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…while my weekend was really busy, I have been blessed with some really positive events that helped refuel my tank. There was some running, there was some winning, there was some real joy!

On Friday night we celebrated my father’s birthday – a few of his friends were able to join us and I think that Pops has a good night. He’s 80 on Wednesday, quite an achievement! Unfortunately, my brother was due to be there too, but someone left booking his flight too late, so he couldn’t get down in time for Friday, but arrived on Saturday, which was great. My dad, despite knowing that he was coming down, had forgotten (really!) and was super surprised and, I think, really loved seeing him.

Saturday I had to drive down to the neighboring city – there was an obgyn meeting, and I was presenting a topic, which I did actually enjoy. I love doing a literature review, putting a presentation together and learning!

While I was in the other city, Thandi attended her ballet prize giving ceremony – to her (and my) delight; she passed her ballet exam with distinction and thus was awarded a ballet badge to wear on her uniform next year; and then won the picture prize for musicality! Her little friend pointed out to me repeatedly that it was ‘the biggest picture of them all!’ She was beaming. Roll around Sunday and the tap and modern prize giving where she won a trophy, for the most promising pre-grade dancer! so chuffed with herself! I know all parents do think their kids are special and the best, but it was nice to see that someone else validated my opinion! 😉

On Sunday we also had the huge pleasure of participating in a very special fun run – our local newspaper hosted their annual fun run, and an initiative was launched by the disability organizations, that #wecanrun, and we were involved in pushing wheelchairs, guiding the disabled, piggybacking, and allowing to participate. It was so humbling and inspiring. I think it felt better than finishing 2 Oceans this year, helping the team finish and seeing the joy and pleasure on everyone’s faces. Loved it!

November Noise

…yoh! As I said last week, this year is ramping up to crazy levels! So after getting my Macbook repaired yesterday, I needed to catch up on some work I could not do, was on the verge of finishing it, and Photoshop crashed! 2 and a half hours of work lost! By that stage I was so shattered that reaction didn’t really matter, I simply just started again. Finished up just before 01h00 this morning, and went to bed with a heart pounding in my chest. I am dreaming of a solid sleep; but somehow I don’t think there is one in my future at the moment. There is so much on my plate at the moment! Today will be fuelled by caffeine, and lots of it.

Thandi’s little concert was just the cutest! Her class were the fish under the sea. The whole premise of the show is that there are the Beat Busters (sort of like the Ghost Busters), who are looking for the music that has disappeared – they look under the sea, in outer space, in a meadow of flowers and on the beach; they search the galaxy, and finally land up at the zoo; collecting songs wherever they go. It was so sweet; the girls did a great job!

Building up

… the busy.

Crickey, this time of the year is certainly starting to see a ramp up in action! School concerts, weekends away, end of year functions, chaos!

Oh well, before I know it, it’ll be January and the drama of the silly season will be over And term 1 of Grade 1 will be commencing.

Last night was the BWA’s end of year function. A Caribbean Beach Party theme on a cold and rainy night in November was a bit of a mismatch, but there you gave it! That’s me in the middle – some silliness! I wasn’t feeling the funniest, but put on a brave face and had some fun anyway!

Today we are off on our annual book club/wine club/stokvel weekend away. Should be fun! An hour from town, in another world!

Next week is Thandi’s biannual school concert. Her class are the fish – they sing of Cyril the Squid, Willy the Whale and Someone the Octopus. We haven’t seen their costumes – I’m sure they are super cute!


… guys, my baby girl is growing up! Grade 1 orientation, here we go. Today she got to meet her new class teacher, see her classroom (which is actually my old sub A classroom) and checked out who is in her class. It’s a bit bittersweet, her 3 besties and her have been split up, but these little bonds seem strong, so with play dates and fun times, we’ll stay buddies! It’s a normal strategy with the school, so they meet everyone, but still.

And again, with every celebration she has, my mamma heart rejoices in her joy and crumbles with despair. My little girl is growing up. Mom, is this how you felt when you sent me off into the world, did it scare you so much you couldn’t breath either? How do I keep these memories, I’m already forgetting stuff? I wish you were still here to help me do this…

Weekend Woes

… so there’s a story about a sore calf and a foam roller; but that’s an insignificant one when it’s followed by an attempt to balance on said roller, a slip and a fall… 

and a broken bone…

Poor little girl. 

Watching her dawning realization with horror, as to the limitations on her normal activities – swimming, dancing, piano… She is so very sad, my poor little girl. Her mama heart aches for her. 

More firsts

… so today Thandi has her first ballet exam. She is ready, I’ve watched her dance; she does very well, especially since she is a year younger than her class mates. I hope she keeps her head and dances as beautifully as I know she can. 

And yesterday we bought her first school uniform! I’m quietly still nursing my crumpled heart; but I’m trying to be as excited as she is! 
Here she is in her gym 

And in her sports kit (which they wear most of the time, far more practical!) 

Good luck my princess! Enjoy every minute of this next exciting chapter! 

She grows 

… and grows. And my heart explodes with joy; and shatters at the same time; with an aching nostalgia that burns in my throat and in the corners of my eyes. 

So the second of her two front (top) teeth fell out. She is beside herself with excitement at her obvious ‘growing up’. The tooth mouse, a consistent fellow (thankfully) remembered (at about 4h00 this morning) to gift her with the princely sum of R25! She was ecstatic! 

She cannot wait to grow up, and I am already mourning missed opportunities.