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…my to do list into a ta da list! Yay! Nothing like ticking things off (despite the fact that it grows ridiculously too) to make one feel better about oneself! So yesterday I hired someone to help us out in the deli; I managed to source some kit for my run in 3 weeks time; I have sourced a till and a credit card machine and have a bank account up and running. I am still listing all my stock etc, so that the cash register can be programmed, but slowly I am winning! Phew.

In other news, I have been running, but running is really just becoming an exercise in pain management. My physio is  a genius, and after a session with her this morning I feel a lot better, and just as well, big run planned tomorrow with the Wild Women! So, although I am feeling a bit under trained and under prepared, at least I am moving again, and hopefully making some progress. 3 weeks time I am on my way to Outshoorn, for my first stage trail running event, please let my legs just hold until that is done, please!

Anyway, wishing everybody a good weekend! I’ve still got a whack on that to do list to get done, here’s hoping!


  runnermum wrote @

Well done on shortening that to do list. Good luck with the running. For the first time every I have now given in and made an appointment with a sports specialist to try and sort out my feet 😦

  charliesbird wrote @

Hope they get them right for you!

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