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Running update

…ok, so it’s been a long, unkind winter.Between work and illness and general life stress, running has largely fallen by the wayside. And it has been hard and disappointing to me.

School holidays arrived, my partner headed off on holiday – it was going to be a tough 2 weeks, but I can run with my phone, I thought I could do it. A sniffle started in my schnoz; I ran through it, at first. Then work got insanely busy – like insane! No sleep 5 out of 7 nights, no relief, my sniffle turned into something a whole lot worse. A course of antibiotics later, and I was not significantly better – in fact, I was decidedly worse. 2 weeks had passed, My partner did not return from his holiday as planned; more work… I was pushed far beyond my limits. the germs settled in, I didn’t improve. Another course of antibiotics, more medication, worrying about how ill I was and how I was not improving. Any attempts at running/exercise/training were just put on the back burner.

My partner returned, I tried to nurse myself back to health. My reserves were depleted. I could not seem to win. Finally the snot was abating; the tide was starting to turn. And then I leaned into the back of the car, and I got stuck. According to my physio I had tweaked the facet joint of vertebra C6. I was in agony – I couldn’t even breath deeply, let alone cough – which I still was doing. Treatment, more drugs and a day of bed rest. Another 2 weeks, and I was doing reasonably, still in pain, but far more manageable.

Work has also been unrelenting in this time – between the deli and the practice; school commitments, dance rehearsals – we are a family in crisis mode. And that is exhausting.

Move another 2 weeks along, the work situation has not really changed, but my health is 99% better. My back is still occasionally twingey, but I have started running again – slowly, gently with some hill training thrown into the mix; and I am feeling so much better about myself! So much better! And even though it is tough, even though I am slow and feeling unfit, it is good to be out there again, getting stronger, getting braver.

And I’d forgotten quite how therapeutic it is watching the sun come up; it’s beautiful…IMG_6100

Olympic musing…

…so, as the dust settles on the Olympics, I’ve stored up a few opinions, use them, don’t use them…

I have to begin by mentioning the Caster debacle. Kudos to this young, strong woman who ran the socks off those other competitors, claiming a well deserved gold. She is a gracious champion who has weathered a storm far more vicious than any of her competitors and emerged with dignity and GOLD! In terms of the medical stuff, i wish everyone would stop having an opinion. All we know is that she has elevated testosterone levels. We do not have any further diagnosis for her – not intersex, not internal testes, not hermaphroditism, not PCOS, nothing. Stop speculating people! The poor woman, she has been through so much, and this unnecessary discussion around her is driving me crazy. She is obviously a woman, she runs amazingly well, she won gold. End of story.

The the SASCOC debacle. As always, in South Africa, the politicians and administrators win, whilst our athletes loose.They elect not to take our hockey teams, teams that were both medal contenders; they fail to qualify or enter a men’s relay team and several; other track events; the ‘designer’ outfits left a lot to be desired – hot, constricting, unsuitable for the conditions in Rio (Caster looked like she was wearing a burka in comparison to her competitors); the lack of funds for those athletes – I mean really – expecting parents, friends and family to crowdsource funding – while they dined on the athletes’ dimes. It is time for a benevolent emperor to take over and put the right people in SASCOC, so that we become the powerhouse we are meant to be. For every Wayde, every Caster, every Luvo we see, how many others aren’t languishing hopelessly in our rural areas, never being seen, never being given the right opportunities. There is an awesome article on the the Daily Maverick today about funding – makes one think about things…

Anyway – I love the Olympics, much to my Charlie’s horror. I watch as much as I can, becoming an expert judge of and commentator on the most random of sports, I embrace this 2-3 weeks of sports. And now it’s all over, and I wait, roll on 2020!


…oh my God, it’s Monday… Really, really? I’m out of positivity this morning. The weekend’s work happened mainly at night, I’m tired, didn’t get my run in this morning, my back is still troubling me, the damn pooch barked and barked last night, the wind is howling. ugh.

But if I must look on the bright side – I did get a run in on Friday night, at our local golf course, which was a challenging one; 3 beautiful babies were born over the weekend; dance rehearsals are going well; um… ja!

Ok, so let’s do this monday thing, and here’s to a good night, and a better Tuesday!


…phew! After a few glasses of wine last night, I am rather glad it is Friday! Yay for the weekend, albeit an on call weekend.

Last night’s celebration was good. We had a fun evening, lots of laughing, good food and good wine. I was rather impressed with the newest eatery in town- they put on a good spread, and the food was delicious! I had a piece of fillet, with an old fashioned cheese sauce and the most delicious chips – chunky cut, triple fried, chips of lava-esque temperatures, but so flipping delish! Wow. A great meal all round!

Now to get through this day, so I get to my run again tonight! Yes, people, I am starting to run again! Yay!


HBD Charlie!

…Yes, it’s my husbuddy’s birthday today! All the 4’s, 44!

I said in his card that I am so chuffed that it is with me that he has chosen me to celebrate the rest of his lifetime’s birthdays. And that is a pretty cool thought! So last night I whipped up a milo cheesecake for him – flip, it looks delicious, hope it tastes as nice as it looks! A photo may follow if I make it home in time to snap one before it is all gobbled up this afternoon! And then I wrapped some small gifts up for him, as we await the arrival of all the divine goodies I ordered on line for him – goodies that haven’t arrived in time! That always feels a bit foolish – giving him an IOU for a gift! A travel guide to Madagascar and a  go pro camera, all in preparation of our trip there in a few weeks time! 31 more sleeps to be exact! (expect to start hearing a lot more about that!)

Anyway, must be off, work to do, party to plan! Have glorious Thursdays – maybe even share a phuza thursday with us!

Clean and fresh

…it stormed last night, so this morning we woke up to a shiny clean new day. The air is crisp and clean, there are still a few clouds around, and sunrise this morning was almost magical as the sunbeams played their way through some wispy clouds. So pretty. A fitting start to this Tuesday, which will be another good day!


Soul sisters

..ok, so, with much trepidation, and almost dread, I lined up with a motley crew of wild women on Saturday morning, ready to tackle 35km over beach and dune, cliffs and stones to our destination for the night. I had searched high and low for an excuse – too tired, too little training, didn’t feel like it,  new shoes, ominous looking weather, not enough friends; but none of them were acceptable, so I donned my big girl batman panties (you’ll see what I mean) and set off on this journey.

And what a journey it turned out to be. I cannot put into words quite what a transformation it has been. The run itself was a challenge, make no mistake I was grossly underprepared, but I buddied up with a friend, who felt as equally underprepared, and we held each other’s hands, caught up on years of history, discovered connections we never knew we had, and before we knew it, we were 20km in. I kept ticking off the park runs we had to do. The first 3 went fairly easily, and then we had to dig a bit deeper. We kept on being met up with by groups of the others, as they came past us, waited for us to catch them, and totally supported us on our journey. I ended the day with slightly tender joints, some muscles that knew they had been worked and tender shoulders – a mix between my back spasm of a week earlier and carrying a camelbak for the journey.


IMG_5891 IMG_5903 IMG_5897

I also ended the day with a deep satisfaction in my soul – so pleased I had tackled this journey, so pleased I had conquered it and not given up, so pleased I had rediscovered the sisterhood of wild women. I awoke on Sunday morning to crashing waves, crystal blue skies and a song in my soul. Ready to face another day of challenges.


I know my burn out is not gone, but I feel like I managed to stamp out some of the smouldering embers that were threatening to flare up and burn me again. And to my soul sisters who helped, I am forever in gratitude.