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So last night we celebrated my dad’s 74th birthday! My dad is my hero, so fit and healthy, working flat out, and so last night we had a bit of a celebration, we had dinner out at The Little Restaurant, an old neighborhood favorite, nothing molecular or gastronomic about it, but reliable, and tasty. For starters we shared some deep fried calamari rings and some pate stuffed and crumbed mushrooms, served with a piquant tartar sauce, delicious, although the mushrooms were dangerously hot! For mains, I had a fillet Thermidor, a tender piece of well aged fillet, smothered in a rich seafood and mushroom sauce,it was served with veggies (old restaurant faithfuls – butternut and spinach), a tasty option, but that sauce needs some work. We were all too full for pudding, so we finished our wine (Durbanville Hills Shiraz), had a coffee and retired. Thandi girl slept through the whole thing, even the 15 month old little boy running around, who kept checking her out, Charlie better watch out and get his shotgun ready!

They’re beckoning me in theatre, best I get a move on!

Back to life,

back to reality… anyone hear 80’s tunes?

Yes, we are back home after a lovely sojourn in CT, seeing the friends was awesome, catching up with some family was lekka, the conference was interesting, the road was long, Thandi was an angel.

Friday afternoon, after some serious toy shopping (Thandi is getting such cool christmas presents), I caught up with my friend, Lou, and it was awesome to see her and her children. I only really notice the passing of time when I see how the children have grown! Charlie and I had a quiet evening and had an early night. Saturday was a shopping extravaganza, for Thandi; gone are the days when this bird indulged herself with dresses and clothes and stuff, it’s all about Thandi now, lots of irresistable outfits were acquired, which given that Naartjie had a sale on, was really worthwhile. On saturday afternoon, we celebrated Jacqui’s stork party, with pink cupcakes, delicious chocolate cake, sandwiches and snacks, and a ton of presents, Olivia’s imminent arival was toasted, yay! And after that, it was off to Sake House in Claremont for a sushi dinner for Charlie and I. Wow, I had forgotten how good decent sushi can be (ours is all a bit substandard here), Charlie and I shared a 2 ocean’s platter, some rainbow rolls, spicy prawn tempura rolls, and our discovery of the night was some non-sushi sushi, sshi want fly, which involved crispy duck in rolls, with plum sauce – ridiculous! After finishing off a bottle of KWV merlot, and a chocolate banana spring roll, we rolled into bed.

Sunday trned into a bsy one, after a delicious breakfast at Melissa’s Newlands (french toast with berries and marscapone for me (and they got it right, crispy toast!) and a full english for Charlie), it was time for a stroll around the Kirstenbosch market, and some more purchases for Thandi – lucky girl! We met another old friend who when I last saw her had no children, and who now has 3! Time waits for none of us, relentless, unforgiving time. And in the afternoon we trekked to Stellenbosch to catch up with my brother, who had been in Paarl for a bar mitzvah. It was good to see them, and to let Thandi interact with them too, she is such a happy beamy girl, that she steals hearts wherever she goes!Then it was home for a Butler’s Pizza (sadly not as impressive as I recall them to be…) and bed.

early yesterday morning, we hit the road, and travelled home. Thandi was an angel, sleeping most of the day, with breaks for leg stretching, feeding and nappy changes, we made it back without any drama. We did however have a rather active and awake little girl last night, who was still going at 20h30(!) eventually collapsing in a heap at abot 21h00, I was beginning to despair. And now its Muesday (you know when it’s a tuesday, that feels like a monday…) and I must work.

Mooching in the Mothercity

So, it’s been a great couple of days here in Cape Town, we arrived in the midst of an unseasonal storm, and settled in to DrHF’s house – thanks for the loan, you have a great spot! It seemed like we had just settled in, when it was time for Don and I to head to the Lindt Studio for our truffle course. Ooh, what an indulgence. On the menu were artisanal truffles, white chocolate and coconut truffles, butter truffles (might sound awful, but they were magnificent!) and almond pralines, which were both of our favorites. So we concocted mixtures, rolled truffles, piped others, let them set, dipped and rolled them, until we finally tasted them, and then boxed the rest to take home and share with our families. Charlie was quite happy to taste the products of my labours and his babysitting! They were delicious! And totally doable at home, which is the best part.

Yesterday was another windy day (I’m sure that’s going to be one of my daughter’s first words – windy) I conferences for half of the morning, then headed off to Cavendish Square to do some light shopping. A few items (no gap jeans though – bloody hell -the only thing I really need!)into the shopping basket, a quick (and delicious) pizza at Colcaccio’s (Mediterranean for me, with tasty chunky chorizo, sweet peppers, sundries tomatoes and roasted artichokes- a magnificent combination; a foresta for Charlie, salami, crisp peppers, feta and mushrooms – another hit, both on ultra thin crispy bases, served speedily by Patrick) then it was back to the conference and a workshop on tying knots, which might sound simple, but doing that through key hole surgery ports is simply bloody tricky.

