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it’s real

…the struggle to be positive. Especially after a poor night’s sleep. Ugh, the coughing woke me up again last night. This is insane! Oh well, I am still alive…

My positives yesterday – I’m hosting my annual Valentine’s Dinner this weekend, so last night I started working on some of the foodie creations I am making for it! I think I have my entire menu sorted out, my decor is 99% sorted out and at lunch today I need to run out for a few things, then its just to finalise the last few fresh things I’ll need, and I am ready to cook! I am looking at some interesting recipes – wish I had time to try them all!

The only problem with searching for recipes and ideas on the interwebs is the I get sucked down the rabbit hole; and 2 hours later I realise my bladder is bursting and my eyes are burning; and I am going to have too few hours sleep…

I will share photos from my dinner and spill all the beans when it is done – my girlfriends read this, and I won’t give any surprises away. It is themed as a night at the Oscars, complete with awards for everyone!n Watch and see and drool!


… my year of tremendous highs and horrendous lows. Above all, a year that taught me endurance.

My lows – in a word I could describe this as my year of loss. In January our divine nanny, Thandi’s second mother Noxy left us for a new opportunity, the chance to live full time with both her children, a chance that we couldn’t begrudge her. In February my dear mom died. I miss her everyday with an aching heart. In July our German friends left and what a blow that was to everyone, loosing such dear friends to another continent. Thankfully social media has made the world very small. At the end of August we closed the doors on our little dream project, my little deli, Salut. Hard to close up, but a completely cold financial decision and it has now revealed the true extent of its destruction of almost all my savings.

The highs – 2 marathons, one ultra marathon and a stage trail have been some good runnings highs for me. I’m very proud of what I have achieved running given the rest of my life. Winning the Regional BWA businesswomen achiever award in August was a lovely indictment of my work achievements. Someone has noticed, someone thought I was the most successful professional woman in my city. Good one!Our holiday to Scotland was just fabulous – sights, sounds, food, family, divine.

And through it all, the highs and lows I’ve been blessed with incredible friends and the most special family. Without Thandi and Charlie, this girl wouldn’t have survived this tumultuous year. Thank you both for standing by my side through the proverbial thick and thin; and thanks for agreeing to join me on the adventures that 2018 will no doubt bring.

To my friends in the computer, thanks for being there with a comment or a like; thanks for blogging and letting me have a glimpse of your lives; stay awesome, keep blogging.

The agony

… oh my… a dear friend of mine who has been through an awful awful divorce and whose new husband lives 1000km from her heard last night that if she proceeds with a move to be with her new husband, her children will have to remain with their father, according to the court. Watching her crumble and crumple was almost too much to bear. It’s any mother’s nightmare, it’s a disaster. 

And knowing what I do about her former husband, and her children, I am speechless. 

Justice and Mercy, where are you? 


…with the girls. So last night was book club. It was a good catch up; one of our members, Justice is moving to PTA at the end of the year, so it was one of our lasts. We laughed up a storm; planned a weekend away together and drank some bubbles, and I crafted my first batch of macarons after my course. 

Chocolate macarons with a hazelnut praline filling and a chocolate fruit macaron with a caramel cheesecake filling. Yum! They came out well, they tasted good; awesome wow factor! Yay!

Chasing up

…so last night my running friends and I hit the local Mexican spot. It felt so sneaky being out in a Monday night, the best part was that the restaurant was quiet! I love it when things are easy. 

The meal was good – I had a chorizo, prawn and black bean quesadilla, which was good! The spice was just right, not too hot, not bland. With a touch of extra gaucomole, yum! The frozen margaritas were also flipping delicious. I was a bit conservative and had a traditional one, but my friends got experimental – kiwi and cucumber (so good) ; mango and chili (interesting; almost savory!). 

The naughty feeling hasn’t left me; and now I feel like I did at varsity most Tuesday mornings – ready to go back to bed! I’m yawning my head off! 

The next installment 

…so after 4 nights with the Scottish family, we left with huge lumps in our throats and headed off for the next part of our holiday. I am just so thrilled that Thandi and I got to meet these cousins of Charlie’s; they were fabulous! 

all dressed up in Scotland! 
We headed south towards Argyll with some stops along the way. Checking out Loch Ness in better weather and exploring Urquhart Castle. So beautiful. 

Then we met our German friends who came across to join us for a couple of days. 

Loved the ceilings in Stirling Castle. The tribe outside Doune Castle the view over Loch Crenan on a perfect evening. James Bond’s filming site from Skyfall. Totally gorgeous drive. Crazy kids, so happy to see each other again! Jump for joy in a Henge.such great friends! 

Together we explored Kilmartin, Oban, Loch Etive, Glencoe, Inveraray Castle, Doune Castle, Deanston distillery, Stirling Castle and the William Wallace Memorial. 

So special to see our friends and explore this neck of the woods. To all our disappointments, the booked Seaplane tour from Loch Lomond over the West Coast was cancelled due to bad weather; and we unable to rebook that. But never mind; we had such special times. 


…not seals, not doof-doof music, but book! Last night was fun – I cooked up my Bavarain feast – obazda and pretzels (a creamy camembert cheese spread/dip); käsespätzle (german macaroni cheese) with a green salad and a cucumber dill salad and then (non german) cinnabons for dessert. A carb fest without a doubt, but super delicious! It was nice to see the girls again, and there was lots of catching up, lots of news, lots of scandal. I did enjoy that.

I also managed to get 2 hours of painting in yesterday…

So, it’s just awaiting my signature, but its done! And I started on my next one. I have really loved getting back into the painting. I find it fills me with joy to see something come together on the canvas. I had forgotten how much joy it gives.

And with that, there are 4 more sleeps…