Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Making it

…through the weekend. I am very glad that this last week has drawn to a close, and that the new week has begun. It’s been a stressful time, not because I was incredibly busy, because I wasn’t, but because there was just no respite, no downtime, no easy sleep. Anyway. Status quo is back to normal, with my associate back at work. Thank the pope!

Anyway, despite being on call for the weekend, I managed to get quite a bit done. On Friday night we celebrated a friend of Charlie’s birthday with drinks at a local watering hole, which turned into such an interesting evening. Now Charlie and I very seldom, and I mean VERY seldom go out to bars, and very seldom have drinks out. We much prefer relaxing at home with a good bottle of wine, with no smokers in our vicinity. The psychology of a bar really is an interesting thing, and people watching was at it’s prime on Friday night. Smacked of desperation… There were many people I knew, people who I knew shouldn’t necessarily be there on their own, without their respective partners; single people trawling for a good time, and then there were couples, enjoying bar culture. Anyway, after 2 bottles of water, it was time to go home, before I turned into a grumpasaurus. So how all those potential hook ups turned out, I’m not sure.

Saturday I went off on a training run, with the Wild Women. The crazy girls who are running up the coast in March next year, who are fundraising. What a gorgeous day it was for a run (and a stroll) and what a good experience it was. I arranged some cover for the 3 hours we ran, so I could actually run with a very clear conscience. The girls are just wonderful, and I felt quite rejuvenated after the time with them. The beautiful scenery helped too – on the beach, through some countryside, across some farmlands. Stunning! Medicine for my soul. I managed to get another run in on Sunday with one of the girls, another awesome experience, we ran along the local beachfront, which is not a route any of us do often, it isn’t the safest on your own, and again, it was absolutely gorgeous! My leg is holding out. I am getting through the calf pain, and the hassle now is that, because I am compensating so much, my hip is flipping sore. But I will take it, at least I am running!

IMG_2009 IMG_2013

Saturday night we did pizzas for the rugby, our inaugural pizza evening of the season! Bring on summer nights and lazy days… (and thank heavens the bokke won!)

Sunday was a day of calm. I got into some shelf painting, while Charlie continued building units. I had an enthusiastic helper, flip, she was cute! So excited to help mommy paint! She even made a sign for Mom’s shop, seriously cute!

IMG_2027   IMG_2025 IMG_2029

Ok, so it’s Monday, and let’s get this show on the road!

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