Yesterday evening we caught up with Jacqui and Pat. Jacqui is 31 weeks pregnant, and is looking so good, she even managed quite a spread, a walk down an 80’s memory lane, with prawn cocktail (so delicious, smothered in pink mayonnaise) and nachos (crispy and spicy)to start, followed by cheddar melt burgers, ala spur, with a Jacqui twist, (delicious chicken fillets, adorned with mature cheddar cheese, smothered in a delicious wild mushroom sauce, with a hint of truffles). For pudding Jacqui served a modified pavlova, with a delicious (completely ridiculous actually) cheese cakey kinda filling, dressed with seasonal cherries. We left with groaning tummies, and satisfied souls. Thanks my friend, a magnificent meal. Served with grace and 80’s elegance!

Today I am conferencing again, and hopefully catching up with another friend this afternoon, later peeps!

Wordy Wednesday!

…it almost feels like the nation has a hangover after yesterday’s parliamentary vote in support of the POIB, Black Tuesday indeed, and I fear that we, as apathetic South Africans finally have the government we deserve. What arms deal? What corruption? What criminal behaviour? It’s classified…

So after a busy few days, we are finally in Knysna. The weekend away with the book club girls was great, we ate well, we laughed lots, we shared some special memories. It’s so great to have such an awesome group of friends! Friday night we arrived in cool, misty conditions, the fires were blazing, and after a drink and a feet upping, supper was ready, and we feasted on a tasty braai. Saturday morning dawned cool, rainy, overcast, so we settled in in front of the fire, with books and chats to go around. An afternoon game drive, and we were ready for our evening entertainment, a magnificent potjie, after a creamy and delicious mussel chowder, a bar quiz, and for the late nighters, a few rounds of ’30 seconds’. A magnificent Sunday awaited us with a walk and a swim, hot and sunny for everyone. Soon it was home time, and Thandi got to meet her great aunt for the first time, she was of course on her charming best behaviour, and smiled and coo’ed at all the right places. Sweet little thing, my girl.

The week began, and as I said in Monday’s post, it was chaotically busy, and I hung on by my broken fingernails, trying to get everything done before we left yesterday. Finally, at about 12, we hit the road, Madam Thandi was a dream, and behaved beautifully on the road, with only one big wail, requiring a stop and a feed on the side of the road. We arrived in Knysna, to find our accommodation such a gorgeous little spot, The Lofts, on Thesens Island. We have a lovely room, on the first floor, overlooking the lagoon, we arrived as the sun was setting, sun streaming into our room, voices of paddlers carrying across the water. Heavenly start to the unwinding of the birdie. Supper was a mediocre to nice affair at Sirrocco, also on the Island, Charlie and I shared a starter of arancini (little risotto balls), which were nice, but cold. Mains, I had seared calamari, which was nice, although the rice was overcooked, Charlie had a Thai prawn stir fry, which was rather delicious, but the outside of his plate was a bit dirty, with a piece of pepper stuck to it. Pudding we had chocolate and macadamia brownies, which were overcooked too, and dry, served with a very tasty vanilla ice cream, we washed it all down with some Beyerskloof Pinotage, always reliable, and a decaf cappuccino, which when it arrived was a coffee… So all in all a nice meal, but the chef at the pass showing poor quality control…

And today we hit Cape Town, and this evening, the Artist formerly known as Donzil and I are heading to the Lindt Chocolate studio for a truffle making course. So excited!


I apologise in advance for today’s poor posting, it’s that pre departure craziness in my rooms, and I can barely see straight, I promise I will pdate properly later. Suffice to say, the weekend was great! Thandi is a gem, and Charlie is my hero!

TGIF again!

Wow, my first off weekend in almost a whole month! I can’t wait. But then there is the guilt that I am leaving my sick little patient with my partner, even though his hands are good, I still feel like I should be around, she only left ICU yesterday, after 13 days there. I know it’s ridiculous how I carry this guilt around.

Anyway, last night, dessert got made, truffles were crafted, bags have been packed, its all very exciting!I just have to get through this potentially very busy day, and get to the game farm. Yay for time off (even if its guilt ridden) and time relaxing with my little family and my friends!

in sight!

…and its one more sleep to the weekend! Yay! Thankfully the week has turned out well, so far, with things running smoothly. Today I am working hard at the rooms in the morning, heading to theatre this afternoon and have one in labour. I am giving that talk to the antenatal girls this evening, and then I am making dessert for tomorrow night, and some choccies. I must also pack and get things sorted for our weekend, ooh, even if it rains (which looks quite likely) it’s going to be fabulous! And at this point, I must jst say, ‘Thank Heavens for internet shopping!’ When I get home the woolies fairies will have been and delivered my shopping, so I can just get on with it.

So last night we went to a cocktail party at the local jewellers to lanch their Pandora range, which they are stocking now. They are a modern day version of a charm bracelet, with beads and things that you thread onto a silver chain. They gave away a beautiful bracelet worth R15 000 last night, and when I didn’t win it, Charlie said we should get one for me too, not the R15 000 version, but we made up one, and now Charlie has even more things to buy me christmas, Thomas Sabo charms, Pandora charms, and the sparkly earrings I saw last night! Let’s hope his ship comes in!

And now, there’s work to be done, must dash!