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Merry Christmas

… to you and your families. I hope you are making some incredible memories.

I’m trying hard to emulate my Dawny this season, when everything had to be just so – from her special biscuits, to Christmas Cake, to a roast dinner. It’s been a tough season, but today I woke up with a song in my heart.

Miss you Mom, lend a hand with Dad if you can.

What the elf did next

He’s been busy!

Having a Frozen inspired moment!

 getting stuck into a bag of homemade fudge – cheeky guy! Photo Booth!

We all know an evil genius (not really, I know) needs his minions!

Harry Potter came to town for a quidditch game!

Someone saws us baking and decided to get in on the deal – messy business!After a rainy day, last night someone got stuck into the drawing and colouring in.

(my brothers arrive tomorrow for a couple of days to see if they can help me out with our dad – relief!)


… to get that Christmas spirit going here, guys! Thandi and I had fun this weekend. We baked up a storm – biscuits, fudge, coconut ice, a gingerbread house. (I really appreciate how you can see the difference in her arms here – a permanent reminder of what she has endured this holiday in her splint – that left arm is pale, (look at her hands esp) and skinnier than the other)

We decorated our tree, we embellished the house, it’s been good to sort out, throw out where necessary and clean up. Getting things in order pleases me. The fact that there is a lot of mess first distresses me, but thereafter I am destressed.

(In my decluttering, tonight I tackle the spare room!)


…I am really relieved that all of the formal Christmas gatherings are now done. I have no commitments left to anyone, except my beautiful family. Book club, supper club, work – I can tick them all off my list. They’ve all been fun, I have enjoyed the events and functions, but I am burnt out and broken; and it’s hard to slap a happy face on and be jolly all the time, when inside I am just wanting to curl up into a little ball, go to sleep and hide away from the rest of the world…

What I am excited about is the adventures of Mungo, our elf on the shelf. He is having a whale of a time! Despite thinking he would only make an appearance this coming weekend, a certain someone developed FOMO, so the elf was beckoned…

He’s back!

getting tangled in some Christmas lights , and bringing a joke.

A high stakes monopoly game was underway!(I love how frazzled Elsa looks in this picture!)

Give an elf a shweshwe apron, and he’s a messy genius in the kitchen! (strawberry milkshake for the win!) (and some graffiti!)

BatElf and BatRosita save the day!

3…2…1… blast off!

6 days done, let’s see what the next 12 bring!

the grinch

…seems determined to steal my Christmas! I am sick, have a horrible cold, that is just lingering. My ear has been so blocked and sore since last night, it’s horrible. my voice is going too. And now I have some work that can not be delayed and must be done on Christmas Day.

Guys! I have a 5 year old, this just isn’t fair!

Bah bloody Humbug and a Merry Christmas to you too.

3 more

days to Christmas! Argh! It has been a crazy week, work has sabotaged me at the most inopportune times, and I haven’t got all the things done I need to. Tonight is my chance to tweak the last few decorations, brandy the Christmas cake, and make a batch of biscuits. I need to also make a dessert, which is one of those that kind of looks after itself, so I will get that done, and then tomorrow I marinate the meats and make sure I have the other things I need for an awesome celebration!

I have a few more gifts to wrap, and then it can come!

The blogosphere has been quiet, so I will send you my best wishes now, in case you don’t check in again. May you have the best time with friends and family, may your pudding be filled with coins, your tree adorned with decorations and your heart full! Merry Christmas!


… I think I can confidently say that I have had enough of the excesses of this years season. Phew! I am tired of all the eating and all the stuff and all the alls! (This is not sounding like me!) I usually embrace it all, but maybe because I have been working and things have ticked along despite this Christmas stuff, and maybe because I hate the fight for fridge space, the real struggle to keep things under control and the endless struggle to keep everyone else happy has just worn me down. Roll on some austerity measures! (god, I sound like a bad finance minister, don’t I?)

Anyway, next year I am vowing to try to keep it simpler, not sure how I do that, except by surrendering to the restaurant gods… Or maybe I’ll sign us up to volunteer somewhere for the day?