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Day 2

is here. Charlie loaded up the syringe and needle and did some light stabbing. So far, no side effects and the hot flushes have not abated yet (please soon!) I chatted to my FS last night, and although my bloods didn’t get quite where we wanted them to be, he reckons it’s as good as I’ll be, so he was happy to start. Crikey, I am nervous though.

Day 1

…well, sort of; today we will start the shots again. I’m jst waiting for the lab to come and do my bloods, then I’ll be hormoned up, and hopefully these hot flushes will abate. On friday night I woke up 5 times, drenched and overheated!

The weekend was lovely, Friday afternoon began with Charlie and I on the couch for a chat and regrouping before we headed off for our massage, which was lovely, we melted our way home, cracked a bottle of bubbly, and retreated to the couch until dinner at the burning budgie, which hasn’t closed – hooray! And what a delightful dinner it was, I started with scallops, prawn curry for mains, and no pud for full tummies! Saturday we did some gardening, a friend of Charlie came to visit, and in the evening we had our inaugural pizza oven warming! Thanks to R&W for being our guinea pigs! (They’ll be pleased to know we perfected our technique on sunday evening.) And sunday we spent a lot of time on the couch, mulling over what is coming our way this week.  

And the fears and tears have begun…

TGIF again

…and I am so pleased it’s friday, and after 14h00, I get a little down time. I am so very tired. The side effects of this injection really are getting ridiclous, I am flushing and sweating all day and night. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in a week now (becase of both work and the treatment) and I am just weary.

So monday we get going again, charlie gets to load that syringe up and take out all his frustrations on my tummy. This time I am certainly not as naively excited as last time. In fact I am down right terrified. I know last time I beat almost all the pass/fail points, but its 2 months later and my ovaries are 2 months older, and I feel like its starting afresh again. What if….. Ugh, this really is a rough time, and the emotions are all over the show.

I hope after a weekend off, and some sleep I will feel a bit better. Charlie and I are starting the weekend off the best way I know how, and are going for a massage, and then we’ll see where the weekend takes us…

new day

Well, here’s hoping for a better one. I am still exhausted, having been up most of last night, with a patient in preterm labour, and of course the frikkin’ hot flushes. Chaps, I ain’t looking forward to menopause.

After a rough day at the office yesterday, Charlie fetched me from work (my saintly husband plays chauffeur for me sometimes) and we went for a walk on the beach, a bit cooler than we anticipated, but the sea air certainly blew some cobwebs away, and I pulled myself together. I refuse to allow this world of work to suck the joy out of me. (well, I’m going to try) By nature I am usually a happy person, and I am going to try my best to maintain that attitude. Begone nasty demons!

Re the holiday planning, thahks  for the few suggestions I got, I ordered a guide to italy on line yesterday (can you believe I can’t find one in this little village of mine) so that planning can start in earnest, if this cycle doesn’t succeed in september. Either way, we’ll have the drakensberg, with maybe a detour via Clarens in march, and we’re working on a few weekends in the interim. First one being the long one in september, when we’re off to one of the nearby forested villages, then we’ll try to sneak some time off around the conference in november; a family visit in JHB, and then sun city for the meeting, and then somewhere else for a few days, (still working on that) before we come home. So at least I have a few highlights to look towards, which makes it all a little easier.

I’ve also realised I’d better get organised for Christmas, it’s coming soon! Yikes! What to make this year? Any idea’s there?

Stuck record

I know I sound like one… I’m really struggling at the moment, and its seems to be purely related to the volume of work. I feel stretched in all directions, feel compromised and like a crappy doctor and person. The upcoming cycle is really starting to scare me, a special friend got a negative today:-( The hot flushes and night sweats (side effects of the suppression) are keeping me awake. I’m just so grumpy, poor Charlie. And this post is all over the place…

And so its tuesday…

…and the nightmare of the weekend is starting to fade.

Last night Charlie and I had a chat about taking some holidays, we are both desperate for some time off from the real world of responsibility. Since we had to cancel our next booking, we’ve been drifting along aimlessly, and that’s terrible. With the stress of my work, I need to know what I am working towards, and have breaks planned, otherwise, I go ever so slightly crazy (not that that’s different to how I generally am) So we’re looking at the Drakensberg in March and maybe overseas in may, we’re thinking Italy, there’s also a possibility of a white christams next year in Canada. Any suggestions/recommendations? (and not of taking you along in my luggage!)


Wow, 2 posts in one day, aren’t you lucky?

I just wanted to update my wierd cycle drama, this morning’s blood tests have shown that I am not yet fully suppressed, so this was just my body staging a take over mission, so we will now wait until next monday, recheck the bloods and then start stimulation. I am pleased its not bust, a bit narked at my silly body and starting to get anxious about it all over again.