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Quiet reflection

…this morning I got my last run of the year in. It wasn’t pretty, it was very hot, and I was cramps, but I did it, and it gave me pause for thought. A 60 minute hiatus in what will, predictably, be a busy day. And I got to thinking about how incredible a year I have had…. so my year in photo highlights…

039This princess!

083 In JHB, our visa trip

049Valentine’s dinner

023Playing on the beach!


110 069 067 344 480 642 718 625 613 917

IMG_2001Someone turned 4, IMG_0755and someone turned 40!

IMG_1041My dancer  IMG_1914More beach time!

11935114_1477767702523867_2730217773915752461_oOpened my shop!


365Paris marathon

014 My half marathon PB, until 2 weeks later, when I ran a 2:04!

096Knysna Half

120Houtkapper trail

016 Hogsback trail

IMG_1421My second place in the nite series

IMG_2246 My first stage trail event, the FDT!

IMG_2685My princess on Christmas morning!

It’s been a good and full year! A year of many many highs. And I am so blessed.

Blessed to have a body that can run, blessed to have a brain and mind that work efficiently, allowing me to earn well to take care of and spoil my family well, blessed with beautiful friends and family, blessed with my blog readers (thanks for all the comments you guys!) blessed with this beautiful country in which we live. Blessed with my beautiful daughter, and blessed with my most excellent husband, Charlie!


… I think I can confidently say that I have had enough of the excesses of this years season. Phew! I am tired of all the eating and all the stuff and all the alls! (This is not sounding like me!) I usually embrace it all, but maybe because I have been working and things have ticked along despite this Christmas stuff, and maybe because I hate the fight for fridge space, the real struggle to keep things under control and the endless struggle to keep everyone else happy has just worn me down. Roll on some austerity measures! (god, I sound like a bad finance minister, don’t I?)

Anyway, next year I am vowing to try to keep it simpler, not sure how I do that, except by surrendering to the restaurant gods… Or maybe I’ll sign us up to volunteer somewhere for the day?

And so…

..that was Christmas. My tree is turning brown and shedding her needles, the decorations are starting to fall off the droopy branches, and the mess and clutter is starting to drive me muggy. So it’s time to pack it all away – the stockings, the gold baubles, the wreath, the speaking christmas bear, the nativity scene…

The weekend was mixed, moments of intense pleasure and beauty, times of excited insanity and a LOT of work. Christmas day itself saw 3 babies (Joshua, Gabriel and Lila) welcomed into the world, and lots of OBGYN work, along with a successful (I think) dinner for 16. It was really tough this year, juggling the busy OBGYN workload, mom desires and host duties. I don’t want to be the grinch, but next time, it might be on someone else’s shoulders to host (even if that someone else is a restaurant!) (I can’t believe I just said that, I don’t even recognise myself anymore!) (Good God!)

IMG_2685 Cutest smile when she realised Father Christmas had brought her exactly what she’d requested!

IMG_2693 Christmas table


IMG_2697 Playmobile with her bestie!

IMG_2703Lego friends!!!

Fun was had by all!

‘Twas the

…night before Christmas. And the babies don’t stop! but I have managed to throw off my funk from Tuesday. (Listening to Frosty the snowman repeatedly can just do that to one! ) I have cooked and prepared to the best of my ability now, and soon it will be time to celebrate this season. My Charlie’s family are all down, so we will have a house full on Friday – just as it should be – noisy, messy and chaotic (maybe I won’t mind getting called to the hospital!)

On that note – I wish you a wonderful Christmas, many blessings and a peaceful time. (and don’t eat too much trifle!)


…can I ask your leniency, and would you mind if I have a little rant? You see, I’m feeling very sorry for myself. I am working, and working hard while the rest of the world seems to be on holiday. And I’m feeling a tad sorry for myself. You see, there is the work and the demands of the patients, and I know they mean well, but if one more patient asks when I’m closing up for the season, I’ll scream. ‘You’re here for your appointment’, I want to growl, ‘how could I take time off?’ And really, you know for a couple of days, we tell all the babies in the world not to be born, so we could take your collective holiday.

Then there are the shops that are driving me crazy. Don’t we all eat the entire year? How is it that the shops are heaving at their seams only now? (except my shop, that is. It’s quiet, so come and shop there, please!) Argh! And don’t even get me started on the on line retailers – last night I was trying desperately to finalise my woolies order for Christmas (because, I don’t really have the time to get to said shops, because I am doing you PAP smear) and the page went down. And it isn’t the easiest interface to use, so I’d already been on the site for about 90 minutes. And it took another hour for me to get that finalised. An hour I could have slept (before being called by the hospital). 150 minutes of my life which I won’t get back…

And then my darling daughter, who I love beyond all measure cannot seem to sleep past about 4h30 at the moment. Dear Mother of God, I need to sleep! I am tired, cranky and getting woken up by work at all hours of the night, please could I just sleep until 5h30 or 6?

And let’s not even talk about my running. I have goals for next year, and I am seriously beginning to doubt that I will achieve them.

Ok. Cranky whiney session done. I can’t promise that I will be all happy and chirpy from here on out, but I will try.

Bah, bloody, humbug…

7 and 1

…7 years ago, plus one day we said we did, and Charlie, I still do, every day. Love you!


(and I promise that after these crazy couple of working days (3 babies on our anniversary!), we will celebrate properly!)

Where did it go?

…time, that is, this week? How is it that I blinked and it’s over almost? Jingoes!

Anyway, the week has been full! Monday night we bid the nieces farewell, and popped them back on the plane to JHB, ah, my heart was sore! As was Thandi’s. She was so brave while we said hello, but as we walked back to the car in the parking lot, there was a little quaver in the voice as she told me that she was very sad that her cousins were going home, and then, when I knelt to hug her, the tears flowed… Poor girl, so now she is planning that holiday to see her cousins in JHB. Cute kid!

Tuesday and wednesday were really busy days at the office. Yes, I know Wednesday was a public holiday, but I elected to work through it, so I could have yesterday off. An old school friend of mine is visiting her parents, she currently lives in the UK, and it worked out that yesterday was about the only day we could connect. So I worked wednesday, and then yesterday we headed out to the seaside village where her parents have retired, and spent the day with her family – it was so good to catch up, we slotted in, as though there hadn’t been 10 years since we last saw each other. And isn’t that one of the friendship tests? Oh it was so good! And her brother was there with his family from Zambia, so Thandi had some chommies to play with, and they had an absolute blast on the beach, splashing in the lagoon – making awesome memories. And she was cute, when it was home time, she protested loudly, because “Mom, you said we would go home at the nighttime” so I had to explain, that yes, the sun was still up, but it was 6pm! We have decided we will try to get the girls to stay in contact as ‘pen pals’. I know that’s quite an old fashioned idea, but I like the idea of writing letters and sending cards.

It really felt like an indulgent day – I, at least, got a taste of the holiday spirit. We drank tea, walked on the beach, had a great braai (with a Birdie made trifle for dessert – a Christmas test run – yum), we spoke, we shared our life experiences. Special times.

Ok, so here we go – it’s Friday, I’m on call probably from now until after Christmas. Wish me luck!