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Day 63

…and I almost lost my shopping mojo! Crisis! Usually when I get to the bigger cities, I have a list of things that I am shopping for, and I know exactly where to find them; yesterday when we went to Sandton city, I found that I was overwhelmed and ended up with a few christmas decorations, nothing else. Over coffee, I was seriously disappointed in myself, what had happened? Never before had sore feet and a tired brain affected me shopping! after a restorative cappuccino, we headed to the Bryanston Organic Market, and I got my mojo back. Being surrounded by nice things, that I wanted, was a good feeling. We bought a beautiful beaded picture, I’ll post a photo at some stage. Afew other nick-nacks, and after a delightful lunch at Georges on 4th in Parkhurst (we shared tuna spring rolls with coriander pesto to start (gorgeous), and I had an asian calamari salad (dressed with lashings of soy sauce) for my mains), I came home for a lazy afternoon, while Charlie spent it with his brother, watching the rugby.

Last night we took Charlie’s brother and wife out to dinner, at a spot called The Local Grill, a stunning little steakhouse in Parktown North. We were taken on a tour of the kitchen and cold room to inspect our future steaks, and then enjoyed a great evening further. I had a parma ham and melon starter, served with rocket, danish feta and passionfruit, absolutely delicious. My mains were a rump with bearnaise sauce – excellent, and we shared some ice cream for dessert. Its interesting how not drinking wine has made me appreciate what I eat even more. I’m probably slightly more critical than before, and I am far more conscious of the subtle flavours in my food. So a glowing report says a lot. My choices of the day – the tuna spring rolls and the parma ham and melon salad. 

I have woken up early again, and am waiting for the rest of the house to rise. We’re going to take my family out to breakfast this morning to a newish spot in JHB, Vovo Telo, hoping they will enjoy it. And we might just have to check on my shopping mojo again, to see if i’ts fully restored, or if a trip to Donzil in CT really will be necessary!

Day 62

…and we have arrived in the big smoke, JHB!

We left home on thursday at lunch, and arrived in Smithfield late afternoon. Wow, its dry in that neck of the woods! They clearly have had virtually no rain. Anyway, we stayed in a delightful B&B, Trading Places, which is a gorgeous old home, with generous verandahs, beatiful creaky wooden floors, and in our suite, a double shower. A pleasant meal was served to us at Luigi’s Bistro, amazingly though, not an Italian spot, but run by an afrikaans lady, who fed us 2 gorgeous steaks! Then after a great sleep, we were both exhausted, we hit the road for JHB.

Hot and busy is how we found it. After existing in rain and wind, with temperatures hanging around the 20 degree mark at home for the last 2 weeks, I found I was totally unprepared for 30 degrees here. We wondered the shopping district in Parkhurst, where it seems few of the shop owners believe in aircon (grr!), bought a few nick-nacks and ran into an old friend of Charlie’s. I’d forgotten the easy friendliness of Jo’burgers, even if you’ve never met, they view you as a potential friend, I miss that. Then it was home to my brother’s home, and my nieces had arrived home, 2 girls who occupy a very special spot in my heart. The eldest, A, was off to the finals of Idols and was super excited; J, the younger had a friend over, listening to them play together, my heart ached, for I still can’t quite comprehend that I might be growing one in my tummy.

After an early night, we were both still exhausted, I’m now p and rearing to go!

Day 60

… and Tenacious grows and lives.

We leave in a mere 3 hours – alle – frikkin – lujah! 2 babies have snuck in since midnight, so feeling a bit battered, but that’s ok. I’ll speak to you all again from Smithfield!

Day 59

…and its one more sleep ’till we’re road tripping!

Today has been busy, 3 caesars, a hysterectomy kept me on the go this morning, and now I’m back in the rooms, ready for the afternoon – ja, right. Anyway, can’t delay the inevitable punishment; and I say punishment because it really is, those few days before and after you’re away from work are generally disasterous, with everyone needing their ‘last touch’ from you! Nearly done. This time tomorrow we’ll be climbing into the car and heading off for our first destination. I must say given our lovely cool weather of late, I’m not looking forward to the 30+ degrees I see on the forecasts for JHB. But it’ll be fun anyway! I will stay in touch here while I am away, so keep checking in for pictures and news.

Day 58

…and its 2 more sleeps! I am practically salivating at the thought of this break. I know there’ll be some work thrown in, but, man, I need to get out of here for some brain space!

Yesterday was just busy, with patients arriving on the wrong days and at the wrong times for their appointments, some just walking in without appointments, I just got annoyed. And a headache that lingered the whole evening! Anyway, better now, and I hope the patients are better behaved today!

Yesterday evening Charlie and I took a drive along the beachfront, we’ve been having some impressive weather here, with rain, winds, storms – just awesome, so the swell was big yesterday, we managed to get some great photos of the waves crashing around the lighthouse. I’ll post them tomorrow, need a bit of tweaking! I hope the rain continues, we had over 100 mm yesterday, so a little relief to this drought parched land.

Day 57

…and 3 more sleeps until we leave on our little getaway! Off to a medical conference at Sun City, and we’re making a week of it – yay! We’re visiting family in JHB, chilling in the Magaliesberg, relaxing in Clarens before we come home again. I am so in need of a break, really, really looking forward to it.

The weekend was lovely, a very indulgent one for me, a trip to the hairdresser and beauty salon, some light shopping, a movie, coffee with friends, some scrapbooking, and dinner on friday. After an indulgent trip to the hairdresser, we had 2 couples over to dinner, and we served them a tomato tarte tatin (in my new le creuset pan) kingklip in phyllo pastry (which Charlie whipped up effortlessly – thanks love) and creme brulee for dessert,  so quite a french inspired menu, I’m just noticing now, which I thought tasted delicious. We had a great catch up with our mates, and all of a sudden it was 22h45, and babysitters were getting impatient. I couldn’t quite believe the time had gone so quickly! Saturday we had a delightfully lazy morning, with some light shopping, and then it was off for a facial and pedi for me. Saturday evening we caught the new animated flick Despicable Me which we thought was excellent, not really a children’s movie with some very adult themes running through it, but good fun. Sunday was a quieter day, we ran some chores, I did some scrapbooking, we met friends for coffee, and then it was an early night for us.

And now its monday, but its 3 sleeps to leave!

Day 54

…and tenacious lives to fight another day, still small and behind schedule, but living.

I really am blessed to be srrounded by so many people who care. The messages, calls and chats mean so much, I know I’m being very reticent, but I am somewhat amazed by the outpouring of love I am experiencing. Thank you.