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…after my sads yesterday (thanks for all the messages of support, it meant a lot), today has been totally crazy! Overbooked at the clinic I do at the local state hospital; I ran 90 minutes late to my rooms, and am now trying to catch up all the stuff I need for my visa to France, because this afternoon we fly to JHB to apply for our French visas! Spinning!!!!

sad day

… yesterday I had such a sad day. A patient with long awaited twins miscarried at about 21 weeks. Nearly broke my heart. In the last month I’ve had another set of twins miscarry at 22 weeks and a set of triplets deliver at 24 weeks. we have lost 2 of the 3, and the third baby isn’t looking well. So if you can, please remember baby boys James and Zachery, girls Sarah and Jessica, and 2 nameless twins playing in the stars, and spare a thought for baby Samantha fighting the fight of her life.


….I am so frustrated at the moment! Eskom, mosquitoes, missed runs!!!!

Ok, so yesterday, as the entire country already knows, Eskom rolled out phase 2 load shedding yesterday, which meant, my previously very protected little home enclave had 2 sessions of no power! Previously my suburb was very sheltered – we are on the same line as the sewerage works, and obviously it isn’t ideal if that goes out, this time round though, there is no mercy! Argh! So there we sat, both Charlie and I had power dependant work to do, supper was half cooked and the mosquitoes started buzzing in my ears. Argh!!! At least my electronic devices were charged for some playing.

Then this morning I set my alarm for my run at 05h00, it went off at 04h35, I groaned and rolled out of bed. got dressed, had a quick yoghrt and was about to jump into my car when there was an ominous rumble from my tummy… a quick pit stop in the bathroom, and I was off again, only to arrive to a deserted parking lot at 05h02… No runners in sight, so I knew I couldn’t wing it and try to catch up to them. It was too dark, and it’s a tad dangerous to do run on your own in that darkness. Anyway, so home I went…  Grrr! I will do my damnedest to get my run in this evening, but I’m just annoyed!

And now I have forgotten to drink my coffee, and it has gotten cold – oh well, iced coffee anyone?

Weekend round up

…I am tired! Make no mistake I really enjoy my weekends off, but it was really busy! Friday night we enjoyed a Lebanese evening at one of the local B&B’s, catered for by an old family friend of ours (a Lebanese fellow, of course) and it was delicious! We started with a divine mezze platter, with baba ganoush, hummus, olives, almonds, dolmades cream cheese and pitas, then the main was a gorgeously tender rich lamb dish, a tasty poached chicken with lovely veggies. Dessert was a kind of a baklava with rose water ice cream. We really enjoyed an easy night out!

Saturday morning bright and early I was p to do a 10km race. It was a nice course, just started on a really tough hill, but I enjoyed it, and finished in a respectable time (I think) of 1:02.Then we packed up and headed out to our beach house. It was such a beautiful day! After a delicious lunch of pickled fish (not home made, I’m afraid), I took Thandi off to a fairy princess party, where she had a absolute blast! She looked so sweet in her new princess dress, and was the belle of the ball, especially after they had their faces painted!

039 045 086

Then we headed back to the sea, with a rather tired, hot and sugar indulged child. Oh well! An easy evening braai, with some delicious kingklip done on the coals, with sundried tomatoes… delicious!

Sunday started early, and we headed down to the beach at about 06h30. The sea was freezing, but I dipped in and dipped out again, invigorating! Then after a simple breakfast of fruit and yoghurt, I headed back to town to watch a friend of mine doing the Ironman 70.3. Flip, it’s a crazy thing to do, I admire anyone who ever attempts it, and with temperatures in the 30’s, humidity very high and 50km/hr winds, they were really brave. Phew! My friend and few others I knew did really well, finishing within the cu toffs. A few people I know in the computer didn’t make it, but, as I say, for even attempting it, I think people are rock stars. And I will say, it definitely is NOT on my bucket list!

It’s Friday!

….yippeeeeee! It’s been a long week, it’s been a busy week. The weekend will be fairly busy too, but, I hope it’s going to be fun. Tonight we are going to a Lebanese evening at one of the local B&Bs. It’s being catered by a dear old friend of mine – he was actually mine and my parent’s hairdresser for years until he left for Australia for 8 years. He’s back now, is a very accomplished cook, and the menu promises to be divine!

Then after I do a 10km run tomorrow morning, we are off to the beach house for a bit of R&R. The weather is gorgeous today, hope it holds for the rest of the weekend. A long run on Sunday morning and then some watching of the iron people doing that crazy, crazy triathlon. I will do some kitchen experimenting this weekend, and catch up on my missing recipes. (I did say I was not going to put unnecessary pressure on myself, so bear with me if I am not totally consistent with the recipe postings). Saying that I did make banting pizza last night, with a few tweaks, I’ve perfected my recipe, but flip it’s rich and I find I cannot eat very much of it.

Have glorious fun filled weekends everybody!

Time management

…flip, I am really battling with time management. It feels like I am being pulled in every direction and way. I am exhausted by it! And just plain exhausted. I guess what I need to really do for the next couple of months is to prioritize what needs prioritizing, figure out a timetable and programme and stick to it. Some things will have to fall by the wayside, which will make me a bit sad, but I really can’t do everything and do them well, so rather I stick to the few important things.

So the important things for the next 3 months are work, Thandi&Charlie and running. It hurts that I have to sacrifice the other things I really enjoy, cooking, entertaining (although there hasn’t been much of that lately, I have to say); but that is just the way it is going to have to be. So I guess, still no facial or pedicure or massage for me… After the 3 months are up, I get to re-evaluate, lets hope I make it through them!

First days

…again! We had a fairly uneventful start to the school year, Thandi being one the big kids at her little school, she slipped right back into her new routines. When I saw her at lunchtime, she was super excited to tell me all about her new friend she had made today. Sweet girl!