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Christmas Cookies

…so in attempt to assuage some working mom guilt and to compensate for the many missed play dates because I keep her so busy, I arranged a Christmas cookie decorating party for Thandi yesterday. Extra-murals are done for the year, and so we could have a good afternoon of fun!

I spent Sunday, between electricity outages, baking up a storm. Gingerbread men, gingerbread ninjas, and some Christmas shaped sugar biscuits. I prepped various colors of icing, collected multiple sprinkles and also made some T-shirt’s for the little girls.

Once everyone has arrived, we got going. Each girl also had the chance to bake a batch of choc chip cookies (they were a simple mix – so easy to do!) and they all baked and iced to their heart’s content.

Then there was some swimming and some testing of the produce!

I was nervous, 12 girls felt overwhelming, but they were awesome. Either I have underestimated the girls, or else my daughter has really awesome friends! They sat and decorated quietly, there was peace and harmony and sharing of colors and sprinkles around the table. They were polite and kind. Such a pleasure

And I really hope I made some good memories for my girl. I had the warm fuzzies all afternoon.

Stuck record

…flip, I really don’t want to sound like a stuck record, but I am! I’m busy and the end of the year is sprinting towards me. My stress level is rising (I wasn’t sure that was possible) and I am feeling quite frazzled. I have never longed for those extra 6 hours a day I laways talk about, like I am at the moment.

The weekend was productive and I managed to transform some of my to do list into a ta da list. 2 Runs, although one left me tearful and tired. I think last weeks stress caught up with me there. Thandi got to all her commitments – tap and modern dancing mock exams; swimming gala*; birthday party. And Charlie had a better market experience with his new small business. My call was fairly busy, and a bit sleep depriving…

* So Thandigirl heads off to this gala over the weekend. (I wasn’t there) and how it works is they all swim various heats. There are no ‘finals’ as such, the organisers just collate times. Charlie tells me she wins her butterfly heat by a proverbial mile, and that they are sticking around for prize giving. She had also won her freestyle heat and come second in the breaststroke heat. When she comes home, there is a (shoot me now) participation certificate, no medals for her. So we wonder? I watch the website, no official results up yet… So yesterday at her swim squad training she gets told that the organisers (not her coaches) made a big mistake, and that she did win the butterfly, but that there will be no medal for her, because they can’t take it away from the other little girl! Seriously! Anyway, I am just glad they did tell her, because she really was disappointed, because, as she told me repeatedly, she ‘tried my best, Mom’. I hope there will be some acknowledgement for her at some stage, otherwise she must go and kill the heats next time!

Surfer girl

…watch her go!

I love seeing her succeed, overcoming fears and anxiety. She’s a star!


…I was on call this weekend, and mercifully, the gods smiled on me, and I had no work to do, other than my rounds and discharging patients. I had a couple of phone calls, but they did not amount to anything, thankfully.

Friday night had me at an all time low – I was tired, stressed, had had a bad morning run where I felt terrible; and then I had to go to the maxillofacial surgeon again, because there had been a complication with the implant he did earlier this year. Apparently 1:100 have this – the implant did not completely get settled into the bone, and when the dentist tried too work on it, I hit the roof, so on Friday, Dr K had to remove it! Now we have to wait for the bone to grow again, and for the jaw to settle down, before we redo it in February next year. Considering this dental drama began in August last year – I am rather devastated! At this point when I was nursing my ego and my jaw, a call came regarding a walk in patient to the rooms, and I just lost my cool. Between hicuppy sobs I managed to make my way back to the office, calm myself down and attend to my patient. Then I found some big girl panties and ploughed through the afternoon.

Friday night we ran the local nite series run – it was a dress up – Mad hatters – and while most people donned funky hats, we went all out, and won the best dressed prize! Such fun. (but my patience, already thin was tested by the amount of motivational speaking I had to employ to get my daughter over the finish line!) She is a trooper though, but she will drive her mother mad!

Saturday was a busy day – between a few procedures at the rooms, a tap and modern rehearsal, a ballet exam and Charlie’s first market with his woodworking projects – I barely touched sides!

Phew! Anyway, all seemed to go fairly well, the market sales were not great, but hopefully we have learnt a few things from this one, to make the next one bumper!

And Sunday – well, that’s Runday! I managed a long run, half with the club, half on my own – it was hot and exhausting! I really hope this training will pay off and that I will have a good marathon in December!

Term End

…so today marks the end of the winter term. School breaks up for a quick week. I really am sad that I am not taking a holiday this year. Our last family holiday was this time last year, and I know I need another one. Oh well… I am just going to have to wait until January. Even though I am definitely a bit worse for wear.

In other news, my girl had an amazing report. At this stage of the game, they get a number score for eau subject (and aspect of it) with 1 being atrocious to 7 being the highest mark. Last term she had almost all 7’s, there were 3 6’s – for her third additional language (fair enough, I reckon). This term – 7’s all round! What a super star! My gran would buy us grandkids a bag of nobby toffees (chocolate coated toffees of supreme deliciousness) for a great report, I reckon Thandigirl deserves a bag – although the originals are no longer produced, so I will have to find a fair facsimile thereof and start my own tradition!

So, what will she get up to these holidays, while I am at work- maybe some time at Jonginenge – surf lessons down at the beach, a craft workshop, a birthday party, and there’ll be a couple of play dates? It’s going to be fun and busy!


Just too

… short, the weekend that was. Flip. In the spirit of past week’s post I knew I needed more than 2 days. Oh well. It was what I got, so I enjoyed it.

Friday night saw Thandi at a slumber party. Her first! Because all the other girls were older than her (2 years older) and since we were the helper parents at the party, we gave her the option of sleeping over or coming home with us. To her credit, she was appropriate nervous, but after all the fun and games, she chose to sleep over. And she loved it! Needless to say she was exhausted on Saturday and her and I had a killer afternoon nap, just the best.

On Saturday I had a good long run. Well, good is a strong description, I was feeling shattered! But I got 19km in, had a divine and refreshing Spring day dip in the ocean and then headed home. After a quick shower and wash we fetched the girl, and then we headed off to a nearby (80km near) seaside village to visit one of the projects we, as Wild Women, support, Busfare Babies. It was super special. The midwife had invited some of her newest deliveries to meet us. Holding those little sweethearts was special. BB really do incredible work with very limited resources. The dream is for a birthing home closer to the village and school. Currently they’re on top of a hill with the most amazing view; but are a little walk from the village.

The village really is one of those weirdly South African ones. Luxurious houses on the river with rondavels behind them. Massive white elephant art centers which are dilapidated and locked up with enormous weeds growing in the gardens. Such a wasted investment. Such a slap in the face for the community in need.

So I am going to see what I can do to try to get them the things they need to keep things running smoothly for now. And when the time comes for a build, then we will jump in!

Sunday was a day to recoup my sleep deficit, although we know that never really happens, watch a marathon and cheer my friends along. We feasted on chilli con carne for supper after watching a great little animated flick, Valiant. A good one.

Now about that 7 day weekend I need…

Proud moments

… so my little super star and her team came 2nd in our city’s Fun with Words competition. I was so chuffed for her and her team mates. They practiced hard , applied themselves and shone!

And, yes, English and word puzzles are so hectic, your ribbons untie and your badges go skew!

It’s just wonderful seeing her come into her own. She really is a shining star!