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School Holidays

…can they be over already? My girl is bored, grumpy, has indulged in too much screen time and is driving me crazy? And if I get subjected to any more of the inanity she watches on Youtube, I may be ill. Glory! Anyway, she only has 5 more days before she is back at school. Today she is (fingers crossed) going to go to the beach, a local company does a 6 hour programme every day of the holidays including surfing, boogy boarding, snorkelling, canoeing, sand boarding, beach walks etc, so it’s super fun! Saturday we are making a day trip out to Grahamstown to the festival, I’ve booked some fun looking shows and we want to do the park run there too! And then before she’s rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, it’ll be time to head back to the classroom. And parents the country over will breathe a huge sigh of relief!

Her holiday really hasn’t been bad, but kids these days don’t cope well with boredom. She has had days with my PA, learning to cook – adding to her repertoire with samosa’s and brownies; she’s been to miniature golf, the local trampoline centre and the beach. But I think she has also picked up on all our tension regarding Pops and a few other stressors…

Despite her rough edges at the moment, she is still my perfect little girl, who I love like crazy!


…I am tired of being a Moaning Myrtle, so until further notice, assume things with Pops are as before. He’s grumpy, resistant and angry, and irrational. But physically fine

The weekend was fine, one baby on Friday evening, one in the early hours of Sunday morning, so not too awful. We had supper with friends on Friday (delicious tuna fillets seared on the break with a divine asian salsa), and on Sunday Thandi (with some help from her sous chefs, aka Mom and Dad) made chicken curry and rotis for lunch. It was delicious! A real triumph! I am so pleased she is learning about cooking and loves being in the kitchen, long may it last! And all praise to Lou, the PA who taught her how to make it.

 (I was worried about the rotis, wasn’t sure they would work out as well as were hoped, they were perfect, better than I have done in the past!)


My awesome kid

…man, she is the coolest! So the last 2 weeks have been rough, between school concerts, Pops being ill and work being fairly insane, I am trashed, but this little lady of mine keeps smiling and shining.

The last week of school saw us at the school concert – how I got that right with a parent in Icu and an insane workload, I am not sure, but anyway – the theme this year saw the girls perform in a ‘talent show’! The school has a theme for the year – Make your mark – that each and every person in the school makes a mark – kids, teachers, support staff, everyone. They have really embraced it, and its a great lesson for the kids to learn. So the show ran like this, each class had a slot in the talent show – a dance, a poem, a song. Thandi’s class were divided into 2 groups – the sailors and the zebras. Thandi was a sailor, but man, did she want to be a zebra – their little poem was super cute; but she made her mark as a sailor. The winning ‘act’ was of course the teachers who came on singing and dancing, with the headmistress leading the way. They evoked shrieks of laughter – great fun!

Then reports came out, and I am so blessed to be able to say academically I do not have to worry about my girl. She did really really well, is reading way above her age, and that will always stand her in good stead. Tomorrow she has been requested to attend a Singapore Maths workshop at the school, where one of the head honchos from Singapore is coming to update the teachers. She is lucky.

I am lucky. I love my kid!

(PS – if you have kids, or if you don’t, do yourself and them a favour and watch Wonder with them – its a stunning movie with some powerful messages – never judge a book by its cover, be kind and be true to yourself – we shed some shared tears last night, T and I)

Birthday weekend!

While I’m not convinced of the wisdom of 2 birthdays so close together, I know this weekend was amazing!

Thandi’s party on Friday evening was amazing! And surprisingly less work than I anticipated. The kids had a blast, and I’ve had lots of moms telling me their kids insisted they cook some of the recipes with them. So success! They children stared by making a dinner roll, decorated with poppy and sesame seeds; then the red team made meatballs in tomato sauce; and the blue team Parmesan chicken. (I cooked a big vowel of spaghetti with it all) and for dessert, both teams made chocolate mousse. (a quick setting Nigella one with mini marshmallows) While supper was in the oven, the kids had a taste test which was hysterical! Between broccoli, gherkins, cheese and chocolate, they laughed like drains! A really successful party in the end.

There you have it, the cake, the party and the goodie bag.

The rest of the weekend was all fun and games. Other birthday parties, a family picnic and lots of baking!

And today we vaguely remember my birthday.

Back to the grind now that my brief moment as an interweb schleb is done (although I dud get another mention on the show this morning – made me sound quite learned – it’s back too the grindstone. My busy week continues to be busy.

Okay, so far, what have I done

  • baked and iced chef’s hat biscuits – the icing is about 60 %complete, need to add some details, but the icing already there needs to dry
  • The cake is baked, it will be dirty iced tonight, and fondant iced and decorated tomorrow
  • I am a quarter of the way through the sweetie jars
  • recipes have been printed and laminated
  • recipe book is done, Thandi must just autograph them (and I must correct a spelling mistake in one recipe!)
  • aprons have been acquired and embroidered
  • Charlie is laser engraving some wooden spoons for their goodie bags and some wooden boxes, for the whole Masterchef ingredient thing.
  • And then I think I’m done!

Phew! Roll on 7pm Friday night when it is all over, but, a bit like Thandi, I can’t wait for them to have fun and enjoy this party!

Party Preparation

..yes, it’s that time of the year again – May, when we celebrate Thandi’s birthday. This year she is turning 8! How did that happen? Just the other day, she was a helpless babe in rms, and a few hours ago she needed help getting dressed, and next week I’ll probably be planning her graduation! Anyway, so I am currently deep in party planning mode.

So this year, it’s a Masterchef themed party, as I have mentioned before. What I have already done

  • made her a chef’s outfit
  • had a mini photoshoot in said outfit
  • designed and printed invitations (they will go out tomorrow)
  • designed a recipe book – will be sent to printers tomorrow
  • planned the menu for the evening – parmesan chicken, meatballs in tomato sauce, chocolate mousse
  • planned the taste test!
  • planned the apron design
  • got the sweetie jars, ordered the red and white sweeties I need to fill them

What is still to follow

  • cake design (obviously this gets done a couple of days before that party!)
  • biscuits (as above!) I am still on the lookout for a chef’s hat cookie cutter – I fear I am cutting them out by hand!
  • finding small wooden spoons or another utensil for the girls’ goodie bags




…as I watched Notre Dame cathedral burn last night, I was overwhelmed with the incredible privilege I have had of seeing it twice in my lifetime. I am incredibly grateful that my daughter saw it once, even though she will likely not remember it, I trust that the impression will live in her subconscious at some level. So much history, so much art, so many stories all now destroyed…

Just love being reminded how little she was! Dwarfed by the bell!