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It’s here

…the day of the dinner has arrived! Wowee! I’m a bit stressed and wrung out, but hey, I trust all will go well, and will update you all tomorrow! Or, if you can find me, you can follow me on Twitter!

Forward planning

…so, as tomorrow night draws near, I am preparing for this dinner, and I have a few things to share. The decor has kept me busy, but I really enjoyed doing it –

This is the placemat, with bunting across the top, and a jack-o-lantern in the corner. There is a whole lot more bunting which will be draped across the table too. I also have a host of plastic spiders and ants which will adorn the table, with wilting roses.

Then let’s talk food. The amuse bouche is going to be my take on a chilli popper, a mild-moderate chilli, stuffed with cream cheese, and drizzled with caramalized sugar. The starters is my (gaining fame) pumpkin and gooseberry broth, Mains, let me show you…

the blood aka beetroot risotto, served with fillet, caramalised onions and chevin

 and then there is dessert, chocolate tart, served with some ghosts!

I really hope all will turn out well, Today is the great ingredient hunt. If woolies doesn’t deliver everything I need, I will be dashing around searching for the missing ingredients – see why we need a deli in this neck of the woods! Anyway, I am quite excited now, but want it done! I am glad of my help (isn’t she cute?)- and DrHF who will arrive tomorrow afternoon. Let the games begin!

Made it

…through to Monday. Halleluhah! For a moment there, between the 6 babies this weekend, Charlie’s errant employee who absconded from a job and my in-laws visiting; I wasn’t quite sure I would make it through in one piece. But I did, and I am on quite a high this morning for it. Or maybe that’s because I had a glass of wine last night after my final delivery for the evening. Hmm..

This week holds quite some stress and worry. It’s going to be busy, as I prepare for my week off. The week off isn’t going to be only recreation, I’ll be doing my course, and really need to do some catching up with some academic work. Gotta earn my points! But before I get to the week when my phone turns off, I have to get through this monstrous work load, cook this fundraiser dinner on wednesday and be some kind of a mom and wife. Oh well. Planning for the dinner is coming along nicely. Tonight some of the preparation begins. I’m going to start on one of the dessert components. Let’s hope I get it all right! Tomorrow I will share my menu and where I am in the execution.

Anyway, have great mondays (ja, right)! Mine is going to be hectic!

Of busy days

…and tired days. Wowee the last few days have been hectic! Since that Tuesday to end all Tuesdays I feel like I just have not caught my breath! There have been babies, and admissions, and drama! Oh well, next friday I am off to the Mother City, so I can breath then I guess.

In between I have been working on my Halloween dinner, getting table decor planned and prepped, finalising the menu and just mentally preparing for this whole event. Although I am looking forward to it, I am also looking forward to it being over! I am also rerally cheffed that DrHF will coincidentally be here for that night, and will be able to be my assistant in the kitchen. It’ll be really cool to have a buddy to help out with everything. Hopefully I will get all those extra bits and bobs done over the weekend, so that next week is just about the cooking.

This weekend is an on call one, and my brother-in-law and family will be down to visit Charlie’s parents. So I think it will be a busy one, by the looks of things! Hope you all have awesome ones!

Tired birdy…

…so, started my day at 05h30 yesterday, then 6 babies later it was 02h30 this morning, and all of a sudden, it was 06h00, and time to get up.

I fought a war

..with the grumps, and I think I’m winning. It was touch and go yesterday at a few points, but a quiet evening of crafting and I felt better. Seriously though, this is a battle I am waging. When the world throws as much at me as it did yesterday I feel rather assaulted. I got home to a very unhappy little girl who had bumped her head, and had a serious case of the winey no’s, I nearly went crazy! But she settled down well for the night, and is a smily little lady again this morning.

I promised photos, here we go…

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Cooking mojo

…is back! Yay! What a fun weekend I had!

Friday night I got home to Charlie having planned a date night for us, without me even knowing – supercool of him! After a great workout with Gusto, I showered, got myself dollied p and off we went, started with a drink at nearby cocktail lounge, then headed off to one of the beachside restuarants, and had ourselves a lovley little evening! We both had kudu fillet to eat (delicious!) and shared some Altydgedacht Barbera, which was also delicious!

Saturday dawned cold and still raining – I cannot quite believe how much rain our neck of the woods has had! Anyway, I got stuck into the kitchen early, preparing Youvetsi, which is a greek lamb and pasta dish – pure comfort food! You slow roast the lamb for about 6 hours! and then shred it into a delicious tomatoey, garlicky broth with Rosmarino Pasta (rice shaped pasta) and stir in some crumbly delicious feta. Definitely recommended! Then on Sunday I did some experimenting for my dinner in 10 days time, perfecting my risotto. Another delicious comfort meal… Yaya, the cooking mojo is definitely back, and I feel great after a creative weekend!

Yesterday the sun came out too, so we spent some time in the garden, what a pleasure to feel the sun on your face, gentle breeze cooling things down, and a happy healthy playful toddler running around discovering the mud! I’ll post some pictures later. She had a blast! In the afternoon we ewven managed a walk on the beach, which was fantastic! Everybody seemed to be there, revelling in the respite from the stormy weather.

So all in all, a good weekend, it is well with my soul.