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Making progress

…4 nights done, 9 to go… I can do this. Thankfully last night was good, because I had a bit of a sniffle, and was exhausted. After a good night’s sleep, and a boatload of vitamin C, I’m feeling better today. Still spluttering a bit though. Let’s hope that by tomorrow I will be up and running again!



…so the world just went mad. Brexit, Trump, Zuma. They’ve let the patient’s take over the asylum. Damnit, I’m sad and frustrated to be watching these events unfold. And yes, I know the impact on my day to day life is small, I still feel aggrieved that all this craziness is unleashed on my world. Anyway. I cannot dwell on it, otherwise I may just loose my faith in humanity…

In other news my bests from CT are all here visiting, so it has been an awesome treat to catch up with them. The weather took a turn for the HOT, and we spent yesterday chilling in one of their parent’s gardens for the day – blissful – except for the phone calls through the afternoon.

The whole on call with no relief thing has begun. 3 nights down, 10 to go. 2 deliveries done. I’m hanging in there…

And so

….2 weeks on call starts today. Flip, I am not super excited about it. I just hope I get the chance to catch my breath every now and again. It’s going to be a challenge to maintain a sense of humour and a modicum of balance through this process. But I have had a good week, so hopefully I am ready for this.

In other news, the Cape Town buddies arrive for a visit this weekend! Yay! It will be good to catch up and reminisce together! Jacqui and TAFKAD, I am ready for you guys! Come on over!

Anyway, not much other news – have good weekends all of you beautiful people, see you on the flip side!



…so, let’s talk about my running. May was a disaster, June is looking a little better, but I am playing catch up, which is a bit of a mare. But I have been having some various therapies in the last litre while to try to help my aching left leg/hip/body. I feel a bit like one of my patients from the Transkei, in my early days, “Doctor, the whole left side of my body is paining!” Anyway, in the quest to try to resynch my left side I’ve looked at various therapies…

  1. Physio – is where I started, as I tend to do. JM wasn’t sure what was happening, suspecting a hip joint issue. X-rays said joint looked fine, they recommended an MRI, I declined that… Couple of physio sessions – no real change.
  2. Biokinetics – Next stop was the bio, who said she reckoned my legs were very weak for a runner (my physio agrees with this), 3 weeks of exercises and rest – slightly better, but not gone.
  3. Chiropracter – while seeing the chiro for a spasm in my left paraspinal muscles, I mentioned the hip thing to him, he went off on a tangent,not listening to me at all, said it was my SI joint, which we know it isn’t, manipulated that, and my neck, left my with a 3 day headache and no change in my leg or back pain…
  4. Bowen therapy – now, this is a bit more unconventional than what I am used to, but I have running mates who SWEAR by this! It’s an interesting technique of rolling the muscle, and kinda flicking the tendon. You get left between manipulations for the pressure point to react. I’ve had 2 of these sessions, and I have to say, that since yesterday’s one I feel a lot more easy! A lot! So maybe I am about to become a convert too.

I am having a rest day today, and will run again tomorrow, and I guess that will be the tell. I really hope I am getting to the place where things are bit easier, and I get to run pain free again! Knysna is looming!



…Captain Squiff!

IMG_5385 IMG_5389 IMG_5397

Is he not just the cutest? In a fit of madness, when the offer of a pup came along; after considering that it would probably be good for our Ntombi to have a brother/child of her own; we said, “Yes!” And yesterday he came to his forever home!

Wonderful weekend

…what a wonderful long weekend this was! I took the time off, made the most of it, slept and rested and ate and ran (a bit). It was good!

On Thursday morning we packed up and headed out to the beach house. we quickly unpacked the cold stuff and headed off to friends at a village nearby. The girls went for a trot while the boys watched children and dogs, and then after a beer and a shower, we had a great relaxed and lazy braai. Thandi decided that she has some new best friends too, after being completely enamoured with some of the older children she was hanging with. So cheers to Alyx and Marley who kept her entertained the whole afternoon! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on a perfect South African winter’s day…

Friday became a day of chores, when we arrived back at the beach house on Thursday evening we discovered that we had no hot water, so we had to get our tame and friendly electrician out to sort the blown element out on Friday morning. I had an appointment in town quite early, so I headed off, had a hot shower at home and headed off to our local Bowen therapy practitioner. ┬áMy hip and leg are still not better, despite conventional physio, rest and some exercises from the biokinetesist, so this was the next step to take. She reckons it’s some kind of an old injury, and will need a few sessions to see a difference, so here goes nothing. While in town, we ran some chores, got a round of Adventure Golf (modern day putt-putt) and then it was back to the sea for a glorious sunset walk on the beach…

Friday night we went to one of the neighbouring villages, had a great dinner with friends, and got to listen to some good live music – always a treat in our neck of the woods. It was another spectacular evening, with the kids all dozing off, and us enjoying a more grown up evening…

It was also really nice to solidify some friendships – people who you have touched base with on the odd occasion through your lives, and now becoming very special people to us – both Charlie and I have enjoyed that chance. Thanks BC and MC!

Saturday and Sunday were a lot quieter – we walked a parkrun – correct that endured a parkrun with our moany pants, and then retreated for a day of walking on the beach, snoozing and chilling… We watched the rugby with half an eye, enjoyed a nice family dinner, and then an early night all round. Sunday was another spectacular day weather wise, and a walk on the beach was a must. My parents joined us for a celebratory Father’s Day braai- another good day!

Here is to another good week!


That moment when…

…you see a missed call from your Dad, and it’s a heart sink moment, because he mentioned my Mom hadn’t been well when I chatted to him yesterday. Only to discover he has a new cell phone (finally) and cannot figure out how it all works, so the call was in error. Laughing but wanting to beat him!