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The next installment 

…so after 4 nights with the Scottish family, we left with huge lumps in our throats and headed off for the next part of our holiday. I am just so thrilled that Thandi and I got to meet these cousins of Charlie’s; they were fabulous! 

all dressed up in Scotland! 
We headed south towards Argyll with some stops along the way. Checking out Loch Ness in better weather and exploring Urquhart Castle. So beautiful. 

Then we met our German friends who came across to join us for a couple of days. 

Loved the ceilings in Stirling Castle. The tribe outside Doune Castle the view over Loch Crenan on a perfect evening. James Bond’s filming site from Skyfall. Totally gorgeous drive. Crazy kids, so happy to see each other again! Jump for joy in a Henge.such great friends! 

Together we explored Kilmartin, Oban, Loch Etive, Glencoe, Inveraray Castle, Doune Castle, Deanston distillery, Stirling Castle and the William Wallace Memorial. 

So special to see our friends and explore this neck of the woods. To all our disappointments, the booked Seaplane tour from Loch Lomond over the West Coast was cancelled due to bad weather; and we unable to rebook that. But never mind; we had such special times. 


…not seals, not doof-doof music, but book! Last night was fun – I cooked up my Bavarain feast – obazda and pretzels (a creamy camembert cheese spread/dip); käsespätzle (german macaroni cheese) with a green salad and a cucumber dill salad and then (non german) cinnabons for dessert. A carb fest without a doubt, but super delicious! It was nice to see the girls again, and there was lots of catching up, lots of news, lots of scandal. I did enjoy that.

I also managed to get 2 hours of painting in yesterday…

So, it’s just awaiting my signature, but its done! And I started on my next one. I have really loved getting back into the painting. I find it fills me with joy to see something come together on the canvas. I had forgotten how much joy it gives.

And with that, there are 4 more sleeps…



more sleeps! Flip there is a lot to do before I leave, but I am slowly turning my to do list into a ta dah list! All our documents are in order – my flip file is done, itinerary typed up, Thandi is just finishing a picture for the front of it. Packing lists are being finalised. Most of the forex stuff is sorted. I am getting there. Winning!

Today I am hosting book club – I will be presenting a bavarian feast once again – can you tell I am missing my German friends? So this afternoon I’ll be preparing for that, then I am going to shoot to my art class, I am desperate for some creative time – I wish I could spend all day painting? But I don’t feel confident enough to go on without my teacher yet, so I have to be patient with myself. And after a few hours there, it’ll be back home to host the girls! Should fill my bucket to get through the next few nights on call this weekend.

High School

…reunion! There is nothing that makes one feel old quite like your high school reunion – and its now 25years (!!!!!) since I matriculated. How is that possible? Really? I swear it was just the other day; but then again, it feels like for ages ago!

So last night was the Old Girls’ Guild dinner (yes, I was at a girls only school) at the local golf club, and that was quite fun! It was really nice to see a good few people out, and especially one girl who I have definitely not seen since school – life does take people away from you, so reconnections (if they happen) are special! There was lots of laughter as we reminisced. And it’s so nice to be free of all those teenage hangups we had! The dinner was ok, the formalities a bit cringe worthy, but the wine and laughter flowed!

Today is the Founders’ Day assembly that I can’t attend; but tonight is our class’s social function. No ceremony and speeches, no drama, just friends and catching up at a small local restaurant. It’ll be a bigger function tonight, some girls don’t really like the formality of last night’s function, so I suspect it’ll be more raucous. Just as well I am on call, so will have to behave! Nice!

(You can probably tell from this post that I actually loved school. By the time I finished I was ready to go, but I really did enjoy those years. Despite some bullying in early high school, despite awkward teenage years, I thrived!)

Weekend spin!

…showee! It was hectic!

My weekend started early on Friday morning, when we hit the road to our neighbouring city to sort out our visas for our Scotland trip. It’s quite a palava (no, autocorrect, not a pavlova)- I had a huge file of documents that had to be submitted. The system wasn’t too awful; but there was a bit of a delay that almost drove me crazy – when you are the only people in the facilitation centre and they make you wait and wait and wait for 40 minutes to take your photo and take your fingerprints! (This after they made me remove all the staples from my paperwork – about 37000 of them – ok, so that’s an exaggeration but it was a lot, because there was a lot of evidence they wanted!) Anyway, once that was done we had a yummy lunch with a friend of mine and then it was back home.

Home to the launch of our Wild Women calendar! We had a fun evening, and the calendar is totally awesome! Very tastefully done, very discrete, and some gorgeous photos. I forgot to bring the disc with me to work, so I’ll post a few pictures, and if anyone wants a calendar – let me know – and I’ll see if I can get it posted to you! They’re R150 each and ALL of that goes to our charities, because everyone donated their time and resources.

I managed to get 2 runs in this weekend. Neither of them were pretty – I am struggling at the moment – my calves feel super tight and my hip flexor on the left is niggling. I think an appointment with my chiro and some dry needling are in order. But glad with my mileage – 11km on Saturday and 24 yesterday. Although yesterday was interspersed with tears and lots of stretching. Character building I tell you. Character building.

In other TAFKAD is in town – yay! She’s here for a family wedding and our school reunion – 25 years <insert appropriately horrified emoji her> so nice to see her and catch up!


Saying goodbye

…so we have a few more hours with our friends before they fly off to Germany, ‘for good’ and I put that in inverted commas because it won’t really be forever. At this stage, I know they would love to come back to SA – and that’s maybe a 4-6 year plan. And we are already planning trips together – they are joining us for 5 days in Scotland! And let’s face it, social media and all its trappings have made the world a very small place. So thanks to Skype, FaceTime and what’s app calling we are just a bit and a byte apart.

But, it still is going to sting, I’m going to have incredible sad and lonely days; Thandi will miss her bestie, Charlie will miss those quiet masculine times with his bro; but I’m choosing to look on the bright side – Scotland is a mere 11 weeks away! (You take the high road, I’ll take the low road, and I’ll be in Scotland before you!)

I will remember our days of laughter and fun. Days of doing exciting things together, fun and laughter, a very occasional tear and lots of lovely wine we shared.

 Our crazy days of getting tattoos together and sharing so much love!

I never had a sister, but I have been blessed by a sisterhood of friends, and you are a very dear sister to me now! Now travel well, and come home soon!

So where am I

…in this journey of mine?

Our German friends are leaving on Monday. We were away with them in the Karoo over the weekend, they continued their break and got back yesterday. They’re staying with us, and it is all a little intense right now. I am not looking forward to them leaving.

I need to sort out the visas for our trip – Spanish and UK for me, UK for Charlie and Thandi. Although, if Charlie sorted out his passport then I wouldn’t need to sort that one out.

My dad continues to be miserable. Depressed, sad and lost. I am still out of ideas there.

My running is ok. I am needing to start to increase the mileage; the Loch Ness Marathon is in 11 weeks. I can do this!

My headaches are a bit better. It appears that they have been largely caused by my latest ailment – hypertension. It’s a diagnosis I am extremely pissed off about – I am fit, only slightly overweight, eat well, exercise well and only battle with work stress. Grrr… But I am more than happy to take the treatment, because it has helped my head, and I have seen the ravages of what hypertension in Dawny.