now, I have a ridiculous rest of my morning pending, so thank heavens the weekend is near!


… that ridiculous combination of Monday and Tuesday is taking it’s toll, it’s crazy busy. I will do a proper newsy post later, suffice to say, the weekend was good, it was excellent to see DrHF again. I love the Garden Route. Being a parent is the most stressful thing to happen to me.

Love this little person!

It’s here

..the weekend… WooFreakinHoo!!!! I have made it through the week of hellhounds and fire, and now we relax into the weekend… Have wonderful heritage days, y’all, see you on the flip side!

It’s (nearly) the weekend baby!

…thank heavens, although I do have a bit of a monstrous thursday ahead of me… it will pass.

Tomorrow after a few short hours at work, we head off to the neighbouring city for the night with the Adip’s, before meeting DrHF in Knysna on saturday, returning home on Monday. I cannot wait to get away! Work has pushed every button this week, I am strung out, stressed and snappy.

The neighbours will be good, I am looking forward to seeing the Adips again, and Charlie and I are also planning to see the fabulous Dr DB while we are there, just to touch base, talk about my future health and make some plans. I am battling with quite significant endometriosis pain these days, so life is hard at the moment, especially at that time of the month – I cannot even go for a run at that time, it is too sore; and given that my tolerance of take anti-inflammatories has evapourated, I’m out of ideas. So I hope he has some.

Then on Saturday, we’ll travel through to Knysna, catch up with Dr HF, and possibly mystery man (possibly, because he might not come – maybe he’s nervous of meeting Charlie and I; alternatively he heard about Thandi’s bad nights!) Anyway, despite rather gloomy weather predictions, I think it’s going to be good – eating oysters, bread from il d’ pain, seeing the elephants and just kicking back. Maybe even a massage at Pezula?

Quick other news, I am running again, and Thandi has now slept well for 2 nights! Yay!


Woohoo! A sleep through was our reward last night! Light adjusted, teething muti given, and she slept! As an aside, 2 more canines are through, 1 more to go! Then we await molars.

And then in an unbelievable people follow up, I had a call this morning, went something like this:
Person on the phone(not a known patient) – is this the doctor?
CB – yes
POTP – do you do scrapes?
CB – well, it depends on the reason.
POTP – well, I’m pregnant, don’t want to be, going overseas next week, so I want a scrape.
CB – well, you’re actually asking for a termination of pregnancy, and no, I don’t do those, contact the local clinic for that
POTP- oh, ok, can I ask about my friend…rambling story begins, again, about an unknown patient…
CB – can is stop you right there… Let you friend make an appointment, rather.
POTP – oh, alright (rather indignantly)
Seriously! At 06h45 this morning!

And even more

…wailing… Fuck me, but this is getting a bit rough. Last night I had to withdraw, it broke my heart, but if I had hung around through the nighttime routine, I might have shot someone; well ok, if not shot, strangled someone, and it might have been myself. (at least you can giggle trying to imagine the scene, then laughed even harder at the newspaper headlines, about the possible auto*ero*tic asphyxiation, knowing it was just a desperate mom) She went down much easier last night, but the trouble all began at about 00h30… Charlie fortunately saw that I was not able to string a sentence together last night, the drool coming out of the corner of my mouth might have been a give away, so he stepped up and he fought the battle of the wills last night. We have realised one thing which has changed in the last few days, correlating with this deterioration in sleep, a light has been put in in the garden, to light the path to Nox’s room, and although its been there for some time, it went off for an age, got adjusted and put on again on friday, kinda when things went to hell in a handbag. And while it doesn’t shine directly into Thandi’s room, it increases the ambient light, so much so, that Charlie thought it was like 05h30ish, when in fact it was 02h30! So, we will adjust the light today, dose her with some panado tonight (in case it is the evil teeth) and pray for a better night. Parenting, like aging (which I am now doing more rapidly), is not for sissies.