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…when the world conspires against you… Frustration mounts! Yesterday was one of those days. Argh!

While we had Thandi in the bath last night I decided to get a head start on supper, so leaving her and Charlie in the bathroom, I headed into the kitchen, into the scullery to discover a pall of smoke from melting plastic. You see the alarm contact above the kitchen door had ‘blown’ and was melting. Poofy! Now that in itself really isn’t an issue, but when this is the 3rd contact in about 2 weeks, you’d think that when the alarm company replaced it yesterday they would have done a few other checks before just popping a new one on the end of the wire. There is something wrong here, people! Is it too much to expect the associated industry to do their work efficiently? And competently? I just get cold shivers thinking about what wold have been if we had not been at home on all 3 occasions… Fire on board? And then it would have all just been a tragic accident, an electrical fault; not an incompetent service industry, offering inferior service! We would have lost our home, and my insurance would have had to work hard to cover it all, for their simplemindedness! (and sorry for the grammar Nazi’s, I’m not sure that’s a word, but I’m using it) Argh! So another repair job today…

And then I bake a cake for Pops’s birthday today, he’s 76 you know, spry old man! We are having a few family over this evening to celebrate, and I wanted to make a cake, so, trying a new recipe and a new pan…. The cake looked and smelt gorgeous (Beetroot and Carrot cake with a caramel cream cheese icing), but as we tried to tip it out of the pan (a ring type one, which I buttered to within an inch of its life) part of it got left behind, leaving me with a broken cake… my heart almost broke. After the working week I’ve had, the frustration of the admin of the week, to have this cake break at 22h00 last night send me pretty close to breaking point. I tried hard to hold back the tears, because, I mean, who cries over a broken cake? But flip, I was sooooo exhausted and irrational by that stage of the day. Oh well, round 2 this afternoon then. At least it was an easy cake to make, and the crumbs tasted good. The icing is insane!

Anyway. Enough whinging. I have about 6 hours to get through before this 10 days of leave begins, so time to slap a smile on my face and fake it till I make it!

Cooking class

…so last night I attended another cooking class with my cheffy friend. It was fantastic. I arrived quite stressed and worked up, work has been totally unbelievable and stressful the last few weeks, and I am hanging on by a thread (3 more sleeps), so it took me a while to unwind and relax, and once we got laughing, it was great fun. A smaller class than usual, but still a heap of fun, and such tasty easy recipes to impress the family with. There was a spicy chicken wing (done on the braai) on salsa –  yummy; that got the tongue woken up, rapidly cooled down with the salsa. 025 Then a chicken and bacon bite, stuffed with blue cheese (done on the braai too) – delicious and moist. 029 A chourizo and sweet potato burger – a taste fest! 040 Braai breads – bacon and beer flavoured complemented the burger well. 036 An artichoke and pea pasta was heavenly – my dish of the day. 034 And we finished with ice cream and a salted caramel sauce – wowee! 042And I finished in a vastly better mood! So that’s to the friends, the food and the teacher to saving my day!


more sleeps! I am so looking forward to jumping in that car and driving away on Sunday!

We start our road trip in Nieu Bethesda, staying a gorgeous looking place, called ‘Die Kliphuis’ (The Stone house)72_image_1 Does that not look idyllic? We are looking forward to some good Karoo weather to cheer us! And of course, there is lots to do there – the Owl House, the Valley of Desolation, wander the streets of Graaf Reinet… Looking forward to that slower pace of life.

Next stop is Stoney Cottage, deep in the Karoo, off the R62, 31_image_1 it looks amazing! And it is off the grid – what we’d like to achieve with the mountain house, when we eventually build, so its as much about an awesome holiday spot, as a research opportunity.

Then its 3 nights in Cape Town, at Chez Jacqui, dinner at The Test Kitchen (oh my god!!!!), some good friends, good food and good shopping.

Then after a diversion through Hermanus to see my family, we head to Summer Hill, an incredible looking spot near Vermaklikheid/Stilbaai. 8_image_1 It’s pretty isolated, 4×4 access only and I am looking forward to solitude after the busyness of the Mother city. 2 nights there, then we are home for the final push before Christmas and the year end… Can you believe it is here?

The count down

…6 more sleeps until we are our road trip! Yay!

But after the weekend that just was, I’m not sure how I will get through the week. I have just ended the weekend on call with my 6th delivery at 06h30 this morning! Crikey it was busy. And at difficult hours too. I am weary today. On the flip side though, in the one gap during the weekend Charlie and I met with friends to discus a possible business venture (no, not am*way) and it sounds exciting! A cool project for the new year! I will reveal more as plans firm up, but let’s just say my little fantasy project might just come to fruition! but, aside from that it was just work, work, work, recover, work some more. Ugh, I think I’m getting too old for this nonsense…



…and it’s actually just another weekend on call. I have a good few patients due, so I hope they deliver, so that my week next week is bearable! Next Sunday we are off on a little road trip, and those few days before you go away are always a little awful, with everybody wanting a piece of you, lets hope we get through it in one piece!


I’m doing a really interesting case this afternoon. I guess I can’t give away too many identifiers, suffice to say, it’s a Caesarean section on a patient with an extremely rare and challenging uterine abnormality. I have done about 4000 caesars in my time, and I have never seen this particular scenario before. It’s good to face a challenge every now and again! (for the medics, it’s a twin pregnancy in a uterus di*delphus, with a babe in each ho#rn)

Can I get

… a few more hours in my day please? I’m not asking for a lot, but just like 4 or 6? With December rapidly approaching, and time starting to march along, I am feeling under tremendous time pressure. I have crafty projects to work on, photo books to complete, work to do, running goals to achieve (I have a running coach now), work to do and a family to be a part of. A few things have had to fall be the wayside, it has mainly affected my crafty creations, so fewer handmade gifts this year, but gifts with a personalised touch still. I cannot believe that there are like 6 weeks to Christmas.