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On the eve of new year…

…its time for some reflection. It has been the best of times, and the worst of times.

Being married to Charlie has made all things possible, I’ve been told the first year of marriage is the most difficult, and if that’s the case, we’ll be just fine, thank you. I am even more in love with my patient, gentle, loving husband than I was yesterday, it just keeps getting better.

On the family front, we’ve had an interesting year. Charlie’s dad has been quite ill, after a stroke, but he seems to have stabilised now. My family has been all well, thank heavens, especially my mom, after her valve replacement and bypass 2 years ago, she just keep getting better, there is no stopping her! Our collective siblings have been well, and our nieces and nephews also just keep growing, achieving great things, its stunning! Pity we don’t see enough of them, but that’s life when we live all over the countryside!

Workwise for me, a particularly rough one. Since bidding farewell to my old associate, LFC, our practice has got busier and busier. I have done 75% more than last year – argh, and I naively thought it couldn’t get busier! And as things get busier, one sees more and more complications, so its been trying, dealing with sicker patients and more complicated pregnancies. The move to the new hospital happened, and that in itself was extremely stressful, but we are here now, settling in. My hope for the new year is that we find a new associate, to alleviate some of the stress.

Travelwise, we didn’t do awfully much, but we did visit Mozambique for the first time, which was spectacular! There were a couple of trips to CT and JHB, which always tend to be a bit rushed. This year we hope to visit Namibia, and maybe ski at Tiffendale! And I’m sure there’ll be the odd conference to the big cities (yay shopping trips!)

New years resolutions – ah – I’ll tell you about those tomorrow. For now, Lets just reflect and celebrate the end of 2009

Shattered nerves…

… I am exhausted. After being on call since 21 December, including christmas, I was really hoping for a reasonable week, and instead I have been up most of the last 2 nights with babies coming. They do seem to like coming at god forsaken hours, don’t they? Anyway, its all wonderfully miraculous, and they’re all healthy babes, but still, I am buggered!

Tonight Donzil is coming over for supper, yay, so cool to have her in town. I’m going to make paella (bought loads of seafood, mussels, prawns, calamari, crayfish and some kingklip), and then some pastes de nata (only the best portuguese custard tarts ever)for pudding. Then hopefully I sleep. I am so anxious about my nights now, though, that I am battling to get some rest. Bring on tomorrow, when I can throw caution to the wind, have a glass of wine, and sleep with no fear of phone calls. We’re heading out to the beach house again, (double yay!) some family time, beach time, and most importantly, time out!

Birthday Greetings

Today my handsome nephew, MCS, celebrates his 15th birthday; and my gorgeous neice, ANS, celebrates her 11th birthday! Happy birthday to you two special kids! Lets hope this year brings lots of exciting times, happiness and fulfilled dreams! Sorry we don’t get a face to face catch up.

My dear brothers somehow got it right, and had their first born children on the same day! Now their opinion is that I must arrange that to happen with my first born one day (‘If anyone can do it, you can, you’re the gynae’ is the comment!) As if!

And so, that was Christmas

And, so, I guess that was Christmas. An enormously frustrating weekend for me, family time and some sadness.

Frustrating, because I was on call, and you cannot believe what people will call their doctor about over a long weekend; because you cannot believe what brings people to hospital; because people just don’t listen to their doctors. Only one babe was welcomed into the world by me, a little girl on boxing day; I did declare her mother the undisputed champion mom of boxing day.

Family time was good, we had Charlie’s family and my parents over on Christmas eve, for the dinner to end all dinners. Even Charlie’s teenage nephews declared defeat on the food – he, he, I did good! We swopped some presents, and then I went off to midnight mass, shoe-wee, I was shattered! I was really spoilt by my husband, and got diamond earrings and the new Justin Bonello cook book, Cooked in Africa, so spoilt!! Charlie got a beautiful reidel decanter, which I hope he will enjoy.

And the sadness, well, I really am missing my family, my folks went out to the beach house immediately after christmas dinner, and my brothers have been with their in-laws in different towns. So, while I’ve seen lots of my in-laws, not much of my family; and phone calls aren’t really the same, as a great big bear hug (my brothers are big boys) and a chat and a walk down memery lane, sharing our memories. Anyway, maybe next year!

The other big sadness has been saying goodbye to the Shores, you will remember I went to see them in Cape Town last month, and last night they winged their way across continents and oceans to find their new home in Canada. Hamba Gahle JMC&A. Keep the roots well watered and you will grow well. See you in 2 years for that white christmas!

Christmas Geetings

And so its Christmas eve. And I guess, time for reflection. Family is so important, and at this time of the year, there is often tension and stress, I seem to be relatively protected at the moment, with being at work, but, I am missing my brothers and their families, I’m even missing my parents, even though they are just at beach house. I have that feeling I used to have, when I used to live far from home, of being a bit lonesome, and slightly sad. Maybe the events of the last day have influenced that (another patient lost her baby – not one of my girls, and tragically a baby lost her mom), and I am really tired, and maybe this year has just been too much…

That being said, tonight I have all of Charlie’s family joining us for dinner, and my parents, I am sure it will be special. I have cooked, marinaded, wrapped and sewed. This afternoon some more cooking, and decorating are planned. Tommorrow, I will play the Christmas Elf and do some delivering of gifts, and spreading the christmas cheer to friends.

To my readers, I wish you and yours a fantastic and very blessed Christmas. Let’s all sing Happy Birthday to Jesus tonight.

Merry bloody christmas

Fuck, a patient of mine lost her baby today, I should be sending her home on Christmas Day, with her gorgeous newborn boy, instead she has a funeral to arrange. Ain’t life sweet?

Its getting hot in here

Shoe-wee! With temperatures in the 30’s at the mo’, its cooking! Not quite the 40+ degrees of upington. Sure wish that pool of ours was finished! And our drought isn’t quite broken yet, so rain now wouldn’t be bad! Nevertheless we shall enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Work has been so strange. We’re really fully booked, but people are obviously thinking (like I would) – ugh, gynae appointment, rather not – and not showing up, or just clean forgetting about it, so having lots of strange gaps, which really is rather frustrating. Anyway, I’ll cope with some peacefulness here.

Christmas is really closing in now, and the pressure on those gifts is picking up. Just still busy on the last one, an embroidered tablecloth for my parents – shh..don’t tell. Its really pretty, and yes, if you look in the archives, its the same one I was working on for their anniversary, I’m pretty sure my mom will love it, and my Dad will be a little ambivalent, he’ll enjoy the chocolates that go with the cloth though. We’re seeing our friends R&W tonight, to wish them and hand over gifts for them and their boys, it’s going to be wonderful to catch up again with them.

Tomorrow, there’s theatre (who really wants an operation 2 days before chistmas?), and then a busy afternoon, tomorrow night we’re cooking, so everything else needs to be done, so tonight, there is no mercy, we’re also going to wrap and sew, wrap and sew, before and after our visit.