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Frozen Friday

…and another cold front has hit or coast, it arrived at about 16h30 yesterday afternoon and things have gotten very cold and rainy again. Not that I am moaning, I love winter, its an excuse to eat such wonderful wintery food, stews, roasts, tagines, curries… and the puddings! I’m cooking dinner tomorrow evening, and am not quite sure what to make, I think I’ll do the lamb tagine again, and maybe start with a pear and gorgonzola tarte tatin, finishing with some kinda ridiculous pudding – haven’t quite decided yet though, and then there is wednesday’s book club menu to think about to – I think that’ll be a curry though, lots of decisions! I’ll do some meu planning this weekend.

Shame, my girl had a bit of a sore tummy last night, and moaned and groaned most of the night, I am overwhelmed with guilt and frustration when that happens, knowing that it’s my milk causing the trouble. Anyway, this morning she was full of smiles after an impressive nappy, so I assume she’ll be back to her lovely sociable self, in time to meet Aunty Don Rocks! Hope you all have lovely weekends!

one more sleep

…till the weekend, and until Donzil arrives to meet Thandi! I am so excited to be seeing my friend again, I know she was here in April but I miss her terribly and Thandi needs to meet her Aunty Don Rocks! I am so looking forward to the time I will get to spend with her, already have dinner plans for saturday, and there’ll be time for lots of tea and chats, and snuggles with Thandi girl! Yay for visitors!

Wet Wednesday

..what wicked weather we have been having; floods, deluges, snow, it’s been freezing in this neck of the woods, rather uncharacteristically, I might add. Trying to keep Thandi’s hands warm when all she wants to do is hold them up and out from the covers has been tricky, but we found some mittens Ganny D knitted, and now she has toasty fingers. 2 days ago, she was in her kitten suit, with her mittens, and looked just too cute – and unlike the kittens in the rhyme, she managed not to loose them!

We’re trying really hard to sort out that routine again, with Charlie and Nox charting her feeds (and how much) and sleeps through the day, so I at least have an idea when I get home of what kind of  baby I will have, a calm, happy babe, or a frantic stressed babe. Yesterday I came home to a calm and content little thing, to only have things deteriorate overnight, with her wanting milk at 23h00, 02h00, 03h30, 04h30… Oy, thankfully my work load is very light today, so hopefully I will get a nap in sometime this afternoon. ANd talking of work, I have some rather awful staff issues to sort out today… not looking forward to that… wherever you are, I hope your wednesday isn’t as wet as mine is!

Into the mix

…and monday is done, for a friend in the computer, it was a blue monday, the results of her second IVF came in, and were negative, and I know how agonising that feels. And it’s crappy to loose faith in your medical team, and now not know where to turn to. The quiet desperation of an empty heart, aching with the loss of a dream… Adip, I’m thinking of you, and praying for your miracle, which will come. (watching her go through this, has made me very anxious about our planned attempts for Thandi’s sibling/s – do I have the strength to do it again, make myself so vulnerable again, and open the door on Guantenemau Bay again?)

So yesterday I had a lovely suprise, CR dropped off some supper for Charlie and I – a divine beef pie, and a gorgeous fresh salad, so unexpected, and such a treat, to not have to worry about dinner – thanks, dear heart – you’re a gem! Work was reasonable yesterday, but I am tickled by what some patients view as an emergency, anyway. I got away in good time, and Thandi and I went to visit my mom, it was freezing here, and her and Gran had a good cuddle, before Pops E got home for his snuggle. Thandi is so fortunate to have her grandparents so close by!

And time is marching this morning, so I had better get to it. Hope you’re warm and dry, wherever you are today!

Monday morning again

…can you believe it! Monday again! The weekend was nice, friday night, our princess cooperated enough for us to go to the little swiss eatery for dinner, I enjoyed a roquefort fillet (yay for stinky cheese again!) and Charlie had a very hot Jalepeno fillet. Both were delicious, and we loved being out, on a chaperoned date.

Saturday, Charlie had some work to do, so Thandi and I hit the shops with her Pops E, shame, he was so proud to be out and about with his granddaughter! I think he was disappointed not to run into more of his friends! Anyway, then it was home, and some quality time for my little family together, and a snuggly nap for us all. That evening some friends came round for dinner, I just did a quick roast (delicious) and we had a great time together, laughing and talking nonsense again. Thandi, however was determined not to miss oit on the action, and every time we tried to pt her down, she shouted loudly, so she got to chill in her pram, dozing, next to the table, while the grownups ate dinner.

Sunday morning dawned, with Thandi still sleeping (and that is a very unusual occurence – all that socialising tired her out!) and after a leisurely feed, it was off to breakfast with friends, and then groceries for the week. She loves shopping, likle her mom, and qietly dozes in her chair while we shop. The rest of the day was spent cuddled together, next to the heater, since the cold front had arrived, and made things rather wet and miserable. The little girl has been rather unsettled since I came back to work, and our nights have deteriorated, so I did a bit of reading yesterday, turns out, she’s probably sleeping too much in the day to be tired enough for a decent nights sleep. So from today, the schedule changes, and lets hope things improve after dark! Anyway, best I get to work now, have great days all round!

If you have a chance, check out this nubelievable woman, who has travelled the borders of SA, by foot, bicycle and canoe, to raise funds for the Carel du Toit center for the deaf, and give her a donation!


…my goodness, yesterday took it out of me, the days drama continued, and I ended up working all afternoon too, doing some emergency cases, then rushing to a meeting with my broker, and finally making it home just before 5, so much for my ‘morning only’. I came home to an unsettled little girl, who had apparently decided that nyaffing and being awake all day was far more fun than sleeping, so she was quite clingy and needy yesterday evening, only to have the most impressive vomit, requiring a second bath. After that, she collapsed in a little baby heap and slept. At that stage, my niggly headache was threatening to become migranous, so I dosed with some meds and collapsed in a mommy heap. This morning, my head is better, but I still feed fairly shattered. Wow, how on earth will I manage the full days, when that starts? And the guilt, my word, the guilt! I know she’s in great hands, but I can’t shake the feeling that a baby needs its mom when they’re little like Thandi is.

So the weekend is ahead, and that means I have actually almost made it through my first week back. I am very glad to not be on call this weekend, I think I’d be rather fragile if I had to do call already. Plans for the weekend are few, feet up and snuggle time are in order, I think. Maybe some dinner with friends. I’ve been starting to wonder, as you all know by this stage, Charlie and I enjoy eating out at restaurants, what is the etiquette protocol with small babies? I’m dying to go out for a good meal, and Thandi is generally asleep and quiet from about 19h00 onwards, so is it acceptable to take her out with us, and if she starts to niggle and nyaff, leave quietly before she wails?

Wishing you all great weekends!

The balancing act

Oh my word, this is going to be bloody hard. This morning, I’d been up since 05h00 feeding madam Thandi, she was down, and I was expressing some milk for her midmorning feed, getting ready to shower and then start my working day; when my phone rang, a patient was ready to deliver. Then there was a crazy rush, hand Thandi over to Charlie, abandon the milk, ask Charlie to sort that out and resterilize everything so I could take it to the office for later in the day, out of my PJ’s, into some clothes, scream to the hospital, catch the babe (which took a while), see the other in-patients, dash home, shower, change, back to the office, see the patients that were now starting to pile up waiting for me. if this is what my days are going to be like, its going to be a nightmare. Another Gordon Ramsey moment… If I battled to find a balance before, this is only going to be worse…

Anyway, enough about that, shame, the Princess didn’t like me much after those injections, the look of utter disbelief (it really was a WTF look)on her face when the needle went in was priceless, and the scream afterwards, legendary! Shame, the poor girl had a rough day and night after that, needed mom for constant reassurance, so mom was a tad shattered yesterday. (Fortunately my theatre load was light, and I was able to catch up on an afternoon nap.)  So heartbreaking to see her eina like that, I think both Charlie and I had a lump in our throats. But yesterday she was smiling at us again, and happier.