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Jiggedy Jog

…home again!

Wowee, the break was awesome! I wish I had had another week. My battery is not completely recharged yet, but, beggars can’t be choosers. And it was fabulous!

It all started with the trip to the Guest farm, which really was  special. As I mentioned we celebrated my cousin’s 40th birthday there, and it was great. We arrived in temperatures of 7°C on Friday afternoon, and left in temperatures of 25°C on Sunday, after Thandi even had a dip in the pool!128(Gotta love her wearing my sunglasses!)  The trip up seemed eventful for everybody! Cousin took 7 hours, after a drive that had even the farmers shaking their heads, considering the passes he drove. We took just over 3 hours, but we were flummoxed by our GPS every now and again, but really, compared to the 7 hours, it was easy! 048The scenery was really stunning! Friday night was all about just relaxing and getting into the swing of holiday mode. On Saturday morning the boys were off to do some off road motorbiking. It was all fun and games, until someone fell off, and broke his hand… So with a bone sticking out of the skin, back home they travelled for surgery, I was just so grateful it wasn’t Charlie! That did put a bit of a damper on things, but anyway, we celebrated in style, with bubbly and lots of laughs. Thandi had a whale of a time – playing with her cousin, horse rides and tractor rides!080  Sunday Charlie and I got up for a run, to run off a few of the previous night’s excesses, and then it was time for a lazy morning before we all packed up and headed home after a tasty lunch.

Then we were home for a day and a bit – a day and a bit of running around, getting things ready! On Monday evening we had a mini Oktoberfest with our German friends – from sauerkraut, to obazta and fleischkäse, to black forest trifle and beer, we had a great evening!136  Thanks TJ and MB!

Then Tuesday dawned and we were off to Umngazi River Bungalows. Ah, one of my happy places!216  144 Despite some serious wind, we had some glorious days! Thandi got to play up a storm with her Umngazi friend, Tay, we got lots of exercise and rest in – running, hiking, cycling, swimming.146 178 173  And there was some eating and lots of wine and fun and games!161 224 Really, for a family with children, it is the best holiday you could wish for, great kiddie meals (Thandi ate more than I believed possible), awesome nannies who take care of the children while you sun yourself next to the pool. I love the Wild Coast, the vibe, the friends we have made, all special! And it was a good time for Charlie and I to recharge and reconnect. Bliss!

157    195 203 love the little girl secrets being shared in this picture…



The Unwild coast

…man, oh man, it was awesome, our weekend in the Transkei really did me well, I could have spent a week there! We arrived, kicked off our weary shoes and stress, and walked barefooted, sandy and sunkissed through the weekend. Thandi revelled in the sun, sand and sea; playing, like any kid should, with not a care in the world, and often, with not a stitch of clothing on either! Magic, magic, magic times, and my soul tank is refilled.

Herewith some photo’s of the view and my girl at play… Ntlonyana 066 Ntlonyana 062 Ntlonyana 043 Ntlonyana 040Ntlonyana 007 Ntlonyana 005 Ntlonyana 018 Ntlonyana 014 Ntlonyana 049 Ntlonyana 025

The promised pictures

Filling in progress

And all filled up and blue…

Its a thing of beauty and coolness, and I am very pleased to be a pool owner! I spent most of the morning hanging out next to it, diving in when necessary. Wonderful in extreme! Happy Bird!


My shattered nerves, its hot here today! Last night the weather report predicted 34 deg, 5FM’s 06h00 report said our max was going to be 17 (which was fairly hysterical, since it was already about 23 then!) , which at 06h30 they quickly corrected to 34!  Today is going to be one of those lethargic, sit in the shade, drink lots of water and do very little sort of a day.  (the work on the swimming pool has recommenced, 2 weeks to blue waters – can hardly wait!)

Last night after spinning I made a winner lamb dish, I browned some chops off, then you make a sauce with onions, garlic, worcester sauce, tomato sauce, vinegar, stock (kinda like a sweet&sour sauce), you add raisins and carrots (I used pumpkin, no carrots in the house), pour that over the chops and bake for an hour, wowee, it was delicious! Served over plain couscous, it was a hit. A good old fashioned type of dish I remember from my childhood. I really do want to be good with my diet, but boy, temptation is too strong… On a positive note, no chocolate yesterday (I did have a piece of nougat though…hmm)

I’m meeting my personal trainer this afternoon, we ahven’t trained together since may last year, and when I saw him the other day I mentioned that I was getting ‘old lady arms’ which scare me, so he said he’d sit down and rework my programme. So here we go again, I might have to add some measurements onto my fatness files, so we can track those as well.