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…I’m not quite sure what has happened, but this morning I feel shattered! And emotional, I’m ready to cry for no real reason. Therefore I am extremely grateful that it is Friday of a non call weekend! YAY!

Enjoy yours, friends!

And she is

…gone! Our thieving domestic worker, when confronted with the evidence of her rifling through my bags, helping herself to some things she wasn’t entitled to, elected to leave us for ‘greener’ pastures… I am so relieved. Now to up our security and make myself feel safe in my home again…

Injury update

…so I am seriously over this. I have had pain with running for the last 3 months now. Enough! I am once again going to start ticking things off my list. Things I have done

  • chiropractic manipulations and dry needling
  • sports massage
  • Biokineticist manoeuvres and aqua running
  • shoe assessment
  • orthotic assessment
  • lost 5kg
  • lots of drugs and alternative medicines
  • running through the pain

Things I am going to do

  • review my shoes and orthotics

Things I will continue to do

  • visiting the Chiro and massage therapist
  • visiting the biokineticist
  • take less drugs
  • keep running

On my run this morning I tried to think about what I have changed and why I am still having this pain, and the only thing I could really say was that since mid Jan I have been running consistently in new orthotics, and consistently, my symptoms have worsened. I had done a marathon in them previously, but then they were still relatively new, and maybe, just maybe I hadn’t had a chance to really do any damage to my body. So back to the old ones I think and lets see how I go.

Whiling away

…the weekend. I really embraced the chance to have some downtime this weekend. Despite it being school holidays and having been invite away this weekend, we ended up just having a very relaxed one.

Friday night was chilled and relaxed after a busy day. The 3 of us had a bite to eat at our favourite little Italian spot. Chilled, relaxed and played some word games with Thandi – we love those. Early to bed, because it was early to rise for my regular Saturday run. Yoh! I was sore, probably still recovering after the long run on Thursday (I forget I often have bad Tuesday runs after Sunday’s long runs) so I hobbled along very slowly, feeling my confidence sap away. Oh well, it is always beautiful to run along the coastline; and it was really special to have Thandi cycling along with me!

Saturday evening we had a lekka South African braai with a cousin of mine and his family. It was really lovely to catch up with them – it feels like we hadn’t seen them for an age. Their boys and T swam up a storm in the dark (isn’t there always something magical about swimming in the dark?) and we had a feast! It turned into rather a late night, so I collapsed in a heap and slept like the dead. When my alarm went off at 5 am and my descent of the stairs produced so much hip pain, I elected to retreat to the dark of my bedroom, and have an extra day of rest for my weary body. And it was thankful!

We had a very lazy day – after our regular breakfast, we visited a local market and then retreated from the heat – it was very very hot and humid, and lounged at home, reading, building lego, watching TV, snoozing… all good things. A day I relished being quiet.

Have awesome Mondays and great weeks all!

Fake Sunday

…. am I the only one, or did everyone feel like yesterday felt like a Sunday? From a long run to cooking a comfort meal for supper, I totally had Sunday vibes.

A member of our club offered a trail run out on her farm yesterday, followed by a slap up breakfast and coffee at the farm. It sounded like a great idea, so I loaded Thandi up, with her bike and off we went. The day was cool and overcast for which I was super grateful, I had visions of heat tantrums running inland in summer! The farm was just gorgeous, after some rain ( never really enough though for the average farmer), everything was green and looked lush. We climbed hills, scouted dans, ran through some virgin forest, chased sheep and avoided bulls. It was awesome. And somewhere around km number 9, I found my mojo. The joy in my heart grew, as did the smile on my face. I loved it! I also really relished the opportunity to get to know some of the other members of my club, which, because we were a small group and were going at a slower pace than regular training tins was totally doable. (I was also exceedingly pleased that my body held up. Yes, I was strapped, and yes, there had been drugs. I’m still not totally throwing myself at the road/trail, but it’s better.)

Isn’t it just gorgeous scenery? Wow!

Weekend warrior

… so the weekend I challenged myself. Our running club had organized a 10km race, I was a reluctant entrant. My hip is still bothering me a LOT, I was on call, I was tired, I looked for every excuse in the book, until I decided that was just unacceptable, forced myself to get up and get on with it. And I’m so glad I did!

While I’m still needing anti inflammatory meds to run, I managed a comfortable, enjoyable 10km run. I really really enjoyed it. The route took us along the coastline and then winding through the suburban streets, finishing back at the beach. It was really lovely! I even found a street sign that made me smile! (Those who know me IRL will know why!)

some of my crazy running group!

Anyway. Between rolling blackouts, no air conditioning, I’m having a bit of a heat tantrum this week. How are your weeks going?

Problem solving

…so my girl’s award was for great problem solving skills (using the model method – I’m not quite sure what that entails, but the convoluted explanation from my Thandigirl is essentially they translate a word problem into a visual problem and then a numeric problem before coming up with the solution – modern teaching?) She was super proud to walk up on stage and collect her coveted merit pencil. The school is really sweet, they give each child a chance to earn a merit pencil through the year, and they are dished out at the final assemblies, so each girl will get one. Thandi also had a mention because although she missed out on a medal at the swimming champs, she literally just missed it by a point . In other news, the best house in the school won the house cup – my old house, Gittins! Yay!

Let the holiday begin for my sweet kid!