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Just too

… short, the weekend that was. Flip. In the spirit of past week’s post I knew I needed more than 2 days. Oh well. It was what I got, so I enjoyed it.

Friday night saw Thandi at a slumber party. Her first! Because all the other girls were older than her (2 years older) and since we were the helper parents at the party, we gave her the option of sleeping over or coming home with us. To her credit, she was appropriate nervous, but after all the fun and games, she chose to sleep over. And she loved it! Needless to say she was exhausted on Saturday and her and I had a killer afternoon nap, just the best.

On Saturday I had a good long run. Well, good is a strong description, I was feeling shattered! But I got 19km in, had a divine and refreshing Spring day dip in the ocean and then headed home. After a quick shower and wash we fetched the girl, and then we headed off to a nearby (80km near) seaside village to visit one of the projects we, as Wild Women, support, Busfare Babies. It was super special. The midwife had invited some of her newest deliveries to meet us. Holding those little sweethearts was special. BB really do incredible work with very limited resources. The dream is for a birthing home closer to the village and school. Currently they’re on top of a hill with the most amazing view; but are a little walk from the village.

The village really is one of those weirdly South African ones. Luxurious houses on the river with rondavels behind them. Massive white elephant art centers which are dilapidated and locked up with enormous weeds growing in the gardens. Such a wasted investment. Such a slap in the face for the community in need.

So I am going to see what I can do to try to get them the things they need to keep things running smoothly for now. And when the time comes for a build, then we will jump in!

Sunday was a day to recoup my sleep deficit, although we know that never really happens, watch a marathon and cheer my friends along. We feasted on chilli con carne for supper after watching a great little animated flick, Valiant. A good one.

Now about that 7 day weekend I need…

Proud moments

… so my little super star and her team came 2nd in our city’s Fun with Words competition. I was so chuffed for her and her team mates. They practiced hard , applied themselves and shone!

And, yes, English and word puzzles are so hectic, your ribbons untie and your badges go skew!

It’s just wonderful seeing her come into her own. She really is a shining star!

Proud mom

… of an amazing Thandigirl! So in the last little while my little lady has certainly shone; and I am a super proud mom! Firstly, she has been chosen as one of only 2 grade 1’s in the school’s team for the SACEE (South African Council for English Education) Fun with words team. It’s kind of like an English olympiad for junior primary kids. She is loving the challenge (as is her mom!) of solving word puzzles, seeing patterns in letters and words – it has been so much fun practicing for this event! It all happens next Wednesday, so I’ll give you an update on how it goes.

Then, she has had a piece of art chosen for the (MyCity)fest art exhibition! And she won a gold for it too! I could only find 4 items from children in her grade at school, so was super chuffed for her!

My clever, beautiful, caring big girl!

Days of wonder

…ah, guys, the weekend was so good and restorative. I am so glad we got away, chilled and revitalised ourselves; and celebrated Charlie’s birthday! After I’d spent an inordinately long time at the hairdresser in the morning, getting some, as my friends have described it, unicorn hair, with pink green and blue highlights, I packed up all our requirements, fetched Thandi from her late afternoon music lesson and we hit the road to our beach house. Because none has been there for a while, and it was after sunset, with a huge cold front blowing in, the house felt icy, but we soon warmed it up and settled in.

We then headed off to an organised nite series run (just 5km) over a trail at a little nature reserve nearby. Thandi was super excited – her first night run, and we even encountered a very tame giraffe on route, who gave Charlie a slurpy kiss on his bald spot! We all enjoyed it and I was super chuffed at how Thandi coped with the distance and conditions – much better than our last park run some months ago.

Saturday dawned clear and cool, and Thandi and I hustled to sing Charlie Happy Birthday, spoil him with some love and gifts. We cooked up an enormous breakfast, which, after a quick clean up and shower, we walked off on the beach. It was so quiet – just divine to have a whole beach to yourself! The rest of saturday passed in quiet contentment, as we pottered around the house, sorting out a few snags, baked a cake (tres leche cake – YUM!), and prepared for a little braai in the evening. So nice to fall into bed after a lovely day!

Sunday I was lucky enough that my club had arranged it’s long run for out near the beach house, so I was able to do a nice long run (25km) and I felt really good about it. Today I am not stiff and sore, and am positive that my training is on track for the Cape Town Marathon.

After getting back to the beach house we had an early lunch, because one of Charlie’s gifts had been tickets to see Jeremy Loops in the afternoon. Except we arrived at the advertised time of 2, to discover he was only going to play at 6! Hmmmm…. so we went back to the beach house, all 3 of us had an afternoon nap, and then we headed back at 5, more appropriately dressed (the weather had turned during the afternoon), met friends there and settled in for a good evening. The young lad eventually sang at around 7, for an hour, which we all enjoyed. I think Charlie and I may have created a rock concert junkie – Thandi made it to the front row, sang along and jumped and danced and clapped – she loved it! She collapsed in a heap during the drive home, and we got her into bed at around 9pm! (Don’t tell her teachers!!!)

And now it’s Monday, a new week begins – go out and smash it, friends!


…I am looking forward to unplanned weekend – we were on our way to the Wild Coast to take part in a trail fest, and it was unexpectedly cancelled – the title sponsor (the hotel) decided to not play nice anymore, so the plug got pulled. I am a bit bleak to be missing out on a run in my favourite part of the world, but will get some other runs in anyway. Aside from agreeing to attend a wine auction tonight (very dangerous!) we have no other plans, what a pleasure!

So last night I got to art, for the first time in 3 weeks, and did some work on this enormous painting I am doing of my Thandigirl; but what was really cool last night, was that she came with me. With Charlie’s driver still being off, he is running around like crazy; and we had a childcare clash, so I grabbed an extra canvas, my acrylics; and brought her along – she loved it; especially when one of the there ladies asked her to help prep her canvas! So nice to make some special memories with her; even though it turned into a little bit of a late night, she enjoyed some creative time, some time with mom, and seeing what mom does, and where she goes to when she’s at art.

I guess these are the moments I need to bank, because there will be so many I will miss out on. I love my kid!

Another year

…another party! And it looks like it was a success! I hope I am making awesome memories for my daughter; I am certainly having fun, completely exhausting myself all the way to martyrdom!

 The children arrived

 We played some games!

 We went on an adventure walk and a scavenger hunt.

 We won some prizes.

 We partied with friends, family and cake!

 And went home with dirty feet and sweetie jars!

Party prep

…ok, so I am exhausted, but we are nearly there – party prep is in full swing, 2:30 tomorrow and it will all be on the way, and by 4:30 done!

  • Cake – is made and dirty iced. The fondant and figures will be added today.
  • Sugar crystals – all grown and must just be dried tonight.
  • Macarons – yes, I have that child who asks for macarons for her party, seriously! Made and must just be sandwiched together tonight (I use nutella for these ones, so super easy)
  • Biscuits – made and iced and good to go.
  • Fudge and Smudge – done
  • Chicken and Ham rolls – to be done in the morning tomorrow.
  • Pin the tail on the fox – done
  • Hedgehog ring toss – done, including the rings
  • Scavenger hunt bags – to be printed
  • Necklaces – to be used as prizes for the scavenger hunt – done.
  • Sweetie jars – to take home, done
  • Decor – done – except for the moss and some pine cones.
  • Thandi’s dress – done.

I can’t wait to share the photos with you guys!