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Ballet stars

… so last night I got to watch the ballet. It is fantastic! The children have put in lots of work and they did beautifully! Charlie is hysterical! The Tin Soldier is brilliant, he jumps so high, I am astounded! He must have springs in his legs.

I don’t have a photo of Charlie and a Thandi fully costumed, but I have a sweet selfie of the 2 of them.

I will get better ones and share those.

Grammar Geek

…in the making. Yesterday Thandi’s school team won the Fun with Words competition. It’s a city wide competition, 15 teams comprising of 6 members, 2 from grade 1,2 and 3; pit against each other I. Some fun word and spelling games. Last year the team came second, this year they won!

(Super proud and relieved mom. We spent many hours playing word games over the last year. It has all paid off! And I just love these sort of puzzles, I’m glad she does too!)

Show week

…and it’s opening night tonight, after a successful full dress rehearsal last night. The Tin Soldier is a go! Wow, it has taken a lot of work to get to this point, and I am reminded each time how much work it takes for the 3 minutes or so that Thandi is on stage. Jingoes. It all seems so anticlimactic. Saying that I am really looking forward to watching the show itself, which I will do tomorrow evening. I know it will be very special.

During the dress rehearsal last night the teacher invited some local charities to come and watch, so at least the girls got some practice in with an audience. Thandigirl was super excited to perform, while the others in her group were quaking in their boots, I just love her confidence. She beamed from ear to ear from curtain up until her exit into the wings. Born for the stage!

Charlie seemed to take the whole thing in his stride, and sounds like he enjoyed the experience. I know he’s not loving his outfit, and is a bit mortified at the whole town seeing him, but I think it’s just so awesome that he gets to do this with his daughter! Making memories!

I will share some pictures after tonights official opening, the costumes are just magnificent!

Well now

…that really wasn’t much fun. my call wasn’t great. I was up all night with a patient on Friday night/Saturday night, and then ended up having a huge fight with the hospital manager about something that impacts on patient care. (I’m not going to go into details, suffice to say, ┬áin the end, everything was ok, and baby and mom have been discharged well this morning, but it could all have gone totally pear shaped.) Ugh, but it left me fuming, so what few minutes were left of the night were not mine to sleep.

Thandi had had a little friend to sleep over on Friday night, and they woke up early too, and then I decided to treat them with flapjacks and berries for breakfast. Yum! I am on a bit of an eating plan, so no flapjacks for me, but flip, they looked nice!

Anyway, the rest of the weekend passed by in a blur of busyness. Between work, ballet, dinners and running… Not much in the way of excitement to report. We are just gearing up for this ballet show now, and its all hair gel and costumes and stockings… I am looking forward to seeing the show, I think it is going to be spectacular!



…on call. Yup, these weekends on call sure do seem to come around so quickly! Flip, I’m definitely not quite ready for it. Oh well, one must get some cash into the bank after paying provisional tax, so needs must.

The weekend is the last one before the ballet show begins, so it will be filled with rehearsals and tired dancers. Charlie and I made his box (for the Jack in the Box), and the teacher has now asked if I would help with some other boxes this weekend, so I expect to be quite busy then. Hopefully they go as quickly as the big one did. I really don’t see myself as much of an ‘artist’ when it comes to this sort of a thing, but slapping some paint on a few toy boxes should work out.

I need to get a long run in this weekend, the marathon is looming ahead of me now, 4 weeks to go. I hope I will have done enough to cope well with the distance, and that conditions are favourable on the day. Our planning for the entire trip is in full swing, we are really looking forward to it now. At this stage the plan is that we fly into Moscow via Rome, landing on Wednesday 18 September, we stay in Moscow, I run the marathon on the 22nd, and on the 23rd we take the high speed train to St Petersburg for 2 nights, before we return to Moscow to watch Swan Lake at the Bolshoi on the 25th, and then we will spend the rest of the time in Moscow with our friends, until we depart on the 30th. It is going to be amazing! I cannot wait!


…through the streets. Guys, last night I hit day 50 in my streak! (this morning saw me do my 51st run!) I am stoked. I am exhausted. I hoped I would still be going round now and I am!

So, since 2 July I have run 51/51 days, and clocked up 368kms. I feel like a machine!

All the feels

…so yesterday was Charlie’s birthday, and we girls tried to make to super special for him. I reluctantly ran early in the morning, when it was still dark so as not to interfere with the rest of the days plans; and then it was time for presents and treats! We spoilt him with some cool veldskoene (if you ain’t a Saffer, you will not know what these are – they are a type of shoe made out if natural suede leather, but these ones are pretty funky with a coloured sole and laces, Charlie’s are bright blue. (Thandi also got some pink soled ones!). I also got him a Rocket book, which is a pretty cool notebook, that you write in with a special pen and then using an app, can upload those notes and the wipe the page clean with a damp cloth!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here yet, but, and this will also make sense of the gifts, Charlie is moving to the UK next year. He is going to be working and training as a ship broker (one who deals in the sales of various types of vessels) and will be away from us until he is trained up, and he then will be tasked with dealing with various African ports. Thandi and I are remaining at home, so to disrupt things as little as possible for both her and me. It’s going to be the biggest challenge we have ever faced together, but I have no doubt that the 3 of us have the resilience to endure this time, and I know I have been quietly putting in management strategies for us, so I will have the support structure I need. So, to elucidate those gifts, the shoes to root him in Africa, and the rocketbook, so that he learns and trains like a rocket scientist. (And yes, I’m sounding a lot calmer about this than I probably am)

The weekend rounded out with a late lunch with friends. it was a very special afternoon, because we know next year, we are unlikely to all be together, so we made a good fuss of him. It was so awesome to see the love from all his buds and to see him interact with everyone. I looked on every now and again from the background with deep contentment. I am blessed to have this man in my life.

So it really has been a weekend of feels. Happy to celebrate with my husband, bitter sweet as we prepare for 2020, exhausting as marathon training continues and frustrating as ballet rehearsals proceed. But above all else, there was so much love this weekend.