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My little bunny

Meet my little bunny! 

Flip, she did so well in the ballet. I didn’t realize she had a special role and was the first bunny to run onto, no make that hop onto the stage. She met another bunny in the middle of the stage and they wiggled their noses in greeting – so flipping cute! 


…days, quieter me.

The ‘woe is me’ posts get boring. Thus I have been quieter (I love that word – thus – we definitely don’t use it enough). I am suffering from a cold at the moment; and I am super grumpy about that. This was supposed to be my last high mileage week before my marathon! Argh! Oh well. It is what it is. I guess I must be grateful its just a cold.

My mouth is starting to feel much better. I can’t wait for it to be totally better now!

Thandi has had a bit of a rough ride. She danced in her ballet show last week; it was BUSY! She coped really well until Saturday night – she basically did not sleep the entire night – I’m not sure if it was insomnia, over tiredness or something actually wrong (she said her tooth was sore, but I think she was copying her poor poor mother!). Then after a quiet day recovering (for all of us) on Sunday, she went to school happily; and had no problems, until yesterday, when she had a vomit and Charles had to bring her home. She seemed fine this morning; and went off to school happily. I really don’t know.

We all need this holiday!

Happy Spring Day

…. yes, yes; I know it’s not the solstice, but the 1st of September is traditionally celebrated as Spring Day and for those who know me, you’ll know why I enjoy it so! 

And look at my cute daisy girl! 


…something I struggle with. I really wish I could emulate those people that get things done weeks in advance; minimise their stress. But right now I am struggling. Things seem to creep up on me and I am left stressed and floundering. Flip! The next 3 weeks before we depart for Scotland are going to be hectic! I still need to secure my Spanish Visa, but fortunately I am not too stressed about that. Our UK one arrived on Friday. Phew!

Thandi’s ballet show is this week, my princess is the cutest bunny ever! I am so impressed with her! She has coped well with her practices, and has even done a few practices at home. They are seriously cute! Their make up is being done by a face painter, and it is so super effective! As soon as I get the go ahead I will post a picture here.

My training is also ramping up in this month before the marathon. My running stats are not looking great, and I know I need a bit more time on my legs, so I am prioritising the running for now. I am tired though, so I can see a lot of caffeine in my future. I managed a 2 part ┬áKriel run yesterday (named for a friend who has this ability to get home, and then decide to head out again- crazy stuff!); so I ran 10 with a friend, then after breakfast, took Charlie and Thandi (on their bikes) and the dogs (on leashes with me) for a run down to the park – some play time, some fun, then it was the trek home. The Squiff dog was exhausted and almost had to be dragged. But on the whole a good experience for everyone! I was impressed with my endurance! Although this morning the legs were a bit tired and protested on the hills.

Monday Morning

….HYPERTENSION! Flip! I really hope karma is a nasty traffic officer! I am so tired of people feeling entitled to break the law, turn left from a right turning lane! There is this one intersection on my way to work; and drivers really behave like complete and utter douches there. Turning from the wrong lane, they clog up the traffic even more; and then give me strange looks when I try to stick to the law and drive as the traffic laws dictate. As though their time is so much more important than mine and the 3 seconds they may save by performing an illegal turn are crucial to their day. Oy! A rather annoying start to my Monday!

In saying that – the weekend was insane. I was super super busy on Friday night and Saturday (work wise) and then, poor Thandipants started throwing up on Saturday night; so all in all – just revolting! She was ok the rest of yesterday, but threw up again at 4:30 this morning – poor chicken, and all she wanted to do was not vomit so she could go to school. I’ve let her go in, but she was looking a bit pale and washed out. Let’s hope she’s over the worst of it!

Ok, time to get this week going!

Maternal guilt

…flip, it’s a killer! After a really crazy week in terms of after hours activities and responsibilities, I was feeling like such an awful parent last night, and when I went into T’s bedroom to kiss her goodnight, to see her shiny teary eyes, I felt even worse, and ended up having a good old sob.

It all started with a call from my brother on Monday reminding me that friends of his were arriving to stay at the beach house on Wednesday; which meant that Charlie and I had to get out there to clean and tidy up, check that everything was in order – you know how it goes – a holiday house stands, the geckoes run riot, things get dusty; so we were out there on Tuesday night, sweeping, moping, making beds, tidying up, putting some groceries into the fridge. I had anticipated we’d take an hour, so we thought we’d be able to grab some supper on our way home, but it took 2 hours, by this time it was 7:30, so I thought, instead of supper – a roll or a quick pie at the local beach spar – but it was already closed, so our poor child fell asleep in the car on the way home, hungry and exhausted. Terrible mom. We did stop then at the local (closer to home) KFC and she demolished a quick chicken pops before heading for bed, way later than she should have.

The next disaster was on Wednesday night – we had our usual supper with friends, and went out for a change to a local curry spot. Dinner went well, and mom had a treat lined up at home for afterwards – a malva pudding cupcake, which T had chosen herself; except when we got home it was gone – assuming our domestic ungoddess had either eaten it, or not even realised it was in the box, and tossed it out. Poor child. Off to bed without her dessert; and way after bed time again!

Yesterday we were all tired and bit bedraggled, after trying to sort out T’s passport renewal, and then dashing around trying to do some quick groceries, in a freezing cold gale that was blowing everyone’s ┬ásenses of humour away; we got home, and and after watching a bit of TV, supper turned into a trial of mom and dad’s patience. After finally finishing her required bites (swallows would be more technically correct) of her tomato soup through tears (hers and moms), she headed off to bed (on time at least last night!). And when I went to kiss her goodnight, that little face looking up at me with shiny eyes, saying she was ok, she was crying because her heart was happy (which I know was just a story), we had a good cuddle and hug and I then bawled.

This morning she is bright eyed and bushy tailed with not a care to be seen, but this mama heart is guilt wracked…

I’m hoping a weekend of love and cuddles and we will all feel better!

Crazy and quiet

…this was a weekend of contrasts – moments of such peace and quiet – awesome – to moments of pure blind terror and chaos! It was insane! By last night I was feeling a bit odd!

Friday had been a lovely quiet youth day. Saturday Morning was the busiest time on call that I have had for a long while (preterm twin caesar delivery; an emergency caesar for feral distress to discover a mother bleeding out, a horrible miscarriage)! Sunday started well, and then ended with some drama with a planned home birth being brought to hospital, only to have her deliver in the parking lot, to everyone’s consternation!

The rest of the weekend was nice – had some good family time with my daughter – shopping for Father’s day gifts for Charlie and Pops; playing monopoly on a cold Sunday afternoon; preparing a roast dinner for Sunday lunch for the Dads. She is such a sweetie pie – we are having the best time with her at the moment. So interactive, so kind, so sweet, so intuitive.