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…right now I am juggling so many balls, I’m not sure I can keep them all in the air.

There’s work – I am on call for 5 of the next 6 days. And it is what it is, it’s tough, but not unusually so.

The deli – it all starts this weekend. I am so worried it’s going to be a disaster, so nervous it won’t work out. I think it’s going to be fine, but just want everything sorted already – the phone, the till, the ADSL, the credit card machine, the books, the banking…

Running – I leave for Oudtshoorn in 6 days time. Whether I am ready or not is another matter. I have battled through my training with this injury. I really hope I make it through the 4 days in 1 piece. And I hope I get there and back safely. And that I survive camping. And public ablutions.

My friends – I really don’t know what I would be doing without my friends; from those who are my sounding board, (thanks for book club last night, chickens), to those who run my anxiety away with me, to those who have rolled up their sleeves and mucked in with me (and helped take care of my Thandipants); Thank you!

My family – my brother and his wife arrive for a visit today. My folks really cannot cope with things anymore, so they are staying at my house, and I have to feed everyone for the weekend. Flip, I hope I survive it. My daughter is starting to forget what her mama looks like. 30 minutes in the morning really isn’t enough to nurture my beautiful girl. Shame, hopefully we will get some time together this weekend. In between work and the deli and the family.

Charlie – My Charlie, I couldn’t be doing any of these crazy things without you. You have built shelves, made signs, entertained your wife’s crazy ideas. You have been patient, kind and loving. Thank you my wonderful man – You make it all ok! (and one day we will have time together again!)

I really hope I don’t drop any of these balls, and that if I do, they bounce back.

My Shark


Look at my cutiepie! Even when she is trying to make a scary shark face, with teeth. Yesterday she ‘graduated from being a Dolphin to a Shark, at her swimming academy. What a champ! What that means is she can swim a length of freestyle, a length of breaststroke, a width of both of those, and backstroke and butterfly legs. She can dive to retrieve something from the bottom of the pool, she can swim underwater, and can dive into the deep end. And people, she’s only 4! I am so chuffed that she has done so well in her swimming!

Work and a little bit of play

…actually, a lot of play, because setting up the shop has been fun! By last night though, it was work, and I was weary, but it’s all looking so good! I am so grateful to my Charlie and all the work he has put into making my shop look beautiful, he really has put blood and sweat into it; I’ve contributed the tears! Wander over to my other blog,¬† to see what we have been up to!

In other activities over the weekend, we did a nite race – in the rain! So dark, wet and sweaty were not the best combination of things to be on Friday night. But after that the endorphins were up, and we worked hard on the deli stuff. Saturday, after a full day in the store, we watched the rugby, a good game, that unfortunately didn’t go our way, tough to loose, but I guess, a realistic outcome. I collapsed into bed quite early on Saturday, because I was exhausted. saturday started us with us at the hardware store buying the last few goodies we needed. then it was off to a Weisswurst brunch, served naturally with weiss beer at our German friends’ home. What fun it was on a truly gorgeous morning. The sun baked, the kids swam, we drank beer and ate pretzels, sausages and a variey=ty of other yummy things – obatzda, a german cheese salad, gerkins, smaltz bread… So much deliciousness, that made the idea of work impossible! But we did it! Phew.

Anyway, we collapsed into bed, and I was up early for a run this morning. Yawn!

The week in review

…Monday – work, work, work; a few final orders before opening day for the deli…

Tuesday – Charlie’s uncle admitted to hospital; work; busyness.

Wednesday – Tired day after a long, sleep interrupted night; Charlie’s uncle has surgery; work; supper with friends.

Thursday – Busy at work; afternoon of deli chores and Santa Shoebox preparation; academic presentation

Friday – that’s today, and so far, I’ve had a nice run, and am now just tired. Still to come – work, afternoon chores (hopefully some painting) a nite series run, and then it’ll be Saturday, when we move into the shop!

Somehow it doesn’t sound so bad, but flip, it’s been busy. I am tired and very stressed, but anyway, I just have to push through now.


…tired. My bones even feel tired. On a good note, my leg feels a bit better!

Crikey, there is a lot to get done in the next 2 weeks. The shop fitting will hopefully be completed over the weekend, then we will unpack all the stock, once it is all priced. And then we are ready to trade. The practice is still ticking over and busy, and although I am not on call this weekend, next one I am. And in 2 weeks time, I will be on my way to Oudsthoorn. Flip, so much to do!!!!


…channeling a bit of Alanis this morning, but isn’t ironic how you can be on call for 9 days in a row, you book the afternoon off, organise a bit of a massage treat, and then someone comes in in early labour?

The universe hates me.

Making it

…through the weekend. I am very glad that this last week has drawn to a close, and that the new week has begun. It’s been a stressful time, not because I was incredibly busy, because I wasn’t, but because there was just no respite, no downtime, no easy sleep. Anyway. Status quo is back to normal, with my associate back at work. Thank the pope!

Anyway, despite being on call for the weekend, I managed to get quite a bit done. On Friday night we celebrated a friend of Charlie’s birthday with drinks at a local watering hole, which turned into such an interesting evening. Now Charlie and I very seldom, and I mean VERY seldom go out to bars, and very seldom have drinks out. We much prefer relaxing at home with a good bottle of wine, with no smokers in our vicinity. The psychology of a bar really is an interesting thing, and people watching was at it’s prime on Friday night. Smacked of desperation… There were many people I knew, people who I knew shouldn’t necessarily be there on their own, without their respective partners; single people trawling for a good time, and then there were couples, enjoying bar culture. Anyway, after 2 bottles of water, it was time to go home, before I turned into a grumpasaurus. So how all those potential hook ups turned out, I’m not sure.

Saturday I went off on a training run, with the Wild Women. The crazy girls who are running up the coast in March next year, who are fundraising. What a gorgeous day it was for a run (and a stroll) and what a good experience it was. I arranged some cover for the 3 hours we ran, so I could actually run with a very clear conscience. The girls are just wonderful, and I felt quite rejuvenated after the time with them. The beautiful scenery helped too – on the beach, through some countryside, across some farmlands. Stunning! Medicine for my soul. I managed to get another run in on Sunday with one of the girls, another awesome experience, we ran along the local beachfront, which is not a route any of us do often, it isn’t the safest on your own, and again, it was absolutely gorgeous! My leg is holding out. I am getting through the calf pain, and the hassle now is that, because I am compensating so much, my hip is flipping sore. But I will take it, at least I am running!

IMG_2009 IMG_2013

Saturday night we did pizzas for the rugby, our inaugural pizza evening of the season! Bring on summer nights and lazy days… (and thank heavens the bokke won!)

Sunday was a day of calm. I got into some shelf painting, while Charlie continued building units. I had an enthusiastic helper, flip, she was cute! So excited to help mommy paint! She even made a sign for Mom’s shop, seriously cute!

IMG_2027   IMG_2025 IMG_2029

Ok, so it’s Monday, and let’s get this show on the road!