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So much

…to be thankful for. Thandi is ok, her finger is healing, she slept well last night. Charlie is a great husband, and we had a great date last night. I have a good career, and my work is satisfying. But crikey, I’d like to sleep! I am shattered – up most of last night with admissions, calls from husbands and deliveries. Feels like I never slept! Oy! Today is going to be long, with an on call weekend looming ahead of me, without Charlie for most of it; he flies to JHB tomorrow to celebrate his nephew’s 21st birthday. Excuse me while I look for some worms…

And today

…the littlest madam is fine. Not quite sure what all the fss is about and playing up a storm, catching up on the missing food from yesterday! What a trooper. Charlie’s and my nerves are still shot!

What Thandi did next

…was get herself a short trip to theatre. Poor baby!

While playing this morning, she pulled a bar stool over, which then hit her left index finger, causing a laceration on it, which required an examination and suturing in theatre. Fortunately it went very well, and once she was asleep and we were able to look properly, it wasn’t as awful as we initially anticipated. She woke up so grumpy, hungry and thirsty – poor babe, but after some juice and supper she perked right up. And now she is home, and asleep. Charlie and I are exhausted!

There she is, my little trooper!

Living fully

…and in the moment – is something I spent a lot of time thinking about this weekend. My brother arrived rather unexpectedly (with 24 hours notice) on friday night to visit our parents. I have had lots of worries and concerns about our relationship, and this weekend, I threw caution to the wind, and was just me. No trying hard to be what I think they expect or want from me, just me. And it was good! We had some memorable times with them!

They arrived late on friday night (midnight) and promptly all fell into bed. I, of course, battled to sleep, and when Thandi surfaced at 05h00, was slightly less amused with life. Anyway, we cooked up a quick brekkie for them – delicious egg, bacon and sausage rolls – and then it was off to the folks for them and off to the shops for us. We spent the afternoon with ther folks, and after tea and cake, went home again – and off to Angel and her family for a special evening with them – we watched the rugby – not that it was worth watching, and then the boys cooked for us – they had been at the Cheflady fior a class last week, so we got to try the products of their learnings, and it was good a Jacvk Daniels glazed fillet, served with a salad and mash. Yum, Angel followed it with an amarula pudding, which was also delicious – all in all, a good night out. Thandi slept well again, until 05h00, asnd it was left to me to keep her amused and entertained until about 07h00, when I called it quits. After everone slowly rising, we headed off to a favourite breakfast spot for a bite to eat, and then home to prepare a curry feast for the evening. We started with Paneer fritters (indian cottage cheese, stuffed with a mix of herbs and spices, dipped in a batter and sprinkled with chaat masala (a mild ‘salad’ masala) -yummy!) And then mains were a creamy chicken masala and a Keralan black pepper lamb, served with lemon basmati rice and cumin potatoes. All seemed to go down well, and I thought it was very enjoyable. It was also just really special spending time together, as a family (as countess says) and as I emntioned, it got me thinking.

Actually, lots has got me thinking lately; Charlie’s dad is really not well, and has a rather awful diagnosis, for which, given his state of health, not much can be done; my mom is deteriorating rather fast and Charlie and I await our final IVF. And what really has hit home is that it is all too short, to hold grudges and heartaches. We do not know what tomorrow holds, we have to live in this moment, now today. For tomorrow we may die… So this weekend really was my wake up. Put away the hurts, pack away the baggage, and just LIVE! It is so much easier that way too… instead of hanging onto the agony, the origins of which you can hardly remember.

So there we go, my just past winter solstice resolution – LIVE!

Just as well…

…it’s a friday, my patience is coming to an end. 5 phone calls after 02h00 this am from the hospital with various complaining patients, a sick Thandi girl (still – although she seems a bit better this morning), a sick Charlie and I am all done in…

Wearing my heart around my neck

A fitting tribute for a devoted mom to wear. It is a sterling silver pendant, with Thandi’s fingerprint on it and her name… Something I will always treasure! And didn’t it come out just beautifully?

Its been a busy couple of days, better than last week though, but I wouldn’t mind having a little time off… like a fortnight… It was hard listening to the girls at bookclub last nioght talk about their holidays that are planned – knowing that my last Holiday was in March last year, and my next is unscheduled, which means there is a good chance it won’t happen this year. I know I should just plan it, but it’s difficlt when I don’t know if I will be pregnant and when I am so so busy at work… Oh well. One day… I was saying to Charlie that the time is soon coming for a great adventure – not sure what it will be, but an adventure nonetheless.

Damn the germs!

…that make my Thandi girl miserable. Cough, splutter, snail-trail nose, temperature leave me with a little madam, who smiles through it all, but is rather clingy and occasionally sad… Poor girl!