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The promised pictures

Filling in progress

And all filled up and blue…

Its a thing of beauty and coolness, and I am very pleased to be a pool owner! I spent most of the morning hanging out next to it, diving in when necessary. Wonderful in extreme! Happy Bird!

So heavenly

It is just too divine to dive under the water, come up spluttering, with water sreaming through your hair. Yay! The pool is divine, and Charlie and I had our first swim last night after gym. Even though the water was super full of chemicals, we braved it (we did smell like bleach for the rest of the night….) I’ll post some pitures this weekend.

Last night’s cooking class was divine!  We were treated to 4 different, or was it 5 different ways with chicken. A rooibos tea marinaded chicken salad, a chicken quesedilla, chicken stuffed with borage and ricotta in a tomato sauce, a chicken pie (very unusual, with quite a sweet take on things) and a delicious chicken and prawn curry. There was wine pairing as well, and we did taste some really special ones. Then just to round it off, our teacher made a pudding of a bed of thickish custard, with a tinned apricot in the middle of it, which she took a blow torch to, and so we had our ‘egg’ for pudding, looked very authentic! Tonight our teacher has invited Charlie and I to dinner, and she’s apparently cooking up a japanese storm, I am really interested in what is going to be on offer!

Anyway, brief post, too much work to do, both of my associates are at a conference, and I am on my own, so LOTS of work to do.


There is water is running into my completed pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pool party anyone? Except, don’t be ridiculous, I’m on call, no party for me! Blech….But YAY!!!!! Who’d have thought I could get so excited about a damn hole in the ground. Its been 3 and a half months in the making through the hottest months of the year, but finally, its here! I’m going to wax lyrical, be warned, the very tactile fantasy of the soft cool water running through my hair as I dive in is almost too much to bear… I can’t wait for that first swim!

Things are so hectic, so forgive me if my posts seem a bit abrupt.

Book club was last night, and it was good to see the girls again, we met at Meatgirl’s and were treated to a most divine meal. We started with a twice baked cheese souffle, which although meatgirl was disappointed in their rise, was divine, with a hint of lemon, which made the flavour for me, we then moved onto a main of chicken breast, stuffed with aubergine, spinach and feta, served with a spicy salsa and couscous – seriously yum! And then for pud, we had roasted figs with honey and creme fraiche, and chocolate tarts – perfect ending. We all had a good catch up and natter, which was great. And as the lights went out, I went home.

Tonight I am going to a cooking class, its titled Oh Chicken breast fillet, how do I love thee, let me count the ways… Should be fun, I’m sure!

So much

There is so much to tell, but not much I can say…

To my dear friend, who is going through a really horrible time, and is staring at the end of her marriage, R, I am here for you, if you need me,  just call! (That sounds like a cheesy love song, doesn’t it?) Remember the wise words you have heard, keep those and discard the stinging barbs. 

Am I the only one who has noticed, but are people’s manners deteriorating? Someone needs a favour from me, but instead of just asking me directly, I keep getting messages about the favour. This has gone on for 3 weeks now!Enough! Quite frankly, I’m ignoring him now, if he needs me to do something, he needs to ask!

My pool is finally progressing, and now its raining…

And on other notes, things are busy, busy! Tonight is bible study, tomorrow book club and thursday a cooking class. And that’s not including work and gym. And then I am on call this weekend! Argh, 10 sleeps to a mini break at Addo!


Hellooooo!!!!!………….Helloooo!!!!!!! Anyone else hearing the echo in the computer?

Sorry I have been so distant of late, the going was really tough, but I’m here, living to fight another day….

What a hectic weekend, we started on friday at the dentist. Damn, that’s something I really dislike! After my root canal in december, he has now made the temporary crown. Closer to being done is all I can think.  Make no mistake, I have nothing against the man, he’s an incredibly gentle dentist (and good), but memories of childhood torture don’t die, and I’ll never sit comfortably in a dentist’s chair. Let it be said, there was no happy gas in my childhood!

On friday night, Charlie and I tried to have a date night, but I was so tired and down, it amounted to a quick bite of sushi, and then home to the couch, where we chatted and he held me tight. Good man, my husband.

Saturday was quite a day. I had a friend, who is a brilliant gynae surgeon, coming from out of town to help me with some difficult cases. I woke at about 05h30, with a slightly uneasy feeling, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to read my book, well 45 minutes later, he rang to say he’d had a collision with a warthog on his way to us, and although he was fine, his car wasn’t. So, with Charlie on the case, a tow truck was dispatched, Charlie jumped in the car, and went to fetch him, brought him to theatre, and got the car towed to the repair yard. So after a bit of a delay, we got going in theatre, and were busy ubtil 21h30! We operated on 5 women, and, I trust, have made a big difference to their quality of life. I learnt a lot, and hope to utilize the skills he taught me. A very busy and exhausting saturday. The worst thing though, I really battled to sleep afterwards, it took me at least an hour to wind down enough to doze.

Yesterday, we had some friends over for a little braai! I was the lazy hostess, and got the girls to bring salads, and Charlie and I marinaded some fillet, and I made ice cream and meringues for dessert – yummy! Between the 3 families that visited yesterday, there were 8 children (and that was with some not coming!) My fertile friends!

Stuck record…

You know, I really don’t want to sound like a stuck record, and I often think that I do, especially when I read over my posts, and they’re all morbid and depressed. I think my depression may be sneaking back and trying to take a strangle hold on my soul, and I’m NOT going to allow that to happen. I’m just not sure how. (well, it’ll probably take a few sessions with my therapist)

I have reached my limit with work, there are too many patients, too many demands and just too much for one person to do. All I can do is pray that some of the calls I’ve put out for a new partner find fruit, and find the right fruit for us. I wish finding someone was as easy as it sounds, but finding the right person for our city and our practice is pretty damn difficult. After 5 babies in the last 2 days, and not one uninterupted night of sleep, I am buggered! Please let someone hear our call!

Socially, I am blessed with wonderful friends, who are supportive and caring, but I sometimes feel like such a crappy friend.  You know that old saying, to have friends you have to be a friend, I hope I have been blessed with patient friends, who’ll excuse my lack of engagement at the moment.

My Charlie is a saint….yes I know I am a stuck record on this topic too…but he is, and I am so lucky that he is indeed a patient man, who quietly waits for me. Thank you love.

Its time for a holiday, a long one, and sadly, I just don’t know where that gap is going to come. I think its time for the otter trail again, which filled my soul with much refreshment, and there’s really nothing like physical exertion to get you distracted from the woes of the world. Addo in 2 and a half weeks  for a weekend will have to do for now.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget the good times!

A friend is going through rough times, and I cannot imagine being in her shoes, all I can say is remember the good times, and hold fast onto those memories. And call on your friends, they are an important part of your support network.