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Day 155

…and what a great weekend we had! It really seems like this has been the summer of great weekends, good weather, wonderful friends and good eating!

Friday I developed the irrational grumps – sorry my love, so I sulked away the evening, knowing I was being ridiculous, but couldn’t shake them, but Saturday dawned a gorgeous day, and my mood definitely improved. Some early morning shopping, including lots of books on the EB sale and some things for Tenacious’s room, and we settled in at home around the pool. That evening we had a pizza evening with some new friends and some older ones, and had an evening of laughter, fun and (hopefully, at least I thought) great pizza. The best part was the clean p, taking all of about 20 min! Yay!

Sunday dawned another beautiful day, we had breakfast with my parents and then got some plants at the nursery, and then it was back to the pool. Now after our pizza’s on saturday evening, we popped a lamb roast into the pizza oven and by 14h00, it was ready, and the loaf of bread I made that morning too, so yummy slow roasted lamb, with homemade bread and salad for a late lunch – yummy! A killer afternoon nap rounded it all off – bliss! And just such special times with my Charlie, I collapse further and further in love with him… Bestest husband!

Day 152

…and its a magnificent day here, the skies are clear, no wind (yet), it looks great for the weekend! Yay for weekends when I am off! Not much planned except a pizza evening on saturday, the rest is Charlie, me and Tenacious time.

So the poll this week was interesting, most of you who replied (6/9) had babe in your room in a crib, we’re not qite sure of what we will do yet, but knowing we’re upstairs and babe would be downstairs, we’ll probably have 2 weeks or so in our room, then downstairs. I really need to start sorting things out, procrastination, thy persona is bird! Yesterday a friend gave me 2 huge shopping bags filled with maternity clothes, so last night after a fashion show, we sorted through them, figuring what fits and suits me, so now I at least have a few items to see me through. I might still do a bit of an internet shop though, but I am certainly not deprived! Thanks to SAC and all her friends!

And on that note, I must work, hope all my peeps have great weekends!

Day 151

…and we’re bouncing! Wowee! We’re already waching my tummy with the life of its own as Tenacious bounces along. Incredible!

So last night was bookclub and it seemed to go down well. We started with parma ham and artichoke tarts, which MJ declared the best starter I have ever given her! Then mains was Parmesan Chicken, which L claimed she couldn’t get into her mouth quickly enough and pudding was Terrine de Chocolate Noir, which had everyone swooning! It was delicious! I do have a picture of it, but I haven’t uploaded it, and left the camera card at home – sorry, you will just have to imagine layers of lightly flavoured orange sponge layered with extremely rich and delicious chocolate mousse, served with a caramel fudge sauce… ridiculos, even if I say so myself!

The conversation last night was good, lots of debate and discussion, catching up on all the holiday news, fabulosity! One theme emerged at the end of the evening, and it seems that some of my friends aren’t sure I am excited enough about Tenacious; I am, I am ridiculously excited, but it is tempered with a healthy dose of reality that comes with the work I do. In one week, we lost a 22 weeker (where I am this weekend), and yesteday I delivered a 27 weeker at 800gm (that’s only 6 weeks ahead of me!), so forgive my cautious, it ain’t over till the baby is in my arms, atitude. I’m having lots of fun watching everyone guessing what we’re having, lots of differing opinions, theories and atitudes – very funny! What I do know is that T is a healthy babe (for now) as am I (for now) and today, that’s what matters most.

Day 150

150 days pregnant, how the time does fly! I had an easy morning this morning, I’m usually in theatre, but had little to do, so after I was done at the hospital, Charlie and I went to see our favourite carpenter to make us a chest of drawers that we can use in Tenacious’s room as a compactum, and that afterwards we’ll be able to use for other stuff. He’s done lots of work for me in the past, and it is always magnificent, so I can’t wait to see what he comes up with this time. Then it was home to prep for bookclub, everything aside from sauce for the mains, sauce for the pudding and the salad is done. The table is laid, the books have been collected from the corners of my house, so I am ready! I’ll put the menu out tomorrow, and hopefully there’ll be some top notch reviews of it all.

I think we might have to make polls a wednesday thing, so today’s is…

Day 149

…and I’ve held out a little on you guys, no, we don’t know what Tenacious is, other than a baby! But my scan on saturday confirmed that my placenta is praevia, which means that it is covering the cervix, which means that it lies between Tenacious and the cervix, which means that, unless it ‘moves’ a vaginal delivery won’t be possible. (there was a lot of meaning in that sentence) I am rather bleak about that, I really wanted to have a vaginal delivery, because I am going to have to be back at work after 6 weeks, and I’d far rather not be recovering from a caesar. Also I am already dreading the condemnation from my patients… Admittedly, there is a chance that it will ‘move’, as the uterus grows, it can lift out of the lower segment of the uterus, but from what I could see, the position of this placenta doesn’t look particularly inclined to move. Hmph…

Tomorrow night is bookclub, and I’m deciding on my men, I looked at all my new cookbooks from christmas, and have decided to rather go for some old favourites, I’ll reveal the menu later, but I can promise the dessert will be spectacular!

Day 148

..and after a very rainy trip, we are back from the neighbours (again) after our fetal anomoly scan, and we have a healthy baby! After an early departure, we had a quick breakfast and then it was off to meet the doctor, who after an hour pronounced our Tenacious healthy and fine. So all looking good for now! I had to avert my eyes a couple of times during the scan, so that we didn’t see the ‘bits’, and so we still live in blissful ignorance. I then tried to do some shopping, only to discover that many of the baby shops closed at 13h00, so arriving at 13h15 didn’t help – oh well… internet shopping! The trip home was awful, it was pouring with rain and the roads were very wet and slippery, poor Charlie was exhausted by the time we arrived. Anyway, safe and sound we were.

And yesterday we had lunch with old friends, talked nonsense all afternoon, caught up on all the news, and had yummy roast beef, with all the trimmings. Not that I am boasting, but man, I make a fine roast potato! I even sent Charlie on a trip down memory lane with apple and gooseberry crumble, the first dessert I made for him on our blind date, that initiated his interest in me!

Day 145

Thanks for the feedback on the nappies, it has been very thought provoking, Charlie and I will have lots to consider.

On a complete down note, early this morning I was called to see a patient who I saw once at 11 weeks in November last year, who arrived, fully dilated in unstoppable labour, now 22 weeks. The teeny baby delivered and lived for 2 hours after delivery… She was only 1 week ahead of me… I cramped the rest of the night, while Tenacious kicked and kicked and kicked, my heart is feeling very fragile this morning, and I am terrified…