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…while my weekend was really busy, I have been blessed with some really positive events that helped refuel my tank. There was some running, there was some winning, there was some real joy!

On Friday night we celebrated my father’s birthday – a few of his friends were able to join us and I think that Pops has a good night. He’s 80 on Wednesday, quite an achievement! Unfortunately, my brother was due to be there too, but someone left booking his flight too late, so he couldn’t get down in time for Friday, but arrived on Saturday, which was great. My dad, despite knowing that he was coming down, had forgotten (really!) and was super surprised and, I think, really loved seeing him.

Saturday I had to drive down to the neighboring city – there was an obgyn meeting, and I was presenting a topic, which I did actually enjoy. I love doing a literature review, putting a presentation together and learning!

While I was in the other city, Thandi attended her ballet prize giving ceremony – to her (and my) delight; she passed her ballet exam with distinction and thus was awarded a ballet badge to wear on her uniform next year; and then won the picture prize for musicality! Her little friend pointed out to me repeatedly that it was ‘the biggest picture of them all!’ She was beaming. Roll around Sunday and the tap and modern prize giving where she won a trophy, for the most promising pre-grade dancer! so chuffed with herself! I know all parents do think their kids are special and the best, but it was nice to see that someone else validated my opinion! 😉

On Sunday we also had the huge pleasure of participating in a very special fun run – our local newspaper hosted their annual fun run, and an initiative was launched by the disability organizations, that #wecanrun, and we were involved in pushing wheelchairs, guiding the disabled, piggybacking, and allowing to participate. It was so humbling and inspiring. I think it felt better than finishing 2 Oceans this year, helping the team finish and seeing the joy and pleasure on everyone’s faces. Loved it!


… Boundaries. Shoowee, it’s getting to that silly time of the year. I’m finding that, despite my holiday, my resilience seems poor; it probably would be so much worse if I hadn’t had the break though. 

I am trying really hard to focus on a few things at the moment – I have a strong need to ‘get things in order’. 

  • The house – for a while there was a dream of a move to my old family house here in town. It would have been hideously expensive, fat too big for the 3 of us, completely impractical and several more speed bumps away from work and school; but the dream has never gone away. Recently the current owners decided to give the house to their son… I understand, it’s an amazing home; but I’m a bit sad. But what it does mean is that some of the maintenance work I’ve been ignoring/neglecting must now be seen to at our current home- a paint job, some minor repairs, a blind/wind shield in our outside area, some furniture repairs, some cupboard repairs and maybe some new carpets (a childhood really does destroy them). I need to list it all, get vague quotes and work on a budget and time frame. 
  • The Body – a recurrent theme in this blog, but its time to just settle down and calm down with the eating. It’s also time to just make a sincere commitment to more consistent running. Yes, I run every week, but I battle severely with consistently running enough to do the things I want to do. That must change. #excusesmustfall 
  • Photo journaling – I started out great guns and have done 4 photo books for Thandi – a pregnancy one, year 1; year 2 and year1 at preschool, so I am a bit behind! I’m currently working on the next one; and a photo book of my mom’s recipes. I get so emotional on that one, I can’t do a lot on it at once. 
  • And, and, and… I really am trying to control my compulsive volunteerism (if that’s a word) and not put my hand up for all sorts of things that will further drain me and take away from time with my family. 

Flip, this sounds a bit like a list of New Years resolutions, doesn’t it? I think next year might be my year of “No”. 

Misty morning

…. a run and a ‘boot camp’ session on the beach this morning was quite other worldly. It was misty and quiet; although quite a few people were out and about being active. In the midst of agonizing dune climbs and planks, I got thinking. (It’s often quite dangerous when I am left alone with brain for any periods, this morning not so dangerous) 

Time is fleeting; this year is flying by. The season has changed. It is summer. Hope you are all holding onto your teeth and we screech towards year end. 

And remember to dip into the water occasionally – it’s refreshing! 

Settling back down

…time to get back into the rhythms and routines of everyday life. Although is an OBGYN’s life ever routine? This week I have had 2 early morning deliveries, one was while I was still sweaty and stinky after a run, today I at least managed to sprint through the shower before getting to the hospital to catch that one. Phew!

I am trying to get the running routine established again; my running confidence isn’t great, but I am plodding forward and starting to maybe feel a few positives. I have gone back to my weekly dancing class and had a good session with my personal trainer at the gym. I really need to just keep the stretching, core and proprioception work going now. I am realising that neglecting that side has done my running NO favours! Diet still needs to settle down – it seems my quest for the perfect tick toffee pudding in Scotland has left me with a well activated sweet tooth again; but I can feel already, my body is starting to want me to eat better, with the increase in the running.

Thandi has settled back down well at school. She has lost her first front tooth to much excitement. She is preparing for her dancing exams – ballet, tap and modern – poor kid! There is also a school concert coming up, so they are learning their songs for that. She is reading so well! On holiday we read Harry Potter aloud to her, but she read a Roald dahl on her own, and read The Wickedest witch herself. Amazing!

Charlie is settling back down to business; and is also starting to think about running – we have signed up to do the RB Africa Wild Coast Challenge together in February next year; and considering its 110km over 3 days, we need to get fit!

From next week I hope to get my blogging back to scheduled writings! Lots on the cards, lots to talk and think about. 2017 is almost done, let’s make the most of it!

The Loch Ness Marathon

…what a marathon. What a setting! What weather! How humbling!

Guys, I was in so much trouble, I knew that before I even pulled on my running shoes. My training was not up to speed, getting sick 3 weeks before the run did not help matters, but I was determined to have the experience. I only wish I hadn’t been so distracted by my (un)fitness and discomfort. Anyway. My race report follows.

So they asked that we catch a bus from the finish which would take us to the start. 7:30 the buses departed; 8:30 they arrived at the start. It was freezing. Icy cold wind, rain, fog; entirely miserable! And then we waited for that start at 10am. Oy! 

It was really miserable. I mentioned to someone that in South Africa we cancel raves when conditions are this bad, to which they replied that this was when they run them in Wales! 
Anyway, they lined us up 

And we were off. The first 5km went nicely. A long easy downhill, with no major drama.  The next 5km were fine, I was enjoying it all; but I knew in my heart of hearts that 42 was going to. E a long ask. By 21km, I was ready to ne done. It was the slowest 21 I’d run in years; and I realized precisely how deep I was going to have to dig. 

Repeating all the mantras I knew, I reached out to my running group via what’s app – don’t you love how small the global village is? With care, motivation, cheering and some tough love they got me to that finish line. It was not pretty, it was not my finest hour. But I did it. 

And now I will have a rest from running, regroup and get my head right to face the next set of challenges. 


…days, quieter me.

The ‘woe is me’ posts get boring. Thus I have been quieter (I love that word – thus – we definitely don’t use it enough). I am suffering from a cold at the moment; and I am super grumpy about that. This was supposed to be my last high mileage week before my marathon! Argh! Oh well. It is what it is. I guess I must be grateful its just a cold.

My mouth is starting to feel much better. I can’t wait for it to be totally better now!

Thandi has had a bit of a rough ride. She danced in her ballet show last week; it was BUSY! She coped really well until Saturday night – she basically did not sleep the entire night – I’m not sure if it was insomnia, over tiredness or something actually wrong (she said her tooth was sore, but I think she was copying her poor poor mother!). Then after a quiet day recovering (for all of us) on Sunday, she went to school happily; and had no problems, until yesterday, when she had a vomit and Charles had to bring her home. She seemed fine this morning; and went off to school happily. I really don’t know.

We all need this holiday!


…something I struggle with. I really wish I could emulate those people that get things done weeks in advance; minimise their stress. But right now I am struggling. Things seem to creep up on me and I am left stressed and floundering. Flip! The next 3 weeks before we depart for Scotland are going to be hectic! I still need to secure my Spanish Visa, but fortunately I am not too stressed about that. Our UK one arrived on Friday. Phew!

Thandi’s ballet show is this week, my princess is the cutest bunny ever! I am so impressed with her! She has coped well with her practices, and has even done a few practices at home. They are seriously cute! Their make up is being done by a face painter, and it is so super effective! As soon as I get the go ahead I will post a picture here.

My training is also ramping up in this month before the marathon. My running stats are not looking great, and I know I need a bit more time on my legs, so I am prioritising the running for now. I am tired though, so I can see a lot of caffeine in my future. I managed a 2 part  Kriel run yesterday (named for a friend who has this ability to get home, and then decide to head out again- crazy stuff!); so I ran 10 with a friend, then after breakfast, took Charlie and Thandi (on their bikes) and the dogs (on leashes with me) for a run down to the park – some play time, some fun, then it was the trek home. The Squiff dog was exhausted and almost had to be dragged. But on the whole a good experience for everyone! I was impressed with my endurance! Although this morning the legs were a bit tired and protested on the hills.