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Day 87

…and this afternoon we are off to the mothercity for tomorrow we scan. I’m feeling quite relaxed about the whole thing, which is different to anything else related to the pregnancy, so I guess that’s a good thing. I suppose I’m of the atitude that, given everything we have been through already I can’t believe that any other complications could arise now. Maybe that’s naive, but hey. I’m also really looking forward to catching up with my old CT friends, a taste of old times!

The arm is behaving itself, it’s not too sore, and I have only needed 4 paracetamols in total, so that’s not bad. While the sling is hot and uncomfortable, and rubbing my neck raw, its better than a cast, so I am grateful for that. And the novelty of time off is still there, so I’m not quite bored yet, but everyday I realise more and more what a disability it is.

Anyway, I mst go and attempt to pack, with Nox’s help, I’ll be back blogging as soon as I can!

Day 85 or What I did this weekend

…decided I didn’t much like my elbow, so I broke it.

For those who can spot the break, well done, its at the top of the narrow bone on the left. Ouch! And because of tenacious (who is doing fine, I checked, thank heavens), I can use paracetamol only… Anyway, 1 day down. still sore this morning, but I’m coping. Poor Charlie is carrying the can, he’s dressing me, helping me up and down, cooking for me, cutting up my food into bite sized pieces – how sad is that – but he’s being my champion, I’m blessed with this magnificent man!

Day 82

…and its the weekend, baby!

What a relief, this has been a very difficult week, with such potentially sick patients. Its been a bittersweet week, with great clinical decisions, and diagnostics, but tragic outcomes. Our remaining triplet is still fighting for his life, so far, so good, but so small, and such a long journey to make. Please keep baby Caleb in your thoughts.

This weekend is going to be a busy one from a social point of view, double date tonight with friends, farewell tomorrow, birthday party tomorrow too, and then I hope to collapse in a heap! I’m looking forward to doing some catching up with friends, having been away, on call and so busy I feel like I’ve missed out on so much news! Anyway, I still need to get through today, and it’s definitely going to be a busy one, so best I get on with it. Have great days, and brilliant weekends!

Day 81

…and the triplets have delivered. I have been on the go since 01h30, so I am a tad frazzled this morning. Sadly, we have lost 2 of them, and the 3rd is in ICU, hanging in there, but obviously in some grave danger at 23 weeks, weighing 650gm. Spare a thought for grieving,  hopeful parents and grandparents this morning. It’s not an easy journey.

Since I grew a baby in my tummy, I have found it increasingly difficult to maintain my usual exterior calmness with situations like this, and I had to force the control back this morning. Sentimental old softy, me. Knowing that this couple walked the same IVF roads I did, makes it very close to home, and knowing too how many successful triplet pregnancies I have seen and looked after adds to a sense of injustice for this family. Life just ain’t fair, and while I am aware of the living dancing miracle in my belly, God feels somewhat distant today.

Day 80

…and 200 to go! Can hardly believe it.

I am somewhat swamped at work, and need to call on my peeps to spare a thought for a patient, who at 23 weeks is in great danger of losing her triplets. She is in strong preterm labour and isn’t really responding to therapy. She is, in fact, my associate’s patient, but he is away, so I am trying to look after her; the other associate and I have a plan, its a daring, and seldom seen rescue mission, and we are hoping, beyond hope, to save at least one of these precious babies. In this age of miracles, I must believe it is possible.

Day 79

Last night, a dear old friend of mine delivered her second baby girl. Welcome to the world Sara Alison! Hope she brings her mom and dad lots of joy and happiness!

Day 78

…and I am a tired birdie, after an extrememly interuppted night last night with calls from midnight on, I didn’t get too much sleep. I can tell you, I’m not scared of a baby and those sleepless nights. 

The weekend wasn’t too bad work wise, until last night, there was a steady stream of work, nothing too hectic, nothing too dramatic. On friday night, Charlie and I had a mini date night, we ate at the little organic eatery, wow, their food is just so good, I am always blown away by the complexity of flavours,  We both had their calamari starter – delicious! And I had their line fish for mains, while Charlie had their espatada – impressive dish! After an early night, I spend saturday morning at work, and then headed off to a very blustery stork party in the afternoon. In the evening, Charlie made a little braai, and we had some tasty ribs for supper. Sunday after some work, we headed off to lunch with friends C&A, had a great meal with them, spending the afternoon in the shade outdoors – fresh air with minimal wind is good! Then we tried to have a quiet evening, I was feeling quite crampy and uncomfortable, but to no avail, the hospital needed me….

Not much else to report at this stage, I’m just ready for a hopefully quiet evening in front of the box.