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Day 243

…And the wedding day has arrived, I hope Will and Kate have happiness and some privacy in their lives, unlike William’s poor parents. A bunch of us are warching together, some of us in our wedding dresses, me, I’ll take my parosel, since the dress so won’t fit. I had a check up today, 2.9kg’s is what the mighty Tenacious weighs in at! 37 days still to grow!

So I mentioned yesterday I was on wedding cake duty – Donzil, you remain the queen of sugar craft, crikey, that plastic icing stuff is hard to work with! Hopefully the girls will overlook the lumps and cracks in the icing, and enjoy the cake underneath. I’m off to my tea party now, hope you all have fab weekends!

Day 242

…hmph, not sure what I did yesterday, or maybe there is some random setting that I accidentally changed which has disallowed comments on yesterday’s post, hmph. So comment away at the end of this post instead, and I will continue fiddling with the settings. Yay, fixed, so you can comment on yesterday too now – not sure what happened there?

I just need to get through today, and then I am free for a little break! Tomorrow I have taken the day off to watch the wedding – what wedding, you ask, why the Royal one (let’s hope it doesn’t get called off at the last minute!) I’ve been tasked with the wedding cake, so bake to the baking table tonight, to get cracking on that, I’ll post piccies to show! Again, Donzil, I so won’t be up to your standard, but I try!

Anyway, with 22 patients in 6 appointments, best I get to it! Have good thursdays!

Day 241

…and what a day of Freedom it has been! I’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about our personal freedoms of late, and how the liberties we allow ourselves impacts on our society in general, time for some self discipline and self respect, I think.

So today, we celebrated the 4th birthday of RT’s triplet boys, me, being a godparent, made a fantastic (I think) pirate treasure chest cake for them, which seemed to go down very well with the children (and some of the adults).

Time flies, I remember when these little guys were born, sadly I was absent from the theatre, but I visited everyday when they were in ICU, busy catching up, having been born at 32 weeks, with a combined weight less than what we predict Tenacious will weigh at birth! Now they are gorgeous, active, bright little beans, keeping mom on her toes, well done RT, you’ve got a wonderful clan there! 

It’s a bit late that I am posting, but being the public holiday, I figure the hits will be down on the blog, so when you all catch up next week, please remember to vote in the poll.

Day 240

And I trust it was a good Easter weekend for all!

Aside from work, which ticked over gently, we had a quiet weekend, and Tenacious kicked up a storm, must have been all the chocolate!

I delivered 4 babes this weekend, 2 on Easter morning, I think they heard there were Easter eggs, and decided they wanted in! Funnily enough, they were all boys! There were a few other calls, some patients and their husbands showing extreme lack of common sense! But on the whole, work was acceptable (although I’m not sure how acceptable today will be!)

The long weekend was otherwise quiet, Thursday was a quiet evening at home, and we put our feet up after a busy week. I treated Charlie to some yummy chocolate brownies, with homemade berry ice cream! Friday was a working morning, and then a few errands it was back to the couch. Being Good Friday, I made an awesome fish pie for supper, and we followed with a bit of a cheat again, more brownies – yummy! Saturday had a bit more work, and then some chillaxing at home, including making some hot cross buns. We met friends for pizza in the evening, and had an early night. Sunday, after getting ready for church, I got called to the hospital and delivered those 2 babes, missing both the 07h00 and 09h00 services – oh dear! Anyway, a traditional lamb roast, with all the trimmings followed, which we shared with RT and her son, good to catch up with old friends. Pudding was a hot cross bun bread and butter pudding – made with my homemade buns – delicious and appropriate for the season! In the evening, we watched Invictus, which got us all patriotic, and made me quite sad, because I’m sure Madiba would be saddened by events of late, with little nation building happening here. Monday was a very chilled day, after ward rounds, and a mid morning nap, we met our best man and his wife for lunch at a lovely seaside restaurant, I started with stuffed calamari, and had a (rather non-traditional) Pasta Primavera for mains, with spinach, bacon and mushrooms, which were great. The company was excellent, and again, good to catch up with old friends. Then it was a quiet night on the couch for the monday evening TV fest. 

And so, the weekend of miracles and wonders is over. I hope you had time for contemplation too, I was reminded with every kick and squirm of Tenacious that those days are still here, and although the times sometimes appear God forsaken, we are not, and the blessings still rain down, 40 days until I meet my miracle…

Day 237

It’s been a good weekend, I’ll fill you in on all the details on Tuesday, there’s been a lot of cooking!

But, on this eve of the resurrection, I can’t help but think of this miracle kicking me in my tummy. My reflections on these days of wonder leave me breathless (of course, it could just be Tenacious getting into my ribs) and amazed. Here’s to contemplating all the miracles we await in the morning.

Day 235

…and it’s nearly Easter! For those of you lucky ones with the weekend off, and the next week with all its holiday days, enjoy. Some of us aren’t so lucky… I’ve been in private practice for 6 years now, and this is the 6th Easter I am working, it’s wearing a little thin… This following hard on the heels of the long weekend in March too. Hmph – anybody got some worms for me?

Last night I made some Easter biscits for my staff, little Easter bunnies that I was going to try to ice, ala Donzil (for those that don’t know her, she is a master biscuit and cake icer!), however, 2 minutes in, I realised I was not going to be anywhere near to what I imagined I’d achieve, so I moved onto slapping the icing on, and Charlie sprinkling some hundreds and thousands on them. No works of art for me, but I think they’ll taste nice! 

Pregnancy wise, I will just moan if I start, suffice to say, Tenacious is well, kicking up a storm and loving mama’s ribs (and that’s ok, my babe, mom’s sorry she doesn’t have more space for you!); me, not so good, but that’s neither here nor there. This weekend, I hope to finalise a few things that I still need; and for those asking, no I haven’t made a decision on a pram yet… still thinking.

Anyway, a blessed easter time to all my family, friends and readers, if you’re travelling, hamba gahle and come home safely. Enjoy the eggs!

Day 234

..and its a choatic day, sorry, no time for anything other than today’s poll, which is one Charlie suggested –

We were both raised with the occasional hiding, (well, for me twice, because I was an angelic child, Charlie, well, that’s another whole story – let’s just put it out there that he had wet suit underpants to minimise the pain!) and I don’t think it hurt s in anyway, but I know ‘modern’ parenting tends to disapprove of smacks. What do you think?