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The weekend of wind

…jeepers, I am seriously windswept after this weekend. It has howled in our neck of the woods, and mountains! And seriously I dislike wind like that. Fresh of the Antarctic, gusting and swirling, making everyone grumpy.

After a marathon week of baking for a friend’s daughter’s 21st, Saturday morning dawned, and we delivered cakes, biscuits and cupcakes, and then it was off to the mountains with us. We met our partners there, and after a cuppa, the boys got to work on the plot, they chopped a few trees, ringbarked a few others, and planted some new ones. We certainly are making progress now. Next plan is that with our next work party, we will get some labour in, to get to work on raking and clearing the wattle, so we can start to envisage this house we dream of.

Thandi had a whale of her time with her friends, and at least she didn’t scream like she did the last time we spent time with them. We left on Sunday morning, and she fell asleep on the drive, and woke up an hour later with a gasp and a wail, “I lost my friends!” So good to see her adjusting so well to the bigger kids. A few photo’s of the girl, to make my day…20130930-075930.jpg 20130930-075946.jpg 20130930-075821.jpgThis is her with one of the trees we planted, we are going to track its and her growth over the years, I think it’ll be a good observation!

And then I had to just share how beautiful things are looking there. This is a dogwood in full bloom… 20130930-075959.jpg

Not quite sure…

…what I have done to be punished with the week I am having. Ugh. Haven’t even made myself coffee the last 2 days. Work is insane, and there have been so many complicated cases, which is great and challenging and all, but all at once, really?

I am going to the mountains this weekend, when I return, I hope to have found my sense of sanity and humour.

The problem is

… my anonymity is disappearing. When I began m blog, I had a handful of readers, mainly friends in far flung places who kept up with my day-to-day life. It was good, and as TAFKAD said, it was kinda like living next door, she felt like she never missed out on my daily grind. But now, I am read by a few more people – friends near and far, strangers who have stumbled across me, internet acquaintances… and I am finding that I have to do quite a bit of editing before I hit publish on a post. What that means is you’re getting a very sanitised version of my raw emotions. While that in itself isn’t a problem, I’ve begun to question why I blog. I guess my main motivations are to have a diary to process stuff in my daily life; it’s a bit of a record of Thandi’s life; it’s a way of keeping in touch; and there is a lot of communication for me (which is really a bit sad) and a degree of value. So when I edit myself and I don’t spill those raw emotions, that I know could, in essence hurt someone else, or change the way they view me or deal with me, then I begin to wonder if I should still blog.

This and that

…and it’s here! The Landrover won the battle of the new cars, and we took delivery on Saturday of a shiny silver machine. As Thandi would say, ‘It’s sooooo beautiful!’ Charlie is a happy man, and I trust we will make many more happy travel memories in it. We do love the road trip, and I really hope Thandi gets that from us too. And now we are looking for any excuse to drive places – a trip to the Mothercity is planned in December, and we’re looking at driving down now!

The weekend was otherwise good. I was on call, and had babies on Friday night and Saturday morning (after a disagreement with the anaesthetist at 03h30!); Thandi went to a very windy party at the model train station on Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday we had lunch with old friends. Sedate, relaxed, with a touch of work and a heap of excitement!

This week holds lots of work, Heritage day and a baking job. 50 cupcakes for a 21st, but me being me is going to do more than the client asked for, biscuits were baked last night which I’ll ice tomorrow, and maybe even some cake pops. Looking forward to getting creative! And I need to finalise my Santa shoeboxes too, having lots of fun shopping! What are you all getting up to?

Thursday dinner

…with our new call system, we seem to be doing a lot more in the week kinda entertaining. I’ve just realised weekends are so busy, and a Thursday night dinner is actually very civilised! Friday mornings have certainly become rather less so though!

So last night we had some old friends over who we haven’t seen for an absolute age, and I think we had a great dinner, but then I’m biased! We started with the contemporary waldorff salad (I’ve made that a lot lately, it’s delicious though!), then it was onto one of Franck Dan*gereaux recipes, Curried fresh hake with Japanese mushrooms, garlic confit and beurre blanc. I failed to take a picture of my plate, but it did look pretty similar to the book – 20130920-074916.jpg It was totally delicious! I really was blown away. The only thing I’d change would be to use kingklip, not hake for a better texture. We finished the meal with lemon meringue mess and lemon macarons, which Charlie and I both love. Winewise, we drank Simonsig Tiara, a red blend, showee, divine at the time, not so cheery in the morning though! Anyway, it’ll make for an interesting Friday!

What a week!

….argh, I’m going crazy! The days have been so busy, I haven’t had time to blog, or even read all my emails! I hit the office, and work, work, work! Crikey. Not enjoying that! Oh well, this too shall pass, I guess.

Thandi is such a sweetie! I wish I had a bit more kid in me. She wakes up with a smile on her face, ready to try on my high heels and face the day. Charlie and I haul ourselves out of bed, moaning and groaning, shuffling to the kitchen, when in fact, we should be celebrating another new day that we get to enjoy! Time for some attitude adjustment I think!

I mean, how lucky did I get, with such a cutie pie? 20130917-080040.jpg

Monday Sprints

…Wowee, but I was hectic yesterday! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, there was not a moment to spare!

The weekend was unexpected and good. By unexpected, I mean, we were packing for the beach house when Charles and I stressed out and decided we needed to sort out our shareholders agreement with our mountain partners, so after a quick call, it was decided, off to the Royally named town north of us on Saturday morning. it was a gorgeous day, albeit a bit windy in QT, and it was a fun walk down memory lane for me, I used to live in this town 13 years ago, working at the state hospital, I enjoyed looking at things, seeing how much change had and hadn’t happened! We had a good chat with our partners, and cleared a few issues. We meet with one of or attorneys this week to formalise the agreement. I am very relieved to have sorted all of that out. now we can get onto the fun stuff, planning, surveying and all of that. I can’t believe how long these things take…

Then Saturday night rolled along. Thandi had a great day, playing with her new friends, Shaunie had an amazing amount of lego, and she was in 7th heaven, more blocks than she knew what to do with. After a fun day, a bath, milk and bed, peace… until about 22h30, when she awoke possessed! She screamed at us from then until about 03h00, a few dozes inbetween, waking with louder yells. Our hearts were breaking for her. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, she didn’t have a temperature, after some suggestion told us her tummy was sore (although I remained unconvinced), and lots of loving, tummy rubbing and kissies, a spoon of honey and some iPad watching eventually calmed those shuddering sobs. I was mortified though that this had gone on in our friends home… they were great though. After a yummy full breakfast, we departed and made our way back home. Fortunately, she slept like an angel on the way back, and we have had few hassles since we got back. Night terrors? I don’t know.

Anyway, the week is looking busy, with partners going on holiday and that sort of a thing… Best I get to it!