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the grinch

…seems determined to steal my Christmas! I am sick, have a horrible cold, that is just lingering. My ear has been so blocked and sore since last night, it’s horrible. my voice is going too. And now I have some work that can not be delayed and must be done on Christmas Day.

Guys! I have a 5 year old, this just isn’t fair!

Bah bloody Humbug and a Merry Christmas to you too.

3 more

days to Christmas! Argh! It has been a crazy week, work has sabotaged me at the most inopportune times, and I haven’t got all the things done I need to. Tonight is my chance to tweak the last few decorations, brandy the Christmas cake, and make a batch of biscuits. I need to also make a dessert, which is one of those that kind of looks after itself, so I will get that done, and then tomorrow I marinate the meats and make sure I have the other things I need for an awesome celebration!

I have a few more gifts to wrap, and then it can come!

The blogosphere has been quiet, so I will send you my best wishes now, in case you don’t check in again. May you have the best time with friends and family, may your pudding be filled with coins, your tree adorned with decorations and your heart full! Merry Christmas!


…when the world has gone crazy, I wonder about the words we use every day. So this weekend we celebrated Reconciliation Day. Quite frankly, I feel like we are seeing a world so much more divided than ever before. Brexit, Trump, Zuma – we are polarised. Xenophobia was the word of 2016 – I think it’s going to be the word of this decade. Super scary.

Anyway. Enough serious stuff for now. The weekend in CT was awesome! The weather was amazing; the friends were spectacular; the relaxing great. I did come home exhausted!

img_7597The girls, after running the Gugulethu Reconciliation Day 10km. img_7617T&O at Rhodes Mem

img_7618 My old buddies!

img_7655There was some delicious food!

img_7658 We saw Cape Town from the Cape Wheel.

img_7666 T&O at the ballet. We saw Peter Pan. Delightful!


img_7682Someone was super impressed with her hair wrap.

img_7725 img_7709 img_7722A trip to the Aquarium… Love that place!


…more sleeps! This afternoon I climb on the aeroplane and head west! Whoop! I am looking forward to seeing the buddies, stretching the legs in my first 10km road race in a long time and taking in some sights and sounds (and tastes) of CT!

I am only gone for the weekend, so regular programming will resume on Monday. Have great weekends, and if you are travelling, go well! And if you’re now on holiday, excuse the delicate shade of green I am turning. Have a blast!


December photos

Aren’t these just divine? Love making and preserving memories…  j02a5759 j02a6032 j02a5706 j02a5597 j02a5501 j02a5466 j02a5449 j02a5373 j02a5239

Rainy days

…ah, the weekend here was glorious, lots of soft soaking rain – I love that! You could almost hear the gardens singing. We really are fortunate in my neck of the woods, over the last few years, while so many other places are drought stricken, here in my corner we have had good rains that have kept us sustained. The farmers, I know could do with a bit more, but we here at the seaside we’ve had adequate.

The weekend seemed to go by so quickly – work, the Christmas function and then the great wallpaper exercise. That was tricky! Neither myself not Charlie had ever put up wallpaper ourselves, so we called on Pops, who I remember papering our walls in our old house. Phew it was quite a job. I actually have a few questions for the company that I am going to email through to them today – there was a pattern on the paper, and they ‘customise’ it for your walls. Once we had all the sheets lined up, we had to make quite big overlaps to achieve the picture, which felt wrong. Most other papers you line up the edges without overlapping.. I know they hurried my job, because they missed my payment and they were running out of time, so I am not sure if this was supposed to be like that, or if they ‘forgot’ to trim the edges? (on an aside, and I’m trying to keep positive, because it looks amazing, but given the price I paid, I feel like it should have been perfect for our room, which given that you send them dimensions, it goes to a designer and they custom print it, it really should be…)

I will post pictures once the room is complete, but I think it’s going to be amazing!

TGIF again

…although a working weekend doesn’t really offer the same kind of relief as a real friday, but we will try our damnedest to chill this weekend anyway. Staff Christmas function is on tomorrow evening and that is about all that is planned! Phew!

Then, I can’t remember if I mentioned, we are moving Thandi to the slightly bigger spare bedroom this holiday, so I have had a chance to really let my creative juices run, and yesterday the wallpaper I had ordered arrived. I cannot wait to get it up onto the walls! (something else to work on this weekend!) And her new furniture should arrive early next week, and then we are almost ready to make that move across. The only real challenge is the declutter and tidy up that has to happen. (the biggest task this weekend!)  I hope to put together lots of things that we can donate on, so Thandi can appreciate all that she is blessed with. Once it is all put together I will post some pictures, I think it’s going to be super!

My leg, after a lot of treatment at the chiropractor and Bowen therapist is starting to feel a lot better. My rehab continues and I hope then to get my milage up again (it’s been 2 dismal weeks…) Hopefully I get some shorter runs in this weekend